The enlargement of the breast

the enlargement of the breast

The main options for the access

  1. axillaribus. In this case, the fabric рассекаются is in your armpit. The method is the non-traumatica. On the chest, no scars, glands.
  2. periareolar. In this case, the substance is рассекаются around the areola. The technique is not applied, if the woman plans to give birth and breast-feeding.
  3. submammary. Fabric рассекаются in the crease under the breast. It is very convenient for the surgeon, as it ensures maximum access to the tissues.
Method of Operation, the type of access, the type of the implant is determined specialists. Our doctors will always listen to numerous requests from patients. This allows you to achieve the desired result.

The expiry of the Operation

  1. The execution of the cut.
  2. The formation of a pocket for the implant. For the creation of the Lodge of the soft tissue carefully peel.
  3. The placement of the implant in the pocket and the breast giving it the desired shape.
  4. consutam cut.
The procedure does not take longer than 1-2 hours. It is performed under General anesthesia.

The recovery after the surgery

In General, after the Operation, the Patient 1-3 days in the hospital. The threads are on day 7-10 (depending on the condition of the scar). To make the cuts for a couple of days strip glued with a special patch. They do not allow to stretch the scars. During the recovery phase, women compression wears a bra. The final shape of the breast takes up to 3-6 months after the Intervention. Important! Eliminate 3 weeks, you should complete any physical effort. 2-3 days after discharge from the hospital is forbidden to drink alcohol. It is undesirable to drive. Within 1-2 weeks of sleep recommended on the back! In order to achieve maximum results intervention can only! in strict compliance with all the recommendations and instructions of the physician If you constantly take any medication, share about it in the art!

The main types of implants and their properties

Today, we use implants, the so-called silicone. For the first time these products appeared on the market in the early 90s. The implant is a silicone pouch filled capsules filled with the Hydrogel, a silicone Gel with a special Gel or Soft Touch. Self-Pouch (Elastomer) can be textured (lumpy) or smooth. Consider all the types of fillers more:
  1. encapsulates the Hydrogel. Dental implants with him called biological. Filler is completely harmless. At the breaking point and the penetration in the tissue he just destroyed.
  2. Vysokokogezivny Filler. This Material of you is the most. With such a filling compound anatomical implants. Products are practically not deformed and does not show up, if they are damaged.
  3. Gel Soft Touch. This filler is similar to the previous one, but has a lower density. The Material has almost no weaknesses, for this reason, dental implants are with him are the most expensive.
Products with which surface to prefer? We have already noted that even the Pouch can Filler, both smooth and rough. Products with a smooth surface are considered to be a relic of the past. Nevertheless, some surgeons offer to their patients. The body itself, forming around an implant, a capsule of connective tissue. Since the product has a smooth surface and has no pores, the active growth of the tissue can lead to compression of the mammary gland. Even the implant can be deformed. By the disadvantages of outdated models also include moving the risk to the Installation. The chest can be deformed! The smooth products and would. Low cost and low weight and a long service life. Structured products have pores. The connective tissue can penetrate. This allows it to implant, and grow. The largest part of the surgeon recommends for his patients to such products. You are able to reliably be hooked with cloths, and his Position will not change. In any case, structured products are more expensive. There are implants of various shapes. Installed today:
  1. Round Products. Such models are suitable for a breast augmentation in the case of pronounced asymmetry, or ptosis. In General, women who want to make the chest and an increased volumetric choose. Unfortunately, the round implants are often a natural look and also the roles in the course of use. Thus, they are easy to install, as the anatomical. The benefits of models, the round shape and relatively low cost.
  2. Anatomical (teardrop). Such implants are more popular, because you can see the smooth contours of the breast and make it so natural. Work with anatomical products more difficult. In addition, these models are more expensive than round.
How much implants cost? The average cost of the products is 20-45 thousand rubles. The price is depending on:
  • of the manufacturer;
  • the technical characteristics of the models;
  • the margins of the clinic.
Whether it's worth it to overpay for the brand? The answer to this question everyone has to give. It is always important to consider that:
  1. Well-known manufacturers always have certificates for its products.
  2. Brands of dental implants warranty (often lifetime). It is a sign of quality.
Important! The choice of implants needs to be carried out, the patient and the doctor. Only an expert explains why he recommends his customers to certain products. You should always choose the best not only on price but also on the quality Option. Only in this case after the breast augmentation, you will feel comfortable.

Contraindications and possible complications

Breast enlargement surgery will be performed:
  • dangerous chronic diseases (Diabetes, etc.);
  • Oncology;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • mental disorders;
  • Pathologies of the breast (inflammation, tumors, anorum et Al.).
In the early postoperative Phase complications such as inflammation and bleeding can occur. In the later period, in some cases, around an implant, the fibrous capsule, the deformation of the breast cancer. Important! Treatment in the clinic proven allows virtually no risks of complications.

Other methods of breast enlargement the effectiveness and special features

Some women hesitate to plastic surgery and use other methods of breast enlargement. These include:
  1. Massage of the breast. Such a procedure aims at tightening the skin and improving the processes of blood circulation. The Massage device with the help of a special vacuum. It is made of silicone shells, Appication on the chest, and pears with a valve. In General, breast Massage is effective if the woman wants to enlarge only a little bit of the breast and improve its shape. The effect is not long. In addition, there are risks to overstretch the skin. As a result of the breast by simply hanging.
  2. Application of medical preparations. Synthetic estrogens are artificial analogue of the female sex hormones, the substances of mammary glands proliferate and lead to edema. With the help of this medication can be breast augmentation does not reach more than size. To bring the advantages of resources, the relatively low cost. You should always remember that artificial drugs interfere with the hormonal balance in the body and often cause discomfort. In addition, the chest is only during the taking of the funds. Not recommend long-term use of drugs!
  3. Special Gels and creams. Such agents also contain herbal or artificial estrogen. Gels and creams lead to a swelling of the mammary glands and provide a brief effect.
In General, surgery in large hospitals are more expensive. At the cost of the Intervention effect and the experience of the surgeon, number of performed interventions and their success. Doctors with the "name" traditionally, the Operation is carried out with the highest prices.

How to choose the clinic for the surgery?

You can trust only trust centers, which are ready to get Feedback from patients, have an own Website with detailed information about the services, all licenses and certificates to the Intervention-worthy. You give in advance the cost. It is understood that in the advertising for certain clinics, the prices can be given without various kinds of additional services and costs for materials. You summarize all the cost! Only in this case, you will not be adepto deprensus on the Marketing bait. In General, in the overall maintenance in prestigious clinics, costs for additional services are included such as:
  • preliminary advice;
  • the sequence planning of the Intervention;
  • Advice on the recovery;
  • Checks and dressing changes.
Often, the total costs in major centres is higher.

The value of the work of the surgeon

About 2/3 of the total of the Operation services of the surgeons cost. Price may assign as the doctor and the clinic in which he works. The minimum value of the work of the professional is 30 000 Euro. Maximum 200 up to and more than a thousand. On the value of the work such factors influence, such as:
  1. Experience.
  2. The presence of various insignia.
  3. The area of activity and specialisation.
Not necessarily the newbies! Often they offer cheap services, but no guarantees. Not willing to risk and do not want to have another surgery? The best of the best clinic to an experienced, dedicated doctor!

Signs of low quality of services in the clinic

  1. They offer no choice. Specialist just the cost of the implant, its work, additional costs and the total amount spoken.
  2. They offer dental implants unknown brands, the certificates by a European quality.
  3. Prices for all services are distinctly different from the middle in the city (or market in General).
  4. You do not tell the story of how the surgery is performed, how long the recovery will take. It is clear that to calculate in advance, everything is very difficult, but the approximate time of the Intervention, and Rehabilitation, according to him should be read out in each case.
  5. Do not send the full investigation. The doctor is ready, and the results of the analyses carried out, a year and a half old.
You think of it! To the layman, you risk not only not the result, it's to be expected, but will deteriorate and health!