Whether the enlargement of the breast? Advantages and disadvantages of mammoplastiki

Breast augmentation, or as otherwise call mammoplastika, is today one of the most popular activities in the world. And because almost every woman dreams of a chic Breasts. The lush shapes have always been a great admiration, and is considered to be real proud of. Here so many representatives of the fair sex to go to the surgeon and make mammoplastiky. But whether the enlargement of the breast? Whether it is dangerous? On these and many other questions we will answer in this article on Elgreloo.com. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this Operation, you will be able to decide for themselves whether to enlarge your Breasts or not.

Why women want to enlarge their Breasts

There are a huge number of glossy magazines, where the stars, the models look simply amazing. And many of us also want to have a so perfect skin, beautiful hair, make-up, a thin waist and, of course, lush Breasts. Most of the women look like the girl on the title pages of the magazine and believe that it is necessary, first and foremost, make the chest. Therefore, mammoplastika is now very popular.

In humans, there are various reasons which you want to enlarge your Breasts. As mentioned above, the main reason for the desire, not necessarily the stars and models admire. Another reason is the desire, the chest to recover if you have lost your Form due to illness or breast-feeding. A breast augmentation will make to its partners and to increase their self-esteem.

Why, like men, the female breast

All the men love the female breast. And you can't deny it. Diverge from the opinions in optimal sizes. Girls know what men the female breast like, but on the question of why hardly anyone can answer.

Why, like men, the female breast
  1. Men like Breasts, because it is a sign of the women.
  2. Secretly the imagination of men excites;
  3. Female breast multi-functional. Men often confuse the chest with a pillow. And yet been proven that the breast helps to get rid of men Stress.
  4. The chest fits perfectly in the Hand;
  5. The female breast is a real hypnosis.

Who needs mammoplastika?

Since ancient times, it was believed that the women with high, firm Tits is very nice. Also, despite the fact that at all times the ideal breast size. In the middle ages, the beautiful, small, but very high chest was, so that you can dressed in a corset. Then the fashion changed and became very lush, big Breasts. Now it's hard to tell what the chest is now in fashion. Every girl decides for itself, what you the chest wants.

With the help of modern medicine such as you can increase and decrease her breast to the desired size. Here is a list of those who needs mammoplastika is:

  • Those glands threaded mastectomy (required in the case of cancer of the milk). According to such an Operation in the case of the woman-strong, complex, Stress, Depression. Mammoplastika will help restore confidence in yourself, and feel beautiful and desirable.
  • Those who have problems with health, because of the large chest. It happens that these are the breast reduction is a medical indication. Because of the large chest of a woman, there are many problems, namely: it may not work out, there are many problems with the spine, and much more.
  • Those looking to improve their appearance. Of course, by the chest, you will immediately notice that the man of steel have to pay more. But that does not mean that men your life partner only after the breast. There are many men that do not like large or chest, and had the better of the woman may be small, but their.
  • For those looking to improve their self-esteem. Most of the women, after the Operation of breast augmentation, began to claim that they feel much safer and disposed of the old complex.

To understand how that the Operation is really necessary

The decision about the breast augmentation takes the patient herself, and the doctor will not be persuaded in any case to have this surgery. The doctor should explain how the procedure is done, with what resources, how much time to Rehabilitation, and many other nuances. Come on reception to the doctor, the Patient says himself, what is correct to, for example, fit you the chest, remove the asymmetry, etc., And then the doctor says that he can do to solve this Problem.

Sometimes there are cases that doctors patients refuse in the conduct of the Operation. Most of the time it is due to the fact that this intervention can lead to various health problems.

Whether the enlargement of the breast before the birth

Many young girls dream of enlarge breast, but do not know whether it is worth to do it before the birth or once was breastfeeding. In various forums, do not recommend, enlargement of the breast before the birth. And all the breast rises, because during the pregnancy in multiple sizes. And after the birth of the breast with implants, greatly sagging, and you will need to do mammoplastikyy again, but only this time is will the surgeon implant.

Also, mothers who breast implants were before the birth, Woe to complain that breast-feeding very. Therefore, if you have projects in the future, children, it is best to, but after the birth make the chest what you want.

Breast augmentation: the pros and cons

As with any surgery, mammoplastiki has its advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we will inform you about all the positive and negative aspects of breast enlargement.

Below you will find a list of the advantages of this method:

  • A Chance, to correct physical defects;
  • The ability to not tormented with the choice of clothing;
  • Improving the mental condition;
  • The emergence of self-confidence and thus, this can lead to a promoting career;
  • A great love of life.

As for the disadvantages, it is much more than the pros. But not a lot of girls scare you, and you are willing to risk, in order to be beautiful. This is the negative side of this Operation:

  • Quite a painful Operation, performed under General anesthesia;
  • After the surgery, very long rehabilitation time;
  • Complications can occur;
  • The new breast is not like;
  • To drive some time to do sports;
  • You need to avoid water applications, can not sit in the bath or in the Sauna;
  • It can create new mental health problems;
  • You need a certain amount of time special underwear to wear;
  • There is a small probability of rejection of prostheses;
  • The chest can fall;
  • The procedure is very expensive;
  • Loss of sensation;
  • Scarring;
  • The difficulty mammografii.

How is the Operation for breast enlargement

After you have chosen a clinic and a doctor, the go breast enlargement surgery, you to the consultation to him. The perfect breast should look like and, of course, proportional. Before you Wake up with new Breasts, it may take several work steps, namely:

  • In The Preparation Phase. A doctor examines a patient, selects the Material and the filling, shape, size, and manufacturer. The surgeon advises the Patient on all the questions, told of the Operation, the Rehabilitation period, and responds to all questions. The doctor selects the type of the surgical incision.
  • Prächirurgisch. Before you have to in the op, you make a huge list of laboratory and Hardware research. Namely: blood collection, urine, HIV, Syphilis, ECG, mammografiu and much more.
  • Surgery. Before the surgery, the doctor of chest locks glands, restores the contours of the future incisions. Patient make a few stitches to get them ready for the Operation. Then you lay on the operating table, and anesthesia. The surgeon performs the Operation.

What types of breast implants are there

In the selection of breast implants, you not only pay attention to the cost. In the selection of the implants, the anatomical features of the patient into account, as well as the desired result. Breast implants differ in shape, type of filler and the density.

What types of breast implants are there

According to the shape differences:

  • Round. You keep the shape of the breast, also in the case of a shift;
  • Anatomical (Natural Teardrop Shape). You make the breast more natural, but can deform.

On the filler, you to share:

  • Gel. Have elasticity and retain their shape better.
  • Saling. Soft, inexpensive.

According to the density they are:

  • The surface is smooth. The great danger of displacement.
  • The Structured Surface. They are less susceptible to the mixing, and thus more resilient.

How to choose the right professional surgeons and clinic

This is a very important question and it should be an approach in full responsibility. Today, worldwide there are a large number of clinics and doctors that this procedure. And because the Patient is very difficult to make the right choice. Because many clinics perform various actions and provide the most convenient prices to attract many customers. However, do not blindly select a clinic "wherever is cheaper". But the high prices are not always an indicator of quality. So, before you go for this Operation, you must do the following:

  • Carefully read the summary of the surgeon (where he studied, practiced, what is the op experience, etc.);
  • Pay attention to the reputation of the clinic;
  • Read reviews about clinics and plastic surgeons in various forums;
  • Ask in social networks;
  • Ask friends, colleagues, acquaintances.

Contra-indications to surgery

Of course, like any Operation, have to carry out mammoplastiki also its contraindications. This process can not the women there spend:

  • Malignancy;
  • Mental Illness;
  • Rheumatism;
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis;
  • Poor Blood Clotting;
  • Disease of the thyroid gland.

Also, not a doctor carrying out the Operation, the girl is younger than 18 years. Need for surgery only after they attain the age of majority. Now you know all about all the positive and negative aspects of breast augmentation, and only you can decide now, whether you do it or not. You have to mentally be ready to changes, but also to complaints after the Operation. It is up to you.