Oil for the increase in the bust

Oil for the increase in the bust

All women dream to be owners of beautiful Breasts. Since ancient times, the oil used for the increase of the bust. It contributes to Lifting and enlarging the female breast.

Natural oils have a big advantage over synthetic drugs as are prepared from natural ingredients.

The use of the oils for the bust

With time, the shape of the breast changes, slackens, and sometimes decreases in size. To prevent use of the complex of essential and vegetable oils. They increase the elasticity of the breast and increase its size. Improves the appearance of skin: it is younger, eliminates stretch marks. Each oil is made of natural components is capable to have a positive impact on the chest. But some oil procedures is not sufficient. Together with you, the execution of the exercise style, proper nutrition and maintaining a healthy life.

The condition of the skin and the body as a whole depends on the way of life. If a girl or woman is passive, to feed irrational and has bad habits, don't give the oil the desired result.

The correct application

To achieve the desired effect, you should know how to properly work with oils. Wrong application technique can not bring the desired result.

  1. Before the procedure, the oil must be heated to body temperature. This will give of useful substances maximum effect.
  2. To tighten Breasts, oil, it is necessary to put on a special Massage-lines: lower chest cavities move from the center to the armpit, and on the top - on the contrary. It should gently and without pressure. By the sternum, to move from the middle to the chin, and then on the clavicles and shoulders.
  3. If you only oil, the excess must towels of paper.
  4. If on skin, a mask was applied, he will depend with a damp cloth with warm water and carefully wrung out cloth. Then the nutrients will remain on the skin.
  5. Apply the oil after bathing or showering. Nutrients are better absorbed into the skin, which increases the efficiency.
  6. When applying the oils, not the nipples to touch.
The correct application

In the process is nothing complicated. If everything is in accordance with the rules, the effect of this care will be much better.

What results can be achieved

With the help of the treatments with oils, you can zoom in on the chest. Good results you achieve, but can make the bust on a size quite realistic.

To reach in addition to the effect of the increase, with oils to improve the elasticity of skin, improvement of Turgor and other properties.

The most effective plant oils

There is a wide range of oils that work well with the task. Apart from promoting breast growth, you have a number of other positive characteristics. All oils available in pharmacies or specialty shops. Good results in the enlargement of the breast, and the improvement of the General condition of the skin to show the following oils.


By pressing the seeds of flax. Contains a large amount of nutrients, and phytoestrogens.

You can use it not only externally, but also inside a day for 1 tablespoon. The product affects the growth and appearance of the breast. In addition, it prevents the laxity of the skin, increases the elasticity of the tissue and prevents formation of wrinkles.



Made from the berries and seeds of the sand mandrel. It is recommended for sagging Breasts. With the aim of the effect is recommended to be taken orally.

Sea buckthorn oil is in most of the recipes of female cosmetics for the body. In addition to the increase in the size of the breast, buckthorn oil the same helps the skin tone, hydration of the tissue, improving the elasticity, decrease the inflammation and improve the appearance.


Before application, we recommend to warm it in your hands. It contains nutrients and minerals. It increases the elasticity of the chest, softens the skin and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

Cocoa butter

A leader among the other oils through efficient improvement of the elasticity of the breast. Has a regenerating effect and makes the skin supple.


Made from the fruit of the OLIVE. With vitamins and anti-oxidants slows down the aging process of the skin. Increases the elasticity of the chest, faded skin regenerated but also rejuvenated. Softens skin and in the presence of stimulation it resolves, has an antibacterial effect. It is unique in that in its composition a large amount of moisturizing components.


Improves the elasticity of the breast and relieves formations in this Region. The skin slows down aging, nourishes and cleans it. In addition to the basic properties, this oil has a pleasant aroma.

When applied to the skin a barrier to UV rays. The balanced composition provides the ability to regulate the sebaceous glands that the expansion of the pores.


It is with the help of pressed flesh of the coconut. It is part of most kinds of cosmetic products. Recommended for dry skin.

Regenerates, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Coconut oil is in the fight against stretch marks and copes with the task.

Breast enlargement essential oils

Such oils should not be used as mono-product. You need to add a few drops of in the basis, which are the most common vegetable oils.


Apply in compresses, as well as the usual rubbing. It has a tonic effect, tightens the bust, but also with good effect on the skin pigmentation.

Actively applies in removing scars. To add to that, if equal parts of camphor and sea buckthorn oil in the cream, then it is for the bleaching of the skin.



This essential oil not only for breast augmentation, but has a rejuvenating effect. You can use it better than next to the oil. Take the almond or olive oil.

Suitable for all skin types, making it a universal tool. Ideal for aging, sensitive skin and enlarged pores.

Black cumin oil

Contains estrogens, but also as an antioxidant appreciated. Contains a large amount of healthy fatty acids and vitamins. Has a positive effect on the condition and growth of the breast.

In addition, anti-inflammatory and, according to some data, prevents disorders of the development of cancer.


Suitable for aging skin, because it has a remarkable rejuvenating effect. Finished with pleats and has a bactericidal effect. The product is fairly allergens.

It is recommended in a complex with exercises. In most cases, the following recipe: 4 drops pine oil, cedar 2, 1 drop of eucalyptus, anise and rose oil is known to add cream, mix and apply according to the previous exercise.

Oil Of Fennel

A lot of vitamins and antioxidants, the glands to eliminate inflammation and Stagnation in the milk.

During the procedure, the excretion of sex hormones, which causes increased growth of the breast. However, you can use it best with some basis.

An additional positive effect of oils

Breast massage - it is a useful procedure. The process is fun, relaxes and lifts the mood. The most important requirement Massage movements you need to make correctly, not causing pain.

With the help of Massage can not only increase the breast size, but make it smooth When exposed to the skin, the pores open, which helps to eliminate toxins. This is the prevention of diseases of mammary glands.

What to consider when using essential oils

There are a few rules to observe during the Massage the chest with essential oils:

  1. Prior to the application is necessary to Test for allergic reaction.
  2. Essential oils should not in its pure Form. You need to insert them into the base.
  3. The Massage and compresses to the touch need nipples.

Important in accordance with these rules, particularly serious consequences can cause an allergic reaction. In accordance with these recommendations the risk of a negative impact on the body minimal.