8 ways how to enlarge breast without surgery

8 ways on how to breast without surgery is One of the most popular operations in the field of plastic surgery in the world breast augmentation is to enlarge. The most effective and fastest way – surgery, but it does not fit all.

The question of how the increase in the milk glands, and, preferably, without surgery, interested a lot of women.

Today, there are allow a reliable and secure techniques to achieve the desired result without any harm to the health.


Factors influencing the size of the breast

Before you understand how to increase breast cancer without surgery, it is to be understood that affect your size:

  • Hormones. To increase, starting with puberty, girls in the body starts estrogen levels, which promotes the active development of breast cancer. The same cause affects the enlargement of the breast during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and the use of anti baby pills.
  • The weight of the women. Chest is a unique structure of glands and tissues are made up of glands, connective tissue and fat. So, with a significant loss, or set in the weight bust size increases/decreases.
  • Inheritance. This factor is one of the most important, and I can't do anything. Probably the daughter of the same breast of the mother.
  • Attitude. An important factor, but it can be easy to influence. Correct posture is, quite simply, because if a girl does not hold back, a big chest will look invisible.

Given these factors, and physiological features of the structure of milk glands, not have to pick them up for themselves the most effective non-surgical method for breast augmentation.

What are the possibilities of breast enlargement without surgery?

Today in the plastic surgery procedure to change the breast cancer – the most common, please, with the women treated.

But the medicine is developing rapidly and many new methods offering non surgical breast lift without surgery.

We offer the most popular methods, the good results for the breast enlargement without surgery.

Hormonal Tablets

The most effective way for enlargement of the female breast with the help of hormones, but at the same time, he is also the most dangerous, because the violation of the hormones in the body, can lead to great health damages.

Before you take such drugs, their effects on the body of the woman:

  • Estrogen. This hormone is responsible for the shape of the female figure. Its deficiency manifests itself in the formation of the male physique, as well as the insufficient development of the chest. An excess of estrogen, which is generally a disease of the heart and obesity, the growth of the muscle fibers of the chest is slowed down.
  • Xenoestrogen. Blocks estrogen, the development of the glands of the body breaks. Normalize the growth of the breast is the only possible adjustment of the allocation of hormone secretion.
  • Prolactin. Clearly, the formation of adipose tissue of the breast enhanced. In pregnancy and during the menstrual cycle, its concentration is increased.
  • Testosterone. The male hormone, contributes to the reduction of the volume of the bust, or the woman's Breasts is larger than the male Torso.

Self hormonal drug to pick up prohibited.

The wrong dosage can have serious consequences, at least to the crash of the menstrual cycle.

With the help of the hormones in fact, the size of the chest and without surgery can increase, but such therapy should. the doctor-endokrinolog, according to the study of hormones and the characteristics of the organism

The injection of hyaluronic acid

Breast enlargement without surgery with the help of the fillers. It is a modern method to increase without surgery breast size 1.

Hyaluronic acid has a Gel texture of different viscosity and density fills the cells of the skin, causing the breast gets a nice rounded shape.

  • The advantage of this method is the enlargement of the chest is an additional deep moisturizing and smoothing the skin.
  • The disadvantage of absorption Gel after 6-7 months.

The process takes no longer than 30 minutes, and after an hour, the Patient can be fully operational.

Breast enlargement Gel, like all methods, has the opposite view:

  • Impaired Blood Clotting.
  • Period Menstrual Cycle.
  • Infectious and virus diseases.
  • Incompatibility of the component.

Breast enlargement injections of hyaluronic acid costs less than a plastic surgery to enlarge the Breasts, but the price for all the process remains the same.


You make the size of the Breasts bigger without surgery can influence with the help of the vacuum.

Modern cosmetology offers several effective ways to the effects on the mammary gland:

1) Vacuum System. The procedure is carried out by means of special locking devices in the Form of banks, and funnel. Massage device on the chest, during the session, inflation controlled and the air-pump vacuum. The result of an increase in mammary gland is shown by swelling and filling of the breast tissue with oxygen. On average, application of this method is the bust enlarged to a size. Results before and after 2 months

The first cupping vacuum Massage takes no longer than 5 minutes, follow-up procedure to gradually increase up to 20 minutes. The recommended course of 10-15 sessions.

2) a Special bodice. A special device in the Form of a bra on the chest. The air passes into the device, gradually, a negative environment is shrinking, making. Blood pressure, is low blood circulation is reinforced, creating an effect of small edema. For the preservation of the long-lasting results, you need at least 600 hours of this impact (meeting time is 10 hours).


A technology, which can enlarge breast without cosmetic surgery. Its essence consists in the Transplantation of own fat deposits tissue in the breast.

Whether it is real?

The procedure allows you to add at least one size of the breast. The Material is with the buttocks, belly and inner side of the thigh, then in a special apparatus.

The advantage of this method is the lack of scars, and minimal risk of complications.

We will consider now the methods to enlarge the breast, which is perfect for independent use.

For this purpose, such measures are:

  • Massage,
  • Exercises,
  • Hot and cold showers,
  • Breast Enlargement Cream
  • Diet with special products,
  • Traditional Methods.

Each point in as much detail as possible to analyze, with recipes, how-to's.

Can I have the breast Massage enlarge?

By way of Massage, you can adjust the shape of the breast to give you a larger volume and improve your appearance, to visually enlarge a little.

Massage is a good method of correction of the shape of the breast without the surgical procedures that are performed at home and in the Salon.

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To applied home to a Massage after a hot bath or Sauna, in advance for better glide on the skin, decollete abundant layer of oil or fat cream.

Physical exercises for the chest

There are many exercises that strengthen the chest muscles and improve the shape of the bust in a natural way:

The most effective – push-UPS. You must perform 3 sets. To increase the number of repetitions gradually up to 30 times.

A workout with dumbbells. Exercise need to perform lying on his back. To take weights in the Hand, alienate the top and on the sides of the hands. To use originally better light weight, but gradually the load can be increased. It is recommended that after 20 repetitions of the exercise.

Tug. Have to sit on a chair. The palms connect and to press one to the other, turning them to the left, then on the right side. The hands you hold in this Position for 10-15 seconds.

If the magnification of the shape of the breast without surgery is a private matter of the patient. The modern methods are very effective and allow Operation to correct any Form of bust, without harm for health.

Contrast showers

Each breast is treated under the mighty pressure of the water 2-3 minutes in a circular motion.

The shower should be a contrast, to alternately turn off the water ( hot to cold), this is the best prerequisite for the frequent muscle contractions that support the tone of the muscles of the chest.

Jet nipples to send!

Products that help enlarge breast

You make the Relief of the body and strengthen the growth of the breast is a special food is helping. Simply type in your diet the following products:

  • Cabbage – the best-known product, provoking the growth of the chest, particularly helpful in adolescence.
  • Walnuts (contain phytoestrogens). It is recommended to mix with honey.
  • Eggplant (is also rich in natural estrogen).
  • Milk with turmeric (a good people-a recipe for the growth of the breast: a glass of milk, you take 1 TSP of turmeric, before meals be taken).
  • Cheese – another product from the group of milk products, the increase of the chest in the home.
  • Cool way to enlarge breast – take flax seed. With regular intake of flax seeds the female breast gets a nice shape and literally rejuvenated in the eyes!