Exercises to increase breast growth at home

exercises for breast enlargement

Even from the ancient times all women, a model tried to Form. Of course, in the old times, the Standard of beauty for the girls, the abundance and rounded shapes was a now - thin embossed and waist. Remained unchanged, only one - elastic, and luxurious chest.

What girl doesn't want a firmer big Breasts, which pleased not only you, but also others. The nature can not absolutely all reward ideal parameters.

Someone has a fat shape that someone is ugly or small Breasts. If you can still fight with the stomach to stick to any diets, performing exercises that will enlarge your Breasts is very difficult. Help can only be a series of exercises.

In order to solve the Problem of chest, ugly today, there are a large number of physical exercises, the effect on the muscles of the chest, in order to strengthen and increase in its totality. As a result, our chest is getting bigger and firmer.

The set of exercises, you need to have a Training. Cross-country skiing, jump, make the slopes in the party, not less than 15-20 minutes.


In order to achieve the earliest possible point in time, almost all the girls every day to start practice.

It is a mistake, because the muscles grow during the rest between physical activities. Meaning in daily exercise, absolutely not. The best time to plan load do 3 times per week.


Swimming and rowing - the most effective sports for strengthening the muscles of the chest. Igel, whether you decide to Sport in the gym, then it will help you fitness equipment with a high weight.

Above all - listen to all instructions from the experienced instructor, who will explain and show you how to properly do the exercises for breast growth. Large weight - 80% of the mass that can trigger it.

Exercises with high weight in several approaches. Perfect Rod. In the first approach, you can pull up without pancakes. In the second - 60%. The last approach with the maximum weight.

So that, in effect, each exercise should be performed not more than 10 times, otherwise Training the fat burning purchase and no effect. As soon as the heat in the muscles, not to stop, repeat the exercise 2-3 more times.

Remember that during training, the most important thing is the breathing. The breathing must be calm and rhythmically: do to pressure breath in relaxation, exhale.



Exercises help to not only increase the volume of the breast, but also strong power, and pumped their hands.

In many women after the age of 30, start, sagging muscles in the upper part of the Hand. Dumbbells can help in this matter.

For the execution of the exercises, you lie on your back, take a dumbbell and start working with the hands: the hands of not stretching completely, at the upper point should be slightly bent) to distribute, in the Hand - pressing it against the chest.

You better start with a light dumbbell, and then increase the load gradually. During the exercise, breathe correctly: when inhaling, take the hands of, on the exhale, bring. The exercise 20 times.

To need to this exercise, you will also add 15 reps to a different Position of the hands with dumbbells: the right Hand with the dumbbell is stretched at the hip, the raised left front of the chest; you will need to alternately interchanged to swap hands: the left hip, the right-side-up.

Remember that exercises to increase bust with dumbbells not be able to help you avoid unnecessary 2-3 size, because of the composition of the breast consists of milk glands and fat tissue. Muscles only a little increase, but to make it firm and supple.


One of the most effective exercises, the "hand area". For this, sit on a chair or be in the vicinity of the wall. The most important thing is to make the spine, otherwise, the back takes all the load and no action is. Connect the palms as in prayer. Very strong presses on the palm to feel it in the shoulders. Keep the hands in the balance for 10 seconds - no less, in order to achieve results.

After 10 seconds, alienate the hands on 5 centimetres and let you in this Position again in 10 seconds. Place your hands and shake it as hard as possible. Such a task will not meet twice.


The easiest exercise in the location, the size of the Breasts banal push-UPS. How to properly do this exercise to know absolutely all the people, because these teachings to physical education. Pushups should not be less than 30 times per approach. But in practice, for many women difficult wrung out 3-4 times, not that 30.So the first time you need to make twenty for the professional lounger, regardless of the number of approaches. Then you need only gently, the number of approaches, without a reduction in the number of push-UPS.


You must face the wall and put it on the palm of your hand, and then force pressure on the wall, as if you move to go Slide should be so strong that you can feel the tension in the muscles of the chest. 10 seconds, press and 10 - relax.



This exercise usually lead together with the weighting, such as dumbbells or heavy books. Movement should be similar to those that make the skier, based on two sticks over night. But it should slowly his hands from the hips to the chest, hold for a few seconds in this Position, then slowly lower it. This exercise breast augmentation to meet six times in three approaches.


Must turn around with your back to a chair, put his hands on him, then lean on the Hand. The legs pull forward. You go to the bottom and climbing, bending and straightening the hands. This exercise should be done in 3 sets of 6-8 times.At the end of each course, the exercise for breast enhancement-"Stretching" the hands with dumbbells must and keep it in this Position, a certain amount of time or do the exercise "on the wall", but not the print on the wall, but simply "hang" on the Hand.

EFFECTIVE EXERCISE FOR breast enlargement

You should be straight, the feet should be shoulder-width. Then the hands lift up, so that the elbows are at chest height, the palms of your hands fold in front, so that the fingers were facing upwards. On account of "one and two" we need to land, the lower parts of the hand to each other. On "three" turn the palm of the hand to correct it with the fingers, "four" palm of your hand. On the account of "five" hands down lower, and the "six" back to the starting position.