Breast augmentation: dreams to realize in our life!

Breast enlargement

An increase in breast size is one of the most common operations in the field of plastic surgery. To mammoplastike of women and girls, for some reason dissatisfied with the natural shape of your Breasts. However, before you decide to have the surgery, you need to weigh the "pros" and "cons".

Indications for the implementation of the Operation

Medical indications for performing surgery for breast enlargement, not so much. They relate to the objective reasons why the doctor prescribes the operation. But there is a natural desire not to improve the aesthetics of the breast, when the natural shape and size to meet their owners. The number of "complaints" is not only the smallest size of the Breasts, but also their asymmetry. Fortunately, thanks to the possibilities of modern aesthetic surgery possible, any defects, fix it fast! In addition, there are a number of other indications for the implementation of the Operation, such as, for example: sagging breast after pregnancy, breast-feeding or sudden weight loss, as well as performed mastectomy (surgical removal of the breast).

Breast implants are often necessary and the right decision, if a woman is experiencing the constriction and dissatisfaction with your external data, but it must of qualified plastic surgeons and psychologists. Thanks to the successful Operation of self-worth is not increased feeling, but also the disappearance of many psychological complexes and problems. In addition, a perfect body is a necessary requirement to some female occupations out of the area, for example fashion industry. In order to reach your goals in this area, it must be ensured, and the shape of your breast. If the cause of breast augmentation surgery, only the dissatisfaction of the Partner, the desired external characteristics reach not only meet you but also your loved one, however, to what extent is it worth it? You have to think about it thoroughly. Finally, it is to be noted that breast implants are the only method of breast enlargement, which is a reliable and long-term results.

It is worth noting that breast augmentation women is contraindicated:

  • up to the age of 18 years of age, when the mammary glands are not yet definitively formed;
  • with severe diseases of the internal organs;
  • with the cancer;
  • in time, the power of infectious diseases;
  • during the lactation period;
  • with bleeding disorders.

Methods of breast enlargement

There are several possibilities, breast augmentation, its purpose and methods of execution. Of course, this Information is only a demo version, the final decision on the choice of the type of surgery and implants must-have for the professional.

Breast augmentation with implants

Is the most common type of mammoplastiki. Implants allow the Breasts of any shape or size — it depends on the type of endoprosthesis. There are several possibilities for the introduction of implants, they differ in the shape and location of a cut. Also different types of placement of implants, to differentiate between muscle and breast gland, totally under the chest muscle, or partially.

Types of implants

In the choice of the implant does not concentrate on its cost. The main criteria for the choice of anatomical features of the patient and the desired result must be. In this case, the last decision lies with a doctor, due to his experience you can. all the intricacies and peculiarities of the mammoplastiki Depending on the selected implant specialist, the most appropriate method of Operation selected.

Modern implants have a low weight, high safety properties and natural Form. Implants differ in several criteria: shape, type of filler and the density. According to the shape of the round implants and anatomical distinguish the natural Teardrop shape. Anatomical implants can make the appearance of the breast more natural. And those and others may have a different thickness (Low-or High-profile). Round implants are the shape of the breast and in their displacement, while the anatomical deformation.

Over the filler material, in the present time, there is a Gel implants based on silicone and Saline implants filled with saline solution with a salt content of 0.9%. Saline implants are characterized by low costs and a greater softness. Gel implants have a greater elasticity and better retain their shape. However, we do not emphasize that the modern implants bring the woman no harm: in the event of an accidental damage to the sheath of the filling material.

According to the density of the soft and dense implants as well as implants soft touch to distinguish. Soft implants according to the density correspond to the tissue of the milk gland and not very well retain their shape. Sealing the implant does not deform, but have to look less natural. Implants soft touch are a crossroads in the dense and very well retain their shape.

The implants also differ in structural features of the Shell: emit products with glossy and structured surface. Textured implants are less prone to shifts, that is more resilient. But they can lead to the appearance of wrinkles on the skin in the subcutaneous tissue as a result of the friction on the surface of the product. Smooth implants do not cause such problems, but in the case of the implementation of the risk for a lot more.

Breast lift

Breast lift

Breast lift (mastopexy) may be conducted with implants and without them. Implants implanted, if the woman is dissatisfied, not only the shape of the breast, but also their size. There are three basic types of braces, depending on the location of the execution of cut:

  1. Anchor breast lift with a cut in the Form of an "anchor" that runs vertically from the nipple to the crease under the breast, and then horizontally along. Such a tightening is recommended for women with large Breasts and a pronounced deformities.
  2. Breast lift with a cut along the contour brownish-pink Phase around the nipple shows women with small Breasts and small deformations. During the Operation a part of the skin, then tightening to overlap the seams.
  3. Breast lift with an incision in the shape of a half moon rates suitable for women with fashion deformities of the chest, if your upper part of the excess skin. In performing this Operation the surgeon a cut above brown makes pink Phase around the nipple. As a result of the surgery, the nipple is upwards to 2-4 cm

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

The specified Operation is, in fact, the introduction of implants with the help of special equipment — endoscope. This type of surgery is required if an incision is made in your armpit, as the implants through the selected cross-section is only possible with the use of medical optical instruments. The implant in this case is located under the chest muscle, and to the process of the Installation was safe, visual control is needed, which, as mentioned, with a suitable endoscopic devices. It can be argued that endoscopic breast augmentation is today the most modern and safe technique. The advantages of this type of Operation is explained below.

Increase or restore the breast after mastectomy

Breast augmentation with implants

The removal of the breast (mastectomy) is a radical way for the treatment of cancer, effects on the mammary glands. Fortunately, plastic surgery restore the original size of the breast. Such an Operation requires the surgeon of high qualification and great experience. Breast augmentation is with the use of own tissue of the patient and/or with implants. That is, a combined method.

Methods for the implementation of the Operation

As already mentioned, the technology of breast augmentation depends on the location of the cut. Access over a range of approximately nipple for the fulfilment of the cross section to the border of pigmented skin of the nipple, whereby the suture after the Operation, remains virtually invisible. This method is not suitable for women who are planning to in the future, breast-feeding, since during the Operation of the transferred channels.

The second method sets the fulfillment of the incision along the crease under the breast, whereby the seam remains relatively unobtrusive, and the access for the surgeon is more comfortable. The only Problem for the patients, the need for a while is wearing a Bandage of elastic Bandage to prevent chafing scar bra.

Breast enlargement with access through the armpit hollow — the most Progressive and least traumatic method. In this method, there are a number of significant advantages:

  1. Thanks to a small incision to the time of the post-shortened-operative Rehabilitation: the recovery phase lasts 10-14 days and the rumen 4-5 months absorbed.
  2. The method provides for a good fixation of the prosthesis and reduces the risk of Bias due to the fact that the implant is under the chest muscle.
  3. During the surgery, not breast tissue affected, this is especially important if you are planning a pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  4. The surgical procedure takes only 40 minutes, thanks to the convenience of the introduction of the implant with the aid of an endoscope.

The preparation for the Operation

Preparation for breast reduction involves the consultation with a plastic surgeon, a professional psychologists, and anesthesiologists, the passage required Hardware survey, the handover of the analyses. To prepare for the surgery should also refrain from Smoking, alcohol, spicy and oily products, the use of hormonal contraceptives as well as drugs with a high content of Aspirin and other drugs that thin the blood.


Full Rehabilitation after the mammoplastiki, usually takes about 2 months and consists of several stages. The first 2-3 days is necessary, in a hospital and wear special compression clothing is created, the shape of the breast supports and prevents the displacement of the implants. In the first five days is forbidden to lift the Hand. After the dismissal in the course of the month, you should continue in the enjoyment of the Laundry compression tweeter, never lift weights and exercise is the best type of activity is a walk in the Park. In the first time, it can be discomfort and pain in the area of the breast with the help of analgesic drugs. The first two weeks after the surgery may only sleep on your back, then on the page, and a month later — on the belly. Within two months, a steam room, a Sauna, a Solarium visit and sunbathing area. The patient is imperative to treat to a plastic surgeon for scheduled Scans, in accordance with the planned schedule.

Possible negative consequences

The negative effects that can occur after mammoplastiki include the development of fibrous contractures, specific response of the body to the introduction of foreign bodies, the displacement, damage and breakage of implants. In addition, it is possible that as a result of the Operation, you will not receive the Breasts of the shape and size of that originally planned. It should be noted that in most cases, similar effects result from the insufficient qualification of the surgeon. Therefore, if you are a breast augmentation plan, the most important thing is to choose a reliable clinic and professional surgeon with significant experience in the field of plastic surgery.

Cost Of Breast Augmentation

The cost of breast augmentation depends on several factors: the chosen clinic, its geographical location and level of service; qualifications and experience of the surgeon, selected the implants; the difference between the original and the desired size of the breast; Mode of Operation, the number of days you spend in the hospital.

Breast augmentation is a complex surgical procedure. And whatever the purpose of the treatment in the clinic: purely aesthetic or for medical reasons, you must carefully choosing and the medical center and the surgeon's approach.

How to choose the clinic?

Clinics of plastic surgery in the capital and in the whole of Russia a lot, every year new medical centers. For the sake of attracting customers, many offer low prices and attractive conditions. However, do not blindly choose "where it is cheaper". It should be remembered that it is a food-prices threshold, below which you do not expect a high level of services. The clinic should have a good reputation, in the ideal case, it should work at least with a doctor "with the name" thickness should be Modern. But the high prices are not always an indicator of quality. You choose the clinic, where low prices combined with positive reviews of the customers to test the pre-professional forums.