Breast enlargement

Modern plastic surgery has in its Arsenal a variety of methods to increase the size of the breast. They differ in the degree of invasiveness and the duration of the maintenance of a stable effect. In our clinic, correction is made with the use of silicone implants of the latest Generation, as well as injectable methods - with the lipofilinga and biodegradable gels .


You can assign the following access implants breast augmentation:

  1. By submammary access (in the fold under the breast);
  2. By periareolar access (areola, nipple and all);
  3. The method of endoscopic magnification (using the axillary access);
  4. The Operation in 2 steps with the propagator dermatenzi;
  5. Opportunity for the enlargement of the chest over the navel.

The correct choice of access in the implementation of operations is part of the patient. The words of the surgeon to carry recommendatory character, because of the small areola or large limosa, the selection of the implant changes. Also, there is no sense in installing the implants through an incision under the breast, if there are not wrinkles. All scars need to be hidden. So if it uses the possibility of the implant through the axillary access, then this access is normally. For axillary access, no matter whether the implant before or after the birth. For access via the areola there are some limitations, but with the current technologies, the Installation of implants, the tissue of the mammary gland is practically not injured.

The methodologies of the implementation of breast augmentation:

1. If submammary access incision 4-5 cm in length runs along the crease under the gland.In this method, the surgeon is able to follow visually the course of the Operation, so traditionally he is considered to be the safest and most popular among the patients. In the course of time, the chest, and enlarged in this way, a little lowered, takes a natural Form and hides the incision in the crease under the breast. Tripe faded with time, turns into a thin white line. Although it should be noted that this approach is problematic for the evil girl, with mikromastiey (very small Breasts), because the scar is clearly noticeable. This access is, as in the case of traditional mammoplastiki increased. 2. In the case of periareolar type of the access incision around the areola of the nipple or at the bottom of the areola due to the nature of the arc. This method is not usually recommended for women planning a pregnancy and feeding in the future, as in the case of periareolar public in the integrity of the breast cancer hurt, even in spite of the fact that the surgeon is trying with the utmost of care gland pressing with a blunt sort of way. The advantage of this method is that the traces of the Operation in this case, virtually invisible, and are located at the edge of the nipple (nipple). After the formation of the scar, you can stations, tattooing warts. In the practice of plastic surgery of the breast for the most part, peripapillary access, i.e., access to the areola is used, but the most interesting method is the axillary access. This is a very interesting technology, because of their implementation for the visualization of vessels and bags used endoscopic equipment. It is technically a nice Operation. For the patient is a Plus, because the scar cave hidden in the armpit and at the time of Installation of the implant under the muscle, it will not gland in contact with the tissues of the breast, not contoured.