A Breast Enlargement. Photos before and after mammoplastiki, the specifics of their implementation.

At the present time very topical, the topic of breast enlargement is to constantly look spectacular and irresistible. If you have the photo in front of the magnification and the last is exactly the desire of the other sex.

Breast enlargement

What is mammoplastika

Breast implants is a plastic surgery that is carried out on the breast of the woman, consists in the change of its dimensions or forms glands. The doctors increase the breast of his patient, through the installation of implants. Also, such a procedure implies a change in the breast contour.

There are different types mammoplastiki. First augmentationem. This type of surgery is very popular among women of different ages. With the help of such a Operation experienced chest give the attractive Form, but also makes it even more lush, and retains all of the natural functions they performed, prior to the completion of a transaction.

For these types mammoplastiki a special implant with a silicone-sealed capsule, and within this capsule is a saline solution.

The second breast lift. In carrying out such an Operation is not always a implant. During this procedure, the doctor gives a beautiful look to the bust and corrects the effects of cancer.

Advantages and disadvantages

In mammoplastiki its own advantages and disadvantages. To check it is worth to you.

The main advantages of this method:

  1. the effect of this Operation is very long;
  2. the probability of a perfect result is very large;
  3. such an Operation is fairly easy to comply.

But on the disadvantages, one should not forget, because sometimes they are the cause of many problems with the health of the woman.


  1. if a woman brought implants, it should constantly control under the supervision of doctors, the whole Situation;
  2. Breast implants cesset, so the time will come when you will need to be replaced by new ones (selection of high-quality materials for the surgery, your life not be prolonged cycle, it makes her eternally);
  3. in carrying out such an Operation, the woman to risk even their own health.

Sure if a breast enlargement?

All silicone Gel implants scientists have reviewed and studied life for many years. Many of the US authorities, as a rule, to spend the control over the medical preparations and other products, gathered information, and after this Information was found and proved that such implants for use in plastic surgery for breast enlargement.

The doctors have the question already answered, that silicone implants have no influence on the development of cancer, problems with connection, materials, and reproductive.

And currently, the development of all three of US-companies new implants, to prevent in the future any more time in the female body, but also that even the slightest health problems.

Photo evidence, before and after, that the effect of such implants is immediately evident in the case of the enlargement of the breast.

Types of implants


Breast augmentation (before and after photos confirm this fact) of different implants. All of the implants for the female breast to be in the Form of a shell, with a certain composition. And it is precisely from this composition depends on the type of the implant.

Varieties of fillers and their properties:

  1. Cooking salt solution. Such breast implants are very rarely used in aesthetic surgery, because not all the girls long-term cosmetic effect. After some time of use in patients, there are a variety of wrinkles and bumps.
  2. Gel. Such implants, in contrast to earlier not in demand, because the Gel that is in you, flows freely through the whole content and not destroyed-scale shape of the breast. Such implants have a very solid case, made of silicone, so you can be sure in the application, even if there is a rupture of the implant. The Gel remains inside and still not melting all over his chest.
  3. The mixture of the solutions. Data implants better in the sense that an experienced specialist tries of the Filler mixture, based on the natural shape of the breast. To this purpose, different solutions, giving the chest a good shape. But they are more expensive than the previous types of implants.

When choosing implants, you should consult with many doctors. We should also of the shape of the natural breast. For example, if the Patient flat chest, then it will drop fit shaped implants, but if sunken – round.

Also in plastic surgery, two types of implants for the breast: saline and silicone. Silicone helps to achieve greater effect of the elasticity than Saline. But salt is much softer to the feel, but it creates the effect of "gargle" and, in the event of your separation, you immerse yourself completely in the mammary gland, which creates an unpleasant painful feeling in a girl.

The Form of implants

To demonstrate breast augmentation (before and after photos clearly) done implants of the various Form.

They are:

  1. Round
  2. anatomical (teardrop shape).

Round implants are most frequently used for the correction of asymmetrical Breasts. They are generally suitable for those women who dream of lush and small forms.

This version is Low-profile and profiles. You can't guarantee, naturalness, and can easily tip over. But such prostheses are easy in handling, so many doctors will work with you.

Anatomical, or as they are called – drop-shaped implants are widely used for the magnification of a very small breast. Also, this shape lends a naturalness and softness.

Such implants are more expensive than the previous one, but they are more efficient in the use. But they also have negative sides: can be easily moved, so that the chest can acquire deformed features.

Analysis and investigation


Before such a procedure is mandatory and completely overlook the entire organism. Such actions allow to accurately determine all of the contraindications to this procedure. For mammoplastiki check the General analysis of blood and urine, whose results are valid for 2 weeks.

Also recommended biochemical analysis of blood present, the presence of liver includes samples, total Protein, creatine, and electrolytes. It is necessary to analysis to detect the level of blood sugar. An experienced doctor will prescribe koagulogrammou, check for Rhesus-factor and the presence of the blood group of the patient, as well as all of the analyses for the presence of HIV-antibodies and markers of Hepatitis C and B. be

You should also pass Instrumental examination of the body, comprising: breast ultrasound for women, chest x-rays and ECG.

The preparation for the Operation

Breast augmentation (before and after photos can be analyzed on the websites of the clinics) necessarily requires a careful preparation for Operation.

It consists of the following points:

  1. the patient meets with their doctor, which is a mammoplasty;
  2. an experienced specialist examined the woman and evaluates the main indications for such a surgery;
  3. the Patient and doctor discuss together the questions according to the choice of the implant;
  4. a woman goes in the compulsory examination of his body and provides the doctor with all the necessary Tests to confirm the permission for carrying out this method.

The implementation of the Operation

Every woman is not only the result of such an Operation, but also the main stages of which it consists should be of interest. First, the doctor first makes certain marks on the chest. More anesthesiologist leads the anesthesia, and then the effect, the surgeon begins the sections according to those marks that he left behind before the Operation.


These cuts can do in different places: along the upper contour of the nipple, through the armpit hollow of the cave, either through the chest crease. The choice of such places the doctor takes in your professional hands. If, during the Operation, the blood vessels, he will burn you instantly.

The second stage is the establishment of the implant. The doctor specifically makes "bags", and then you installed prostheses. But originally, he was in these holes, cotton Bud, to kill you are the blood and germs.

Prior to the Installation of the implants specialist, they are also disinfected. Such implants can often over large muscle of the chest, under the fascia of the muscle of the chest, or between large and small muscles of the chest

After inserting the sewing together of all the parts soft, and then the surface of the skin. And the last action – a doctor on the seams creates a sterile bandage. The duration of the Operation depends on the complexity and the level of training of all professionals. In General, it is about 3 hours.


After performing mammoplastiki the woman to draw into his chamber, where they are away from the anesthesia. The next day, when you feel pain are observed, anesthetic the doctor prescribes.

After two days, the patient is sent home. But there ends the process of Rehabilitation, you will need a long time to wear a special compression bodice, the the breast tissue supports and prevents the violation of the carried out medical sutures.

Also a woman is necessary, is to deal every time anti-bacterial agents, not to the inside germs. After 6 days, the threads are such. Not to forget a few weeks after the breast augmentation, the demanding physical exertion, but also recommended as a prophylactic Massage. In General, the rehabilitation phase is about 4 weeks.

How long will the results stay


Some experts believe that these results are on the whole of life, especially if during the surgery, the doctor used silicone implants. This is what happens when the implants are broken and again had to perform plastic surgery, only to exchange. If you have used a different type of implant, you need to swap it to a new one after 15 years after implementation of such procedures.

Increased breast with exercise

You often hear that the Breasts enlarge with the help of the exercise, but it is not so. You increase your volume in this way is not possible, maybe only to improve the shape. On the contrary, if a woman performs complex non-aggravating exercises, lose fat on the belly or other places, but also in the chest.

To tighten your chest, it is recommended to do some physical exercises:

  1. PUSH-UPS lead with the knees (so all of the chest muscles as well as shoulder and neck area) are involved. It is recommended to bend the legs at a right angle and lowering of the trunk by flexion of the Hand in the elbow. Sun about 13 times per day to support;
  2. also do not forget about the classic support (13 times 4 approach perform every day);
  3. exercise can not shrink, damage and unclamping of palms (you need to bend the elbow and place them at chest height, to continue to implement and presses). Repeat this movement 11 seconds per day must be approximately 7 times;
  4. it is recommended to do exercise "- emphasis in the wall" (you should take the starting position on both sides of the Anus, and then begin applying pressure with the hands to the front). The duration of treatment should not last longer than 5 minutes on 3 approach;
  5. helpful for the shape of the breast dumbbells bench press in the lie (must lie at an angle of 25-28 degrees, put the feet on the floor and forearms direct to the top at a right angle). It is recommended to do 3 sets of item 11.

Massage for breast enlargement


Breast augmentation (before and after photos to prove) with the help of Massage. It allows the proper blood circulation in the mammary glands, the diet is improved, so the chest increases in size. There are 4 types of Massage techniques: water-based, corrective, vacuum, and Japanese.

  • Water massage you should radiate in a circular motion with strong water. On each breast for about 4 minutes attention.
  • The slimming Massage by any greasy creams or gels. First, it is recommended that a circular motion over the entire breast, beside the nipple. More attention to the teat, by moving exercises to 3 minutes. Then you should take with one Hand the breast, and the second prodelyvat slap about 4 minutes. To do to the pats tingling.
  • Vacuum Massage is also nozzles, using creams, moisture creams, as well as vacuum. This nozzle must be worn on the chest. And then the opportunity to try out this device, the entire air. This nozzle must be assigned to each breast for 20 minutes.
  • Japanese Massage to help, to do the second Person. Features of the method: pressure of 8 points about the thyroid, about 6 points of shoulder blades and 2 on the shoulders. Pressure after 6 seconds.

How to visually enlarge Breasts?

The chest seemed visibly more, woman should properly choose the right bra. For a better effect you can buy PUSH-up bra, which is a special Pads to the half-moon, the lush Breasts and beautiful forms. Also important is the correct size.

visual magnification

Also, you should and the things that constantly stress wear your own shape, giving them a beautiful look. It work on his attitude, it is recommended that, because of the straight back also small Breasts makes it visually larger. Some women also lead to towing of the breast with the help of Blush and a brush for the contouring.

Enlarged Breasts can also be varied, also without surgery.