Breast augmentation: the beauty demands victims

Breast enlargement

Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, is a clear confirmation of the old world as these: beauty requires sacrifice. But how big they will be victims, and whether it depends on the cost of the result of the skills of the plastic surgeon. Especially when it comes to increasing the breast. We are, if the risks are justified, and under what conditions it is better, from the surgery, what happens behind the closed doors of the clinic and, above all, it is not wrong, the choice of a physician.

Breast augmentation: pros and cons

Recently, plastic surgery is only to the chosen few was not accessible. Now it is more of a common place as exotic. According to the statistics, in the past year the Russians have on the plastic surgery 12 billion rubles. On the second place in the demand among all cosmetic surgery breast enlargement and improvement of your Form.

Really, as I said, a classic, no need, the grace of nature. Lush, firm Breasts — this is beautiful and sexy. If the reviews of those who decided on the surgery for breast augmentation, know you heart the end of the story breaking about how uncomfortable bare Breasts not only in front of a man, but even in the locker rooms of female sports clubs, how hard it is to make you feel "deprived" of nature and is constantly tormented by the question of how to enlarge breast.

In fact, if a woman is unhappy with her breast alternatives to surgery. All of the other popular ways to increase your chest just don't work. Neither creams advertised, no wonder, with phytoestrogens, advertising, the Internet is full of them, in fact, not be able to affect the breast size. Not to deal with it and movement: self-breast-gland muscle tissue and well-developed chest muscles can only change slightly its shape. Not only are the majority of ladies, Bodybuilding, make the "plastic" augmentation of the bust. By the way, it is the only plastic surgery that dissolved acts female bodybuilders.

But, of course, breast enlargement there are also disadvantages: will need Rehabilitation, it can be difficult to choose the clothes and bed linen. Many women complain of the discomfort of sleeping on the belly.

Indications for surgery

Breast enlargement for and against

In General, to Operation breast enlargement implants, their size and shape will the indication to the chagrin of the patient. Because technically, you can live and with a complete lack of mammary glands. But if there is a harassment, and undermines the sense of self-worth — helps the plastic surgery, which is determined such indications for breast augmentation:

  1. Dissatisfaction with the shape and size of the mammary glands.
  2. Congenital malformations of the breast: the complete absence of the mammary gland on one or both sides, asymmetry, and small Breasts.
  3. Restoration of the breast after removal of the prostate gland due to a tumor, or after an injury.
  4. Changes after the birth, or in connection with the age: Ptosis (hanging Breasts), "empty" breast, the elasticity is lost, etc.
  5. Replacing Implants Breast.

As can be seen, the objective reason for mammoplastiki only the exchange of the implants. Everything else is solely a question of the relationship to his body. What is, unfortunately, not so on the counter display.


Plastic surgery breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that carries with it certain risks, therefore, there are contra-indications to its implementation. They are divided into two major groups: absolute and relative. An absolute contraindication mean that the Operation is dangerous to health and even life. Among Them:

  • severe pathology of cardiovascular system;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • the warikosnaja disease;
  • Disorder of blood clotting;
  • malignant neoplasms (cancer);
  • Pregnancy;
  • less than half a year since the termination of breastfeeding.

It is important to know!A separate absolute contraindication for the Operation to increase the bust — court-imposed inability of the patient to indicate that their mental and spiritual Constitution allows it to fully capture the essence of the procedure and the possible consequences.

The relative contraindications to a plastic breast augmentation are talking about situations in which the Operation is better, and if it weigh still necessary — the possible risks carefully. These include: contraindications:

  • Compensated chronic cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, CHD) and endocrine (Diabetes mellitus) systems, glaucoma. In this case, the attending physician of the patient, the permission for the Operation.
  • Autoimmune diseases: rheumatism, systemic Lupus erythematosus, Glomerulonephritis, etc., under these conditions, increases the risk of complications.
  • Benign pathology of the mammary gland (mastopathy, etc.).
  • Obesity.
  • If a woman does not do that. Implants do not hinder pregnancy and lactation, but these conditions will change the shape of the breast, so that may be a re-corrective surgery.
  • Age to 18 years. If the increase in the size of the breast is necessary, a surgery patient at the age of 16 years with the written consent of the parents

The results of the plastic surgery must bring you joy. Therefore contraindications must be treated seriously. The more you don't should hide it from your doctor: you can try to cheat a doctor, but not your own body.

Preparation phase: Definition of the strategy of the Operation

Consulting on the enlargement of the breast with the help of implants, the search for a compromise between the wishes of the patient, and the harsh reality of the physiology. Perfect Breasts are always proportional and looks natural. And the ratio depends on the growth, body structure, wide chest, peculiarities in the structure of the gland.

Please note! Surround the implant, delivered low fragile girl, her figure is disproportionate and absurd.

But of importance only to the aesthetic parameters of breast enlargement in women. Very important is the health condition of the patient, and the Motivation and the understanding is that the enlargement of the female breast is traumatic intervention, after its restoration need. All of this was in the discussion at the consultation. Each Operation is a compromise of risks and rewards. And since only a doctor is able to assess fully all the risks, and he bears the responsibility for the result, namely, his word is of vital importance to all differences.

Selection of the implant

the selection of implants for breast augmentation

The physician selects an implant, in the light of the individual characteristics of the anatomy of the patient. This is several factors into account:

  • Material, and filling. The most popular Option is silicone implants. Modern, high-quality silicone implants in the handle do not differ from the natural breast. Density of the shell is very damage heavy, but when it happens all of a sudden, viscous and non-flowing Gel retains its properties and to leave the borders of the shell. Another popular variant of the filler — saline solution. Such implants are "empty" and fill up after the Installation in the square. Known, and such fillers, such as soy-or polysaccharide hydrogels (polyglukin, carboxymethyl cellulose), but this is rather exotic.
  • Form. Implants can be round or anatomical. Breast augmentation with anatomical implants to simulate the shape of a drop "real" breast cancer. Breast augmentation with round implants, creates the effect of a push-up. Properly selected, look natural, and those, and others. Round implants are often athletes: if active movement of the muscles change their Position, the shape of the breast remains unchanged. Breast augmentation with round implants and prefer those ladies who want to get more volume and fullness in the upper part of the chest. The same, to whom it seems unnatural, to select anatomical shape. But concrete advice to stay what kind of Form, can only be a doctor, the do will be an increase in the bust.
  • The surface of the implant can be smooth or "rough", textured. Modern implants are perceived with a textured surface less frequently, from the body as a foreign body. This is one of the most unpleasant possible consequences of breast augmentation, when the body, the quest to isolate the implant, growing all around him and the fibrous capsule, crippling chest.
  • Size (volume) in cubic meters, milliliters. Discussed with the patient, but the end result depends on the physique and the condition of your own breast tissue. The most common are implants with a volume of 300 to 450 mm3, but there are variations in a wider range of 200 to 600 cm3.
  • Manufacturer. Today, there are about ten well-established manufacturers of silicone implants. Specific Details of which are discussed with the choice of the brand, directly with the treating physician. Every modern manufacturers offer implants in various shapes and sizes, you can choose that each and every Patient with the Option of completely suitable for your individual parameters.

After the selection of the size and shape of the implants, the doctor together with the patient decide on how you are. There are several possible methods the Position of the implant in the case of the enlargement of the breast, among them:

  1. Subglandular. The implant is directly under the mammary gland. This Option is good in the cases when the iron has a fairly large volume, held-density tissue and skin elasticity. The methodology of the minimally traumatic, and allows you to recover quickly, but the implant is often palpable.
  2. Subfascial. The pocket formed for the implant under the fascia — connective tissue envelope of the breast muscle. Technically, this method can, as an Option, subglandular Installation. Its practitioners talk about a better fixation of the implant.
  3. Submuscular. The implant is under the chest muscle which is, in this case, the ribs and the partial nadsekayut. This Option is traumatic and requires a long recovery, but the implant is almost fixed, invisible and reliable.
  4. Combined Procedure. The upper part of the implant under the chest muscle, the lower of the gland.

Which method of breast enlargement prefer that the doctor decides on the basis of the position of the milk glands, their shape, the condition of the skin and glands of the body, volume and elasticity of the chest muscles.

Appreciate results: the beauty of the victim cost

Many women are thrilled with their new Breasts at first perevazkah. But more or less adequately assess the results at the earliest, a year and a half, and the final conclusions should not do at the earliest one year after the Operation. And what it will be, depends on the follow-up to the same extent that the skill of the surgeon. Save a beautiful shape of the breast for many years, can not neglect if the care to wear a bra (due to the influence of gravity can not be undone) and avoid extreme weight.

Cost, the beauty of the victim? Most of the women, daring Operation to respond clearly — no doubt at a cost. The pain will pass, edema resolve, the scars will be invisible. And the feeling of self-worth is constantly increasing by the admiring glances of men.