Breast augmentation with implants

Breast augmentation with a clear visual effect can only surgery with the help of plastic. Other possibilities is not the desired result — it is better to immediately understand.

The history of the question of the increase in the volume of the chest Breast enlargement

The first breast augmentation were still in the 90s of the XIX century. Compared to what offers the medicine nowadays, similar to whipping. The desired effect in an increase in the volume of the breast by injection: liquid Paraffin, rubber, fatty tissue of animal origin.

Surgery of the breast, instead of tonight, have nothing to do with questionable experiments worthy of the time, with the exception of the goal — to realize the desire of every woman with a curvy perfect Form.

Structure of the female breast

How does the inner inner structure of the female breast? The most important "component" — glandular tissue in the Form of lobules — mounts to the pectoralis major muscle through the thin layers of connective tissue (fascia). Fragile breast tissue from external influences, protects a sufficiently large amount of fat tissue. Actually, the same tissue reacts and the volume of the bust, so that when removing (General reduction of fat tissue) size, contrary to popular belief, is reduced inevitably.

From this information, it becomes clear that the only effective method of breast augmentation — breast implants. Increased breast without plastic surgery is almost impossible (weight gain not taken into account, it leads to the emergence of the volume where it is absolutely undesirable). All the other possibilities, starting with exercises to strengthen the large and small chest muscles to the myths about the use of Kohl, is absolutely fruitless.

Indications for the increase of breast implants

Under what circumstances, think about the increase in the volume of the breast is really worth it? All in all, not so much:

Indications for the increase of breast implants
  • the small size of the breast, with the scientific name of "micromastia";
  • the asymmetric arrangement of the chest;
  • Ptosis ("sagging") of the chest, that appears after a period of pregnancy and lactation.

Of course, any woman a surgeon and a cosmetic surgery to improve the aesthetic appearance, if there are no contraindications

Contraindications for plastic surgery

Factors against a plastic increase in the volume of the breast, not so much. The main contraindications:

  • the presence of infections,
  • Inflammation of the internal organs,
  • autoimmune disorders,
  • poor blood clotting,
  • Pregnancy and lactation,
  • the mental deviations.
How is the Operation to increase the breast

In short, the essence of plastic surgery to increase the installation of implants. However, is simple only in words. In fact, the process of the Operation mammoplastiki — is a multistage and complex (although the deadlines for the implementation of the is not have a particular impact).

Prior to surgery diagnosis, after the doctor comes to the conclusion, whether a surgical intervention for a particular patient.

Before surgery blood samples taken in total, biochemistry, blood, blood group and Rhesus factor, HIV, HCV, RW. As well as a urine analysis, an electrocardiogram, fluorogram or chest x-ray, sonography of the mammary glands.

Further, the desired type and size of the implant. An experienced doctor will surely have the measurements and calculations on the basis of the individual characteristics of each patient. And you have the Option, in which the breast looks natural and aesthetically from the General physique of the woman.

The further preparation on the plastic surgery subject, especially medical topics: the choice of the location of the implant (directly under the gland, under the fascia or below the pectoral muscle), the method of surgical access (place the chest where a cut is for the Installation of the implant).

Types of breast implants

The success of the Operation largely depends on the doctor and what materials experience preferred.

In General, two types of implants are:

  • anatomical, so that the natural appearance,
  • around, the create a lush look.

One of the best manufacturers of implants is considered to be the American company "Mentor", whose production has been approved all the necessary Tests (including the time) and by the FDA. Remember, implants Mentor is the studied, but also, objectively, the most reliable (acceptable risk of complications is very low - 1,1 %). However, even the most high-quality implants for the breast enlargement, not to satisfy the wishes of the customer, if their properties (shape, size, stiffness) can be incorrectly chosen. Therefore, the choice of the surgeon is needed, not less responsible than the choice of the implants.

Two possibilities for the Installation of the implant
  1. Under the breast gland (the method, the tissue is suitable for patients with well-developed glands and fat, is able to implant the hide, however, this Option is ruled out for women with a small breast size natural).
  2. Under the chest muscle (in this case, the implant is virtually not palpable, the breast looks more naturally; this method of Installation of implants requires from the physician a certain amount of experience and skills).
Three ways to access or cut
  1. At the bottom of the nipple (circumareolar) areola.
  2. Under the breast, the fold under the breast (submammary).
  3. Through the armpit hollow.
What should I know patient?

Firstly, the intervention proceeds under General anesthesia, with the obligatory participation of the anesthesiologist.

Secondly, pain after the surgery last more than 3-4 days. In a week, it is already possible to get back to a normal life style with the observance of certain precautions.

Thirdly, you should not panic, if, immediately after the surgery, on the chest, the effect would be different than expected. Within a week after mammoplastiki swelling, the result of rate is best, when the Rehabilitation is completed. Get rid of excess discomfort during this time helps underwear to wear a special compression — for example, the American company, Marena, offers High-Tech and comfortable models.

Fourthly, it is important to note that in the next couple of months, you need to barrier or hormonal contraceptives. After this time, you can think about the concept: the modern implants are not an obstacle for the pleasures of motherhood. However, we recommend to inform put surgeon if you are planning a pregnancy. In this case, the method of the chest is not selected magnification, the hinder the normal lactation.

Overview of the procedure

Overview of the breast silicone implants Mentor

There are some basic methods breast enlargement and Installation of implants Mentor.

Implants mentor made on the Basis of silicone-Gel. Cohesive Gel is different from the natural softness and elasticity. Manufacturer mentor has developed three types of this gel of different densities. Anatomical or round implants Mentor (mentor ) individually for each patient.

After surgery, you can be sure, that the elasticity of the breast with a silicone implant Mentor (mentor) will not be excessive or inadequate. Anatomical implants and round implants, the plastic surgeon, look absolutely organic. In the case of tactile contact in the chest is not much in the softness and elasticity of the skin from the whole body.

In addition, mentor implants are easy to through a very small incision. Its average length of only 2.5 to 3 inches. After recovery, the scar will lighten, and will be almost imperceptible.

Before the Operation

Prior to surgery for breast augmentation with silicone implants you need to consult with a specialist. During the call, you should discuss your wishes in Detail and to hear his opinion.

At least two weeks before the Operation, you must make the General and biochemical blood to pass through studies, which show how the body is ready for operative Intervention: no anemia, inflammatory processes, low ratio of the coagulability of the blood, also the criteria for selection.

You also need to do a pregnancy test, lung x-rays of the chest and ECG. And you tell your doctor about taking medications and dietary supplements that affect blood clotting.

A week before the Operation, you will need to complete the intake of alcohol. Smoking also weakens the vitality of the organism: the recovery phase can be delayed, since nicotine constricts the small vessels, where the oxygen and nutrients in the tissue.

Notions of a desirable size and shape of the breast for each woman is different, and you may not with the opinion of the doctor. The surgeon examines your Breasts and produces the necessary measurements, to explain the properties of magnifying glass plastics, because of their age, their General state of health, the condition of the skin, the shape and size of the breast.

Before the Operation, the surgeon will discuss with you all questions in connection with the type of anesthesia and the methodology of the Operation.

Breast Augmentation-Implants

Plastic implants breast augmentation can be done on outpatient basis or in the hospital. In General, the Operation is performed under General anesthesia and takes 1-2 hours.

During the Operation, the surgeon dissected the substance according to the selected type of incision and forming the cavity for receiving the implant. After the Installation of the implant, the cut and the seam of the bandage is sewn.

The recovery after the surgery

The duration of the recovery period after breast augmentation implants individually in each case. The greatest discomfort is felt during the first 24-72 hours after surgery. Occur swelling and increased sensitivity of the breast to the touch. In General, small exercise allows patients a week after surgery.

Wearing a post-operative lingerie or bra special Design can significantly speed recover. They recommend attention to a professional brand compressible Laundry Marena.

Watch the doctor will additional guidelines to be observed during the recovery phase. In the case of occurrence of complications in connection with the Operation, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Section views

At the time of Installation of the implant breast cancer there are three main variants of surgical access:

  • in the area of the armpit depressions (axillary incision),
  • around the nipple (around the nipple),
  • the incision in the breast crease (incision under the breast).
Axillary Incision

When accessing the axillary line of the cut (3-4 cm) cavity more visible, but the women who do not want to have scars in the area of the chest, prefer this variant.

When you access the armpit for the formation of the bag, the surgeon may use a probe fitted with a miniature camera and instruments small. This method is very complex, so only an experienced surgeon can correct prosthesis to install, professional to form a bag with the help of endoscopic devices.

If you like this type of cut must be taken into account a couple of serious moments:

  • high risk nodes, which in turn can lead to hurt and cause damage to the nervous violation of the sensitivity of individual sections of the chest;
  • pretty close to the location of the lymph nodes at the point of the cut.
In the vicinity of the nipple cutting

The advantage of this approach is that it enables during the Operation, gently to form a pocket for the Installation of the implant and the bleeding to stop completely, and the maximum cut line to hide the scar is, later almost invisible.

The cut is made along the contour of the dark circle of the areola, at the border with a bright skin tone. This enables a maximum mask a post-operative scar.

However, in the result, in this variant, it can do problems with breastfeeding. Also a loss of sensitivity in the areola of the nipple.

The incision under the breast

A very popular Option, allowing to hide the line of the incision in the fold under the breast gland, which is formed by the force of gravity at the intersection in the lower part of the breast and the Thorax at the level of 5-6 ribs.

This type of cut has a number of advantages:

  • the implant is a gland in some way — under the chest muscle, under the breast or under the muscle and gland at the same time;
  • surgeons the possibility of an optimal overview during Installation of the implant.

In preparation for the surgery, your doctor will talk in detail about the Features of the individual methods and help you choose the best Option.

Mounting options

Implants Mentor can gland the muscles of the chest wall (submuscular placement) and on the muscle layer under the breast. The first method is the most common.

Submuscular position of the implants of Mentor (Mentor) under the muscle of the chest

It is worthwhile to clarify what, in this case, it is on the partial arrangement of the implants, cancer of the breast below the chest muscle — about 2/3. It is in this case, the maximum aesthetic effect with a Minimum of complications. A complete submuscular position of the implant has a number of disadvantages: unnatural shape of the breast in the lower part because of the location of the implant Mentor over the lower crease of the breast; mild extent and height of the breast surgery because of the density of the muscle, hiding the implant. So the complete arrangement of the implants, breast cancer under the breast muscle in rare cases; in particular, this method is contraindicated in women who are actively involved in the Sport.