Massage for the increase of the bust: how correctly technology

The presence of a small breast of the owner a feeling of insecurity in their own attractiveness, so that you try methods to promote the increase of the volume of the Breasts. Plastic surgery is one of the solutions for this Problem, however, may not resort to such a radical method, the size of the bust.

There are various massage techniques, many of which can be independently performed at home.

Massage affects the size of the female breast?

If a woman has a desire to correct the shape of the bust, experts recommend regular Massage for breast enlargement. Competently-executed method allows for a more pronounced therapeutic and General tonic effect.

As a result of the systematic implementation of the Massage many positive changes in the body occur:

  • Improves muscle tone, reasons for its blood supply.
  • The blood vessels to expand, increasing blood flow to the treated area and facilitate venous return.
  • Speeds up the lymph flow and removes Stagnation.
  • The function of the nervous system (due to the effect on the nerve endings) is normalized.
  • Moistening and smoothing the Epidermis.
  • Improves metabolism, increases the tone of the skin.

If you are directly on the effects of Massage on the chest, then a few sessions you can feel a certain change in the shape of the breast due to the increase of their elasticity.

Bust after the Massage, rise for the reason that the muscles which are toned and the chest from the outside, stronger. True, a similar increase to be insignificant, so you should not expect the bust to grow vigorously.

Of course, women want to know how long it would take for the changes to become noticeable? The results of the treatments are dependent on the individual. Some of the increases for a year, the breast size, others on two.

Massage effectively promotes breastfeeding for the development of the milk-Duct, because the lactation. It is important not to overdo it, to prevent the excessive secretion of milk. In addition, thanks to the various techniques, the breast can cause glands on the period of lactation. If the procedure is right, bust to the termination of breastfeeding retains its shape, and thus the attractiveness.

Contra-indications and the possible damage of the procedure

The implementation of the Massage needed to entrust a qualified professional. In addition, Massage for breast growth has some contraindications, ignore trigger unwanted consequences.

The procedure is prohibited:

  • Malaise, excessive fatigue.
  • High Temperature.
  • Mastitis.
  • Infectious disease.
  • Various skin changes in the area of the breast.
  • Large Nevus.
  • Oncology.
  • Pregnancy (1. Trimester).

Before you go to the Massage, which is carried out for the enlargement of the breast, you need to check with your doctor for the possible presence of all seals. If during the diagnosis has been training, or node, is found, the procedure is aborted.

The woman should understand that the massing of the chest, to revolutionize not only its size, but also provoke the growth of tumors, the most malignant. Therefore, it is important before an appointment to mammologu and women's doctor to be sure in a healthy condition of the glands.

Basic rules for the implementation of the Massage

Massage Breast

The procedure to increase the breast may, to the extent that it requires compliance with certain rules:

  1. Before you to meetings, you need to be examined to ensure that there are no contraindications.
  2. Women in the on position and still need the permission of a doctor on the conduct of the Massage.
  3. Before a meeting you should, chest, and hands, rinse and wash thoroughly, if you plan on performing independent manipulations.
  4. It is important to gently massage the breast, avoiding strong pressure. We can not the emergence of the allow of health complaints. Excessive exposure to the breast to provoke the formation of hematomas.
  5. To strengthen the effectiveness of the method is the use of creams and oils is recommended. If it is a special oil for the chest, it will calm down the effect of the Massage, but also and completely relaxes the body of the woman. Proven means of which the hop contains. To décolleté almond oil always looked young, useful. For the removal of stretch marks are formed and the amplification of the lymph nodes, it is recommended that the application of oil of Grapefruit.
  6. You move during the session to cave according to a certain scheme, from the nipple to the armpit, and then from the nipple to the clavicle.
  7. Massage, which is useful for the growth of the breast tissue, should be for 10-14 days, then gets a break.

At the end of the session, you need to take a shower, do not point the water jet on the upper parts of the chest, to improve the flow of blood.

Common methods of Massage therapy

When it comes to the question of how to enlarge breast Massage, you should pay attention to the popular and effective technique, thanks to which it is glands to an increase in the elasticity of the skin and improves the appearance of the milk.

If the Massage is competent, sagging Breasts Regeneration of the skin back to normal shape. This result is a consequence of the strengthening of the blood circulation and the saturation of the cells of the useful elements.

If a woman is planning to meet, Massage for the increase in the bust home, you must art to the rules of the chosen. Otherwise, don't expect any changes.

Classical Technique

Best to do it before going to bed after the water treatment. The sliding of the Finger over the skin, it was as simple as possible, we recommend the use of oils of peach, apricot, OLIVE, almond.

Water massage

Hydro – massage is one of the most important procedures, with each girl or woman in the location, the beauty of the bust. The technique consists in the action of jets of water on the chest muscles and the skin in the area of the breast. An important condition for the technology – selection of the optimal level of funding for the various phases of the Thorax.

In the case of the conventional hot tub water jets of different intensity need to be combined with:

  • If the effects on the mammary glands, the amount of subsidy funds selected.
  • For the area between the ribs and the Phase below the chest, the force of the conveyor height can be increased.
  • So directional and diffuse beam, and combine the breast is massaged in a clockwise direction, avoiding zones nipples.

Along the individual zones at least 10 circular movements. The beam caves goes to the armpit, along the surface of the breast and shows up to the neck. The total duration of the Massage for 10-15 minutes (5-7 minutes per breast).

The most efficient method of showering a combination of Massage and exchange. Warm water promotes relaxation of the muscles and cleaning the skin, and cold – activation of metabolism and strengthening blood flow. It should be noted, however, that the high water temperature promotes the stretching of the skin, so that no cost-to-miss procedure need.

Massage Qi

One of the techniques from the Taoist Massage and see the effects on the mammary glands, which stimulates the production of prolactin. To provoke the increase in the level of the hormone in order to increase Breasts. The methodology is particularly relevant in adolescence and lactation when there is a restructuring of the reproductive organs.

In order to grow the breast starts, need a lot of time. According to opinion of experts, visible results, after half a year, and the meetings must take place regularly in combination with exercise. The recommendation is particularly important for teenagers.

Massage Qi is done in two steps:

  1. Pre-surfaces of the hand must intensive rubbing, so that it heats up well.
  2. The hands on the breast is placed, wherein the fingers should be far apart. More circle at the end of movements in the direction of the shoulders to the middle of the chest.

The number of Spins – a number that is a multiple of 36, should be per day you 360.

Through Massage, Qi can be solved disproportionate glands. Breasts, massaged a smaller extent, only to the inside. Other massage should be first inside and then outward.

This technique affects not only the growth of the bust, but also help to prevent the formation of cysts and tumors.

Shiatsu Massage

The technique is an improved variant of acupressure (acupressure), practiced active in the Oriental medicine. The essence of the technique consists in the amplification of the production of hormones, the glands, the growth of the milk.

Execution Shiatsu Massage should be an experienced specialist, as the correct exposure on acupressure points to many years of practice is required. In the week, multiple sessions are allowed, which last from 30 minutes to an hour.

How is step-by-step acupressure?

  1. First massage therapist presses with the tips of your fingers on 8 points, localized in the area of the thyroid gland – in the vicinity of the carotid artery troughs. The number of pressure 5 times per point for 2-3 seconds.
  2. Further, the 5-seconds-of-impact to the point where the spine and skull. Importance of the avoidance of unpleasant sensations.
  3. The area above the collarbone – space, where 2 more points. Click on you must after 5-7 seconds.
  4. The last stage – the area between the shoulder blades. There are 6 points (the first is located at the base of the shoulder blades, others go deeper to the centimeter distance from each other).

During the execution of the techniques is important not to deviate from the above points, otherwise the movement will be useless.

Chinese Massage

For the procedure, you need to arm yourself with small balls in the size. In this case, the balls for Tennis or for the Training of the fingers. With the help of the inventory, you should work on certain points. Your Location:

  • Palm;
  • Feet;
  • Brush (the place where the index finger and thumb);
  • Thorax (at a distance of 13 cm from the solar plexus on both sides of the sternum).

According to the opinion of experts in the foot area, the impact on the stimulates the growth of the breast.

The methodology provides for the serialization of the actions:

  • 30 seconds at the same time beta 2 points to the chest, please move in a clockwise direction. Further, the Pause half a Minute and then repeat the movement.
  • Within a Minute, the ball must land in between the hand.
  • The balls must be placed on the floor. Catania running in bare feet (1 Minute).
  • Bring you brush the Ball on the right and massage the point for 30 seconds. Then the ball moved to the left Hand.

By simple manipulations of the body well relaxed and with it the desired energy.

Preventive Massage

To warn, congestion in the chest, and to prepare for the upcoming Massage to change the volume of the chest, useful in the simple warm-up:

  • The hands must grab each gland, the Central part of the palms must be on the nipple;
  • 9 turns to do moves from the outer side to the center of the;
  • After a deep breath, exhale, and should perform 9 slight pressure.

Massage in with alternating circular movements and pressure is done within 5 minutes.


The procedure provides for the whereabouts within a certain period of time in a special chamber with liquid nitrogen. For the course of the session, always the expert observed.

If Massage is at home, ice cubes are used. For your preparation of herbal teas, oils and fruit recommended in combination juices.

The effects of the cold tightens the skin. The ice must be led in a circular motion. Eliminates the occurrence of severe symptoms, as it is important for you to avoid hypothermia.

Massage Gua Sha

Massage-Gua Sha

The Chinese technique can be combined with the techniques mentioned above, a favorable impact on the condition of the breast. With the help of the Massage Gua Sha is the process of self-healing is started. The area of impact, back, head, neck, abdomen, thighs.

Results of the meeting:

  • Improvement of blood circulation and lymph nodes.
  • The elimination of pain.
  • Elimination of swelling.
  • The normalization of metabolism.
  • Rejuvenation of the skin.

For the treatment of special scraper (copper, wood, minerals). Before a session of the leather is processed with oil or cream. The massage therapist uses several types of movements, intense and smooth with a faint pressure.


Thanks to a variety of techniques for correction of the bust available every representative of the fairer sex. The appearance of the results can be expected only if regularly massage go over, but do not rely on fundamental changes. And since the Manipulation of the breast have contraindications, you need to first ensure that you have your absence.