Breast augmentation: pros and cons

Many women think about the increase of the breast, consider operations such as breast lift, exchange of breast implants and plastic surgery after the birth.

Pro and Contra


  • The surgery for breast enlargement is a long-term effect.
  • You will look better in clothes and in a bathing suit.
  • Your figure will appear younger.


  • For breast implants medical surveillance requires.
  • Sooner or later you will need to be replaced.
  • As with any surgery there are certain risks.
Breast augmentation photo before and after the procedure Chest

Whether the enlargement of the breast?

There are a few main and most common reasons why you may want to widen your Breasts:

  • You think that your Breasts are to small on the entire body.
  • You don't feel comfortable in a bathing suit, tight-fitting or with a deep neckline.
  • You find it difficult to clothes: what fits in the hips is too big in the bust.
  • Your Breasts have become smaller or lost their original shape after they have given birth to children.
  • Your Breasts in size after losing weight.
  • Alone, your Breasts are significantly smaller than the other.

If you have a good health, a positive attitude and realistic expectations, then most likely, you are the right candidate for the zoom procedure. If you have decided for an Operation, it is necessary to read the reviews about the different surgeons and clinics.

About the procedure of breast augmentation

How is the Operation for breast enlargement?

In the case of the Operation with the use of implants, the surgeon tissue makes an incision, presses, forming a pocket between the gland and the chest and inserts it into the implant.

Breast enlargement can be done in the way, Paging, donating their own blood with their (own) fat. In this case, the surgeon's own fat of the patient will share with the help of the liposuction of the body with plenty of fat (abdomen, thighs, side), and then places him in the chest. This technique is still experimental due to the short history of the application, but is considered to be very promising.

Where are the implants?

The Position of the implant and the incision through which it will be inserted, is determined by many factors – from the anatomy of the patient, until the method of work of the surgeon. The implant is in "the bag"


The position under the chest muscle less interferes with the implementation of the mammography and retains the ability of breast-feeding. The decision on the site of Implantation adopted by a surgeon in a joint conversation with the patient.

Sure if a breast augmentation?/

Those who set resolutely implants, you should keep in mind that this change to the whole of life, and, in addition, in the course of time, the replacement of the implants. After the Operation a plastic surgeon for the observation of the implants must be regularly checked. Read reviews, the this Operation, before they dare to increase the bust.

Silicone-Gel-implants studied carefully for many years. FDA, the US authority for the control of drugs and medical products, has led to careful studies and gathered information, and then approved their use for cosmetic surgery breast enlargement. Connection between silicone implants and breast cancer, diseases of the connective tissue and the reproductive problems have been found. In addition, the FDA granted license for the development and marketing of breast implants from three companies. In the currently ongoing collection of data on their long-term safety and efficacy. On the official Website of the FDA, you can find all the information for the investigation of breast implants.

The choice of the plastic surgeon

Choose a surgeon you trust

Important is the choice of a surgeon is based on the following qualities:

  • Education, training and certification
  • Experience in the implementation of the operations according to the increase of the breast
  • Comfort at the doctor's relationship
  • Customer reviews

For the search and selection of qualified surgeons, it is advisable for the regional community of physicians, aesthetic medicine. In the US, it is, for example, the American society for aesthetic plastic surgery. In Russia, it is more difficult to be a good surgeon, especially due to the reviews and recommendations.

After you have the plastic surgeon who meets all of the requirements that will be necessary to enroll to him for advice. You may be charged because of the in-depth nature of the interview.

Treatment plan

Depending on the purpose, the physical parameters of the patient, training and experience of the surgeon, he recommended the treatment to recognize and share the following information:

  • Approach to the operation, including all types of procedures and their combinations,
  • the estimated results
  • the financial cost,
  • in connection with the Intervention, the risks and complications,
  • the type of anesthesia,
  • what is must for the preparation for the Operation,
  • post-operative care.

The doctor can show you pictures "before and after" of patients whose cases were similar to her and answer all the questions. Some surgeons use 3D-visualization, a suitable implant for a particular occasion.