How to quickly enlarge your Breasts

Despite the fact that the medicine is skeptical of the domestic methods of breast augmentation without artificial materials, the practice shows that this is still possible.

Million women prefer to to constantly improve and work on your body, the shapes and dimensions of the bust including. If nature without Breasts splendor, attractive shapes and size, you should not be on the cross.

Hormonal agents and medications

Compliance with an integrated approach in the working on your body, after a month or two to be visible significant modifications. Before you glands in the search for effective methods, the woman must anatomy of the structure of the dairy understand, only based on theoretical knowledge, you will find an effective way of breast enlargement.

Work on yourself or how the chest for 1 month

For the increase of the bust, many women choose to become a decisive step of plastic surgery. In fact, a foreign body put themselves under the surgeon's knife and the Rest of your life carry a dubious prospect.

Where it is wiser to start an independent correction of the body from the outside and from the inside. Enlarged Breasts fast in only a month, it is quite possible, if you look at the several techniques.

Hormonal agents and medications

First and foremost, the size of the milk glands and their growth to the stage of puberty is directly dependent on the hormone levels of a woman. That is why hormonal imbalance can breast a negative impact on the forms of. For the solution of the problem in this way, you need an endocrinologist, check the level of the female and male sex hormones. To compensate for the lack of hormones doctor will prescribe the one or the other hormonal agents.

For the size of the milk glands 4 hormone and your correct combination: estrogen, xenoestrogen, testosterone, and prolactin to respond immediately.

In any case, hormonal preparation for the breast enlargement, it is not necessary to choose. Irrational use of hormones leads to severe diseases and even to the formation of tumors.

Diet for breast growth

Diet for breast growth

The first thing to know a woman that tends to increase your chest size — no diets.

The lack of fat, vitamins and trace elements in the food lead to the impoverishment of the milk glands. Since the size of the breast depends on the amount of fat cells in the glands, well-balanced diet helps to multiply and fill their breast herbal hormones.

  • Chicken meat, dairy products, seafood products, in which a large amount of Protein helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the rib cage;
  • The hops and bumps — the product is a valuable source of plant estrogen (rate broth made from pine cones — week);
  • Cereals and cereal products, rich in micro-nutrients, namely, rice, oats, barley and millet;
  • Products that are rich in mono-unsaturated fats — Flaxseed, Avocado, fish, fat, Filet, olive oil, sesame seeds (such fats are not conducive to weight gain).


For women, the tends to quickly enlarge your Breasts at home, self-massage should be a pleasant daily habit. Before you glands to him, experts recommend a shower, a contribution to the improvement of the Tonus and improve the flow of blood to the milk. Then with a warm water jet from the shower chest for a while in a circular massage, avoiding the nipples. Even after the water procedures self-massage performed with the help of oily skin care cream.


The distribution on the territory of mammary glands, cream, light movements of his hands rubbed the nipples to the armpits and shoulders. It is very important to not press on the chest, to hurt you, and not stretch skin is a thin delicate. For each breast enough, such a manipulation is perform after 3-5 minutes, repeat the Massage daily.

Course exercise

Relief and the shapes of the Breasts is directly dependent on the fortress of chest muscles and ligaments.

Pronounced Relief of the cleavage, visually transformed the chest, improves blood circulation and the mammary glands of oxygen, filling it with nutrients and extra volume. Today, experts recommend a great list of the most effective exercises for breast enlargement to 2-3 cm in diameter, but very effective in the following classes shall apply:

  • Support that keeps you lying three times in the week of 5 to 20 times according to the principle of growing. To be effective these exercises are, if the implementation of keep smooth the back on the socks, the feet and touch the chin on the floor.
  • Clenched conducted the hands, the about 5 times on three approaches. Folded hands in front of the Breasts, the repetition of the pose of the praying people, you need as close as possible to the friend, press and broadcasting. In this state, the palm of your hand for a while to fix.
  • Apart from that, beneficial to the chest all of the exercises of the hands with dumbbells are.

If you can all of the above methods, the enlargement of the breast in the plant, a month later, the first positive changes can be fixed.

How the breast after 10 minutes: proven methods and life hack

For ladies, the possibilities work painstakingly to improve his body, there are some Tricks to a quick visual breast enlargement at home. In General, the breast pomp and shapes, you can give with the help of a correct size of the wardrobe and underwear.

With the help of these methods you can increase VERY fast your Breasts!

To enlarge how Breasts for 10 minutes
  • Bra. For small Breasts experts a long time ago, a special bodice with inserts PUSH-up invented. As practice shows, is to help the lingerie, her Breasts enlarge to a size. Due to the atypical Form, such a bodice, the chest rises and brings your friend, and send it to the semblance of the fullness and lushness of the breast. But underwear is to be worn prohibited physicians for frequent.
  • Sweatshirts and T-Shirts. For small Breasts special Polo-Shirts and T developed-Shirts with V-neck. These clothes should be close-fitting to the body, the Relief of the lush breast.
  • Blouses and shirts. You hide small Breasts can be feminine ruffles and collar neck brace in shirts and blouses. In addition, this style is the creation of such self-Office style fits perfectly to the heavy skirt or pants. The colors of the blouses should be light or bright stripes, color contrasts should be kept to a Minimum.
  • Sweater. A woman with small Breasts better, cashmere feminine sweater free cut. Do not think that such clothing is hidden and without a small chest. On the contrary, the principle of "the Reverse" does not allow it, the attention to the small bust, thus creating a kind of mystery. It's better sweater in pastel colors is very important.
  • Thermal pants. The woman, who transform small Breasts, you can throw wear a bra padded PUSH-up, and the clothes-Denim-vest. In addition, the vest is perfect with Office-style and classic Outfits.

"Usefulness" for the female breast

No matter what the size of the breast, the nature of the woman, the youth and their forms of ordinary parents you need to know the main "usefulness" for the chest.

Plant hormones, rich in many foods significantly corrected health "female" bodies, flaps of the menstrual cycle and the breast voluptuous forms. The practice shows that many of the food as well as preventive measures, the formation of tumors. In the diet, women should necessarily be present in fruit and vegetables orange, all varieties cabbage, olive oil, milk products and shellfish.

An active life style and exercise will help strengthen the muscles of the chest, shoulder Department and back muscles, which positively affects the figure and the posture of the woman, as well as the shape of the breast is corrected. In addition, the Sport helps to improve the elasticity and flexibility of the ligaments, prevent the disease of the bone.

For the female breast and the General well-being and always adhere to the correct drinking. Bright and velvety skin, the body's normal metabolism and the function of all internal organs depends on the amount of water to drink. Of the day doctors recommend drinking half a litre of pure water. Especially important to drink water during the workout, making up for the loss of the liquid.

In addition, the skin fill in the area of the chest-tone, and to give a help to its elasticity, a variety of homemade masks, natural composition, as well as the regular self-massage with the application of nourishing creams.