Massage technique for the increase of the bust

Leather breast and fat tissue lose their elasticity with age, it can lead to fluctuations in the pregnancy, after taking the hormone preparations, and after a strong weight loss or weight gain. Lost forms or enlarge the volume of the breast with the help of the establishment of implants, and subcutaneous injections. However, all these methods have side effects and numerous contraindications. For the strength and elasticity of the skin of the breast without risk to the health of doctors is a specific Massage recommend sessions.

Use Massage

The most popular methods of breast enlargement is a surgery, laser treatment, the intake of hormones and vitamins. Special gymnastics and massage treatments are also effective, but with fewer restrictions and more benefits for the whole organism.

Massage to improve the elasticity and increase the size of the breast began in popularity in the last 10-15 years, and around it there are a lot of disputes.


If breast augmentation with the help of the Massage: Yes, but you must be patient to follow a diet and to engage on a regular basis.

Massing bust in the home useful, because:

  • Improves the blood flow in the tissues of the breast;
  • Increases the elasticity of the skin of the breast and décolleté;
  • Capillary Network Extends;
  • Freed from stretch marks;
  • Accelerates the movement of lymph;
  • The sensitivity of the breast after breastfeeding.
  • Due to the direct action on the skin and nerve endings, the stimulation of the nervous system.
  • The appearance of the breast changes: it is elastic and firm, reduces sagging, improves the color of the skin.

Before the course of Massage, you need to consult a specialist and breast ultrasound. The effect of the procedure combine more, if the Massage with hot and cold showers and a complex of exercises for breast enlargement.


As with any other Massage, this kind of is the impact and the benefits and harms. If it will cause cysts, tumors, or seals, Massage breast development. Strong and rough movements can deform the skin, lead to bruises, swelling and tension. Therefore, during the processing of the movement soft and smooth, and if it is pressure, no pain.

Contraindication for Massage:
  • Chronic diseases of the heart and of the thyroid gland in the Phase of deterioration;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of the processing;
  • The common cold;
  • Physical Weakness;
  • Increased Body Temperature.

During pregnancy and lactation of massage should also refuse. And if, during the exposure, there was unpleasant or painful sensations of the Massage.

The rules of the Massage

Just massage will increase the volume of the breast — a long process, and its duration depends on the characteristics of the body of every woman. Supplement doctors Massage practice recommend products that estrogen:

  • Spices (Fenugreek, Hops, Fennel);
  • Soy bean;
  • Oats, Barley, Wild Rice;
  • Vegetables and fruits (contain no estrogen, but allow the to maintain the hormonal balance);
  • Nuts, Flax, Olives;
  • Avocado and bananas;
  • Oily Fish;
  • Milk and milk products higher fat content.

Tips on how to Massage the breast:

  • More a circular motion to commit in the direction from the area of the nipple;
  • The best time for the implementation of the session — after showering in the evening;
  • The duration of the first procedure 5 minutes, the time will gradually increase and bring up to 20 minutes;
  • Each course takes a maximum of 14 days, and the Pause between them — from 3 to 10 days.

In the case of the Massage for the bust home, it is recommended that certified creams or ointments for enhancing the breast milk. It is also possible, natural oils and creams for the skin care of the face and neck: grape seed oil, almond oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil, etc.


Classical Technique

Start with circular movements in a clockwise direction. When massaging in the opposite direction — you can choose to provoke an elongation of the epithelium. Slight movement without pressure from the nipple, commit about 1-2 minutes. Circular produce rubbing with the finger tips: it increases the blood flow to the tissues. In the proper execution of the skin, and easily moved, but not under the fingers formed wrinkles.

Then the skin pound active with the palm of your hand, or punched, moves from the upper to the lower part of the chest. Immediately after you a — vibrational tapping. It is a change of pressure. Is rounded off the session with gentle movements.

Vacuum technology

For the implementation of this Massage is necessary a special device — vacuum-pump "Bravo". This American development looks like a silicone bra and consists of a few soft shells. They laid on the chest and through the tubing air is.

The device comes in two versions: mechanically and electrically. The first is suitable for use in the home, the second — used in beauty salons and specialist clinics.

Vacuum Massage of the chest can also with conventional locking devices with small nozzles, but their efficiency is low. You need to massage in a circular motion from the inside to the outside, and from the nipple to the neck.


Hardware Massage increases the Breasts by stimulating the blood flow and estrogen, as well as direct action of compressed air on the skin. Disadvantage of this method is: the need to get the implementation of regular meetings and a high probability of stretch marks, due to the aggressive effect on the skin.

Spot Shiatsu Technology

Oriental Massage is based on pressure and activation of the acupuncture points on the chest. Perform the pressure has to press the according to the following scheme:, soak, for a few seconds, slowly the pressure solve. Repeat up to 10 times. If the points is symmetrical, you must press the sync.

Location of points:

  • Under the collarbone on the energy channel of the lung;
  • Between 2 and 3, the bridge, and the Meridian of the stomach;
  • Between 3 and 4 bar, and the Meridian of the stomach, above the nipple;
  • On the Meridian of the gall bladder, the side of the body, under the rib 4;
  • On the Meridian of the gall bladder, laterally, at the level of the nipple;
  • Under 5 ribs, to the side of the nipple;
  • Under 5 ribs, on a line with the nipple;
  • On the chest, lower 4 ribs and below the center line of the body.

Another effect of Massage: the normalization of the hormone levels, improving blood circulation, the activation of processes of tissue repair, improve the skin and an improvement in the General well-being.


Massage Qi is also the exposure is to certain points. It starts with the warm up of the hands of energetic movements. While the rubdown will need to visualize how the hands are filled with bright and warm healing energy. - Spread fingers on the chest, and slowly begin a circular motion massage.

The technique of Qi promotes the production of prolactin, the glands responsible for the development of the milk. The number of repetitions of movements must be a multiple of 36, but not more than 360 per session. On day 2 practice: in the morning and in the evening.

Massing of the nipple

This method of Massage allows the strengthening of the muscles of the chest, improve the condition of the skin and the blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissue. You start the session with slight movements of the fingers over the skin around the nipple. Then they are ground and with the tips of your fingers kneaded. Clockwise and counter-clockwise. During the exercises, the origin of the pain is inadmissible.

Massage with the glove

For the session in the pharmacy, Massage rukavitsa must buy. Material selected on the basis of the sensitivity of the skin: it may be of Terry cloth or cotton gloves, or made of natural loofah. Effect of Massage to increase the circulation of the blood and cleaning the skin of dead cells. The procedure for dry skin from the nipple to the clavicle. Session — 5 to 10 minutes.

Hygienic Technique

The best time for this Massage after showering in the evening. Clean and dry the skin with natural oils oiled: apricot-coconut or. You start the session with soft movements, then transition to a circular motion. The direction of the movement of the hands, from the nipple to the periphery. The following practice — vibrating movement. A Hand supports the breast from below, the second creates an energetic vibration on the surface. Is rounded off the session with the deep movements.

The slimming Massage

This practice is effective, when the clamping rods and the defects of the skin. Before a session of the area of study, please thoroughly fat cream for the breast, or natural massage oil. You can start with circular and energetic movements in a clockwise direction and then against the clock clockwise. Then proceed to the active blows of the open hand area: the area of the nipple in the sides, upwards and downwards. Session deep and slow movements with one Hand. The second supports the breast from below.

Water massage

For the enlargement of the Breasts and an improvement in their condition, there are two Jet-Massage technique. The first — the use of Jet-medium head, pointing in a circular motion from the area of the nipple. For each breast during the study — 2-4 minutes. The water should not be hot. If the procedure regularly, then the first positive changes you notice after 2 weeks.

The second technique rinses with no sudden temperature fluctuations. The jet of water is initially in the region of the shoulder over the collarbone and further down to the ribs and the chest in a circle. Time by processing from 10 to 15 minutes. Procedures always finish with cold water, and applied to the skin moisturizer. If the practice is recommended during breastfeeding, then, a session in the morning and in the evening after feeding.

Hot tub

Complement the execution of the exercises can massage. The simple and effective posture of prayer. From a sitting Position. The back is straight, the shoulder blades are brought together. Palm of your hand folded at chest height, fingers upwards. The elbow parallel to the ground. Further, Hand clamp, so that the base of the palms of the hands with force pressed on each other. Soak 5 to 25 seconds. Repeat the exercise in a slip-up to 30 times. Of the day, it is possible after 2-3 sessions.

During the Massage,-workup, it is important that the intent and the confidence in a positive result.

Improve the condition of the skin and increase the effectiveness of the Massage elaborations of proper nutrition, long sleep, regular walks in the fresh air and swimming can. It is also possible for a hot shower and avoid long hot baths: they lead to a stretching of the skin, resulting in a negative impact on the appearance of the breast.