Breast lift with augmentation implants

Breast lift with augmentation implants

If the chest is lost or has no volume, this Problem is due to the Installation of implants. When greatly stretched the skin and the chest fell to the bottom, lift helps the surgical tuck or breast lift. In the case when there is both problems, the Operation 2-in-1 — breast lift with the Installation of implants. Combined surgery involves the removal of excess skin and a simultaneous Installation of silicone implants.

For whom is tightening suitable together with the Installation of implants

Among the most important indications for braces, together with the increase in the presence of mastoptosis (sagging Breasts) and small volume of the mammary gland. The combined Operation is individually, and with accuracy say, as you can patients only a doctor.

Facelift with increasing often choose women after 1-2 years after birth and lactation, where the mammary gland sound lost, it was limp and decreased in size, and the skin on the volume of milk stretched and let the breast SAG.

The degree of Ptosis breast cancer

They spray only three degrees, or types of limosa breast cancer:

  • Ptosis I Degree. The chest drops to 1-2 cm below the inframammary fold (i.e., at the point under the breast, where it connects with the body), nipple as a rule, remains in place. If the breast no more than two fingers (on the label width) can hide is the Ptosis of the I degree.
  • The Ptosis of the II degree. The chest lowers to the distance of 2 to 4 cm below the inframammary fold, the nipple is also under him, but not "look" down. If under bust you can 3-4 Finger is Ptosis 2 degrees.
  • Ptosis of III degree. In the third degree under the bust can hide the width of the palm of the hand or the greatest part of it. The nipple downwards to look at, and maybe a couple of centimeters below the inframammary fold.

Methods of breast lift

Methods of breast lift

Ptosis is breast cancer in any degree be remedied by mastopexies — surgery breast lift. Remedy limosa for each woman individually adjusted. The following methods braces:

  • Anchor. For the removal of severe Ptosis (II and III degrees). This process is similar to those, which do you want to get rid of not only excess skin but also by a large number of breast cancer.
  • Vertical. Applies if the Ptosis of the breast is not very pronounced (grade I or II), and no need to remove large quantities of glands of the body.
  • Periareolar. Is the ptosis of the I degree (sometimes in the case of II), if the sagging of the breast is not pronounced.
  • SPAIR technique. The new technology of braces designed to clean a sufficiently large number of cancer of the breast and skin.

During the initial examination of the breast, the doctor determines which of the possible methods of braces is patient, as well as whether additional breast augmentation with implants?

Combined Surgery

The process, while firming and breast enlargement is suitable in cases, when:

  • Apart from the fact that limosa (any level) of a woman's breast "literally" empty, that is breast gland is sagging, decreased volume and lost.
  • The breast Ptosis, as well as a sufficient number of cancer of the breast, the removal of excess skin of the breast a fresh and youthful appearance, but the patient wishes, in addition they increase with implants.
  • The patient has Ptosis of the breast is diagnosed and already there are dental implants. You want to do face lift and new implants (larger or smaller extent).
Combined Breast Lift

It is important to emphasize that the combined method is strictly individual. For example, in the case of two patients with Ptosis, the insertion of the implant in 250 ml of very different results. A breast will look full and voluminous, but with a slight SAG to the bottom, and the other — no sagging significantly. The reason for this — the mass of factors — the original shape of the breast, the weight of the patient, the volume of the thorax, the quality and elasticity of the skin.

To notice often women, the beginning of Breasts sagging, decide that everything is fixed, only the Installation of implants can be that, in General, true, but does not work in all cases. If the doctor may recommend a combined Operation, to trust him. The arguments of the surgeon may be based on the fact that the begun sagging can only be worse because of the additional severity of the implants, or the result of the Installation of dentures is not the fact, the expected of the Patient.

What are the restrictions for the operation of

For the implementation of the breast lift with the Installation of implants, there are some General contraindications, including:

  • Restriction of the doctor-mammologa in the case of the patient diseases of the breast cystic tumors or fibroids;
  • Infectious and inflammatory processes in the body;
  • Diseases of the circulatory system, in particular a disturbance of blood clotting;
  • Oncological Diseases;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • During pregnancy or lactation (before Facelift have to do is to wait at least a year after complete cessation of breastfeeding in order to take the postpartum shape of the breast could to the end of the Form);
  • Hormonal Disorders;
  • Severe functional disorders of the liver, and the kidneys.

Prepare for the surgery

After the initial consultation, the surgeon, the Patient, the preparation for the Operation begins. On average, the preparation takes no more than a month, and includes:

  • Blood for Syphilis (RW), HIV, Hepatitis;
  • Biochemistry;
  • The General clinical analysis of blood;
  • An electrocardiogram (ECG);
  • Chest x-rays.
Consultations of experts:
  • Mammologa;
  • Therapist;
  • Flebologa;
  • Anesthesiologist.

It is recommended, first of all, all of the analyses, and consultations with the doctors, which will give you a few days prior to the scheduled operations, the professionals have a complete picture of the health status of the patient could see.

A few weeks before the surgery and during the recovery phase, patients must you smoke to stop the stitches heal better. At least two weeks prior to the surgery, the Patient should medications, blood thinning — Aspirin, Thrombo-ASS, Cardiomagnyl, and others, the detailed list of the surgeon.

How is the breast lift with the Installation of implants

The combined Operation is used in the rule of 2 hours, so for this operation, only General anesthesia.

Prior to the start of the procedure, the doctor will put a mark on the body of the patient makes, and performs the first incisions, the selected, depending on the method of Operation. Note that in the case of combined operations, not all methods can be used, but only some of them. So, in the case of the Installation of implants and simultaneous podtyazhke the most commonly used Y-incision with the shift of the nipple, or without. Depends on how omitted areola for the patient.

The advantages of the vertical section of the combined Operation is that there is the possibility to delete the doctor comfortable the amount of skin that you have. This method allows you to save the patient the possibility of breast-feeding. Vertical cut — the most convenient for the Installation of implants.

Installation of implants

Another possible type of a cut while lifting and simultaneous increase of the cancer of the breast — periareolar. Its great advantage is that it deletes enough of the skin tissue, without visible scars. Seam "," around the nipple and areola in the course of time, will not hide very significantly. But this process has its limits, since Ptosis should not be pronounced. In General, this technique ptosis is suitable for patients with pseudo, that is, if a total flaccid breast, the nipple remains on the level of the inframammary fold.

When lifting and simultaneous increase in non-anchor technique used to cut, since it implies in addition to the excision of large amounts of the skin, and remove the breast. Combined Operation deletes not gland the chest, but it "adds" the Installation of the implant. Inapplicable the endoscopic method of breast lift, which does not include the removal of excess skin. Endoskopom is removed part of the gland.

During the Operation, the surgeon uses the implant. The bed for him, formed, or under the breast muscle or under the breast gland. After the implant is placed, the surgeon sees the exact amount of excess skin to be removed. The last Phase of the Operation occurs after the removal of the excess skin — sewing and Dressings. The vertical section of the seam that runs around the nipple and the fold to below the infra-mammary. On the basis of the anesthesia, the Patient can already be found in a special clothes, which he must wear about a month after the Operation.

Rehabilitation after breast lift with the Installation of implants

After the Operation, within two weeks of strict mode: do not lift the hands, not only sleep on the back, the chest straining physically exhausting. This period is considered to be the most difficult, as the patients experience discomfort, can also weak and moderate pain. The first few days under the skin drains will be installed, that it is not lymph fluid. Swelling can be very strong. The first few days after surgery, it can grow to, and after 1-2 weeks, begins to decline rapidly.

The first two weeks is not generally permitted to take a shower. Even after the doctor will give you treatments much for the water, you should be very careful not to the skin of the breast rubbing, and without pressure on you.

Rehabilitation after breast lift

Two weeks later, the Patient can go back to work, but you have to continue to keep to the rules — always sleep on your back, no sudden movements with the hands, not to strain the body. Return back to the usual cases, after a month after surgery. You can even start to do light exercise.

The end result is 3 months after the Operation, you can assess at the earliest. At this time, the swelling fall, already definitively, the Position of the implant will eventually be formed in the chest, and the seams are less visible. The seams after a breast lift will remain, but gradually disappear, and a year and a half later after the surgery, you have a rule, no trace of it remains.