Fashionable seamless breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery. It helps to trust the women themselves. But a major disadvantage of mammoplastiki can be used as a scar after the Installation of implants. What is also not skilled the doctor was, small traces of which remain the colour tone of the skin. Today, however, the new technique of breast augmentation appeared in "without seams", which you should avoid absolutely, even small scars.

seamless breast augmentation

The causes of scars after mammoplastiki

The euphoria after the Operation mammoplastiki ruin the traces of cosmetic seams, not every woman agrees to the "decoration". Because you wish to fix defect, and was given a different reason for the complex. But today is a new seamless method for breast enlargement. Scars after mammoplastiki are a number of reasons, the suturing depending on the location of the cut and of-the-art. Sutures are the following:

  • Submammary method of sections. He is the gland at the site of the natural crease under the breast. It is the only way for the surgeon, but the particularly disturbing for the patient.
  • Axillary method of rooting. The implant cavity through the surgical opening of the armpit. Under certain angles the scar from the surgery is also quite striking. To determine even though everyone in the situation, what he is. There is the risk that the implant can also shift, especially if he has a round shape.
  • Periareolar Option Cuts. Areola dissection in the lower part, and through the hole the implant is to be introduced. This method is quite difficult and also leaves scars.

At the site of the scar, the skin will be brighter. A narrow strip will always be a reminder of the Operation, regardless of the accuracy and skill of the surgeon. Also, the size and quality of the rumen affects the compliance with the rules for the patient's Rehabilitation.

Of course, today, there are ways through which one of the to get rid of scars, making them less noticeable. But in any case, scars after the usual mammoplastiki inevitable.

A special technique of seamless breast augmentation

This procedure allows the increase of the bust entirely to avoid the appearance of scars and traces of plastic surgery. In addition, after the procedure significantly shortens the Rehabilitation period is not required, the System of drainage and pain are as strong as the normal mammoplastike. The invasiveness of the organism in the rule below.

A special technique of seamless breast augmentation

The invention of the seamless breast augmentation belongs to the Russian plastic surgeons. The method of the following principles:

  • During the Operation, not to dissect tissue, but separated. As a result of the blood vessels and milk ducts are not affected and does not hurt. Therefore, the swelling after the surgery, it's not fast, and eliminates the pain usual pain medications medications.
  • For the fixation of the sections with a special glue fibrin. He is known in the medicine has long been used in skin grafts, as well as other types of plastic surgery. Today, it serves mammoplastike.
  • The implant is in the breast gland by the same sections of the variants that have been described above. But thanks to the special technology of the scar at this point.
  • The Installation is not done under the chest muscle, where they divide, separate and on the natural lines of the fabric.

As a result of the unique method, comprising an advanced technology and innovative ways of carrying out the Operation, according to mammoplastiki woman completely aesthetic look can enjoy, without scars. In most cases, the patients do not have access to the seamless breast enlargement, for strong painkillers and soon may lead to practically meaningful life.

Advantages and benefits-procedure

Seamless breast augmentation has a number of important positive points:

  • Stringing is not necessary, because there is no. Skin in the areas of the sections glued and connects automatically, without any special conditions.
  • Bleeding are virtually absent.
  • There is no swelling.
  • The Operation takes much less time.
  • Breast seamless mammoplastiki keeps the sensitivity.
  • Period of Rehabilitation and recovery after surgery is much shorter.
  • Minimal risk of injury to the tissue.
  • No need for the Installation of the Drainage System on the sides of the breast, because the risk of bleeding is extremely small.
  • In conjunction with a small amount of time required for the Operation, shrinks the anesthesia. It is easier for patients tolerated. Faster and easier for the anesthesia, the risks and side effects are reduced.
  • During the procedure, it is not as strong a substance of milk-glands, hurt to take seamless, breast implants can be at any age. Breast augmentation is suitable for young girls and ladies in the elegant age.

The above-mentioned advantages and benefits to make the seamless method mammoplastiki more popular and safer.

What to consider before carrying out

Before you lie on the operating table, the patient should points with your doctor and discuss all of the important. It aims to inform about their anamnestic data, namely:

  • how many pregnancies had
  • how long they breastfed, what more
  • how have the Breasts after breastfeeding,
  • has whether hormonal contraceptives,
  • whether bad habits,
  • Sports Fanatic,
  • which she has a physical illness.

Together with the physician, the patient, the desired result should be discussed, the shape and size of the bust. The surgeon will advise your physique and ways to get to the expectations and possibilities. A woman could really imagine a future breast, the 3D projection. In a special program physique, be loaded, the Simulation of the result.

Before the Operation the surgeon carefully starting material evaluated "":

  • the asymmetry of milk glands;
  • as the breast Ptosis) stretched (;
  • the correlation between the parenchyma and adipose tissue;
  • there are changes in the spine;
  • the width of the Thorax;
  • the tendency to plethora;
  • as in the case of skin good Turgor, as soon the Ptosis.

All of this will help you to understand what is better to recommend the implant, the weight and the size. The doctor shows the customer samples (Layouts), you have the possibility, try, try, so far as it is convenient.


Despite a number of advantages over conventional mammoplastiki, nationwide breast enlargement but a number of cases, when a woman may refuse to accept in the conduct of the Operation. Contraindications to this procedure:

  • malignant and benign tumors;
  • Diseases of the blood;
  • Under 18 years of age;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • the deadline is less than a year and a half after the end of the lactation period;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Possible complications after

In contrast to traditional mammoplastiki loose and breast enlargement side effects seam is minimized. Very rarely, hematomas, and edema does not appear that the fabric is cut, but separated according to the natural lines.

Also the likelihood of bleeding is very low. And the risk of displacement of the implant and non-existent, because it is under the pectoralis major muscle. Your reduction INSERT in the first hours after the Operation, no influence on the Position "". Low invasiveness of the Operation allows you to save the sensitivity of the breast and the nipple.

The cost for a seamless magnification

The cost for a seamless magnification

As soon as the woman decided that a new shape of the breast needed immediately on the agenda a question about the price. In various clinics the cost can vary. This affects the level of the Region, the price of the selected implants, the method of sections and the amount of time the Patient is in the hospital after the surgery.

In the price of seamless breast augmentation are:

  • the implementation of the Operation;
  • Introduction of anesthesia;
  • Implants;
  • the first few days after surgery for recovery;
  • Compression garment;
  • 3D-Simulation of the future bust.

Seamless breast augmentation is an innovative method to women, beauty and self-awareness experience. According to him, no scarring remains, but also significantly reduces the risk of complications and the need for correction. Seamless breast augmentation allows for a natural and aesthetic result. The seams and scars, as well as a complex and long-term Rehabilitation, more and more of the past.