If you really breast enlargement without surgery? Home remedies for breast enlargement

In men, there is a biological tendency to choose friends with large Breasts. Because an evolutionary advantage for women to raise more children. In this decision, the man subconsciously go of the offspring takes care of the welfare. But what if nature is not awarded you would? The Breasts at home increase, at least visually, quite realistic.

Breast enlargement

Exercises for breast enlargement

Complex due to small Breasts with women do wonders. Many are willing to believe the most absurd myths, such as "efficient" and "effective" does not enlarge to go to bed under the knife. It is funny, but ineffective methods:

  1. To eat raw dough. Supposedly, the yeast help the mammary glands grow "like weeds". In fact, these yeasts esophagus not to go further
  2. Tincture tsikuta on vodka. But tsikuta – poisonous plant. Such "Cocktails" in ancient Greece, poisoned criminals, sentenced to death
  3. Mustard and yellow card. If you're in the Tool chest, then the next morning... no, not at the contest "Miss Bust", but in the hospital. And in the case of an oncologist. The high temperature triggers the formation of tumors
  4. The Mother's Milk. It is not clear what bias this myth is based on. It is believed that, if you manage to get the mother's milk of another woman, and prepare a drink, it will help you increase your bust
  5. Exercises. With the help of exercises improve the skin on the breast to improve the shape. But clearly only bodibildershi can zoom in

From what there are Breasts. Simple methods of breast augmentation

To understand why the correction of the breast without surgery is so complicated, you need to insight in the anatomy. The chest needs to have offspring to suckle.

So basically it consists of milk glands. The space between the fascia filled and fat tissue. Muscles in the chest almost did not. Pumping the chest is almost impossible.

There are two proven and tangible ways enlarge breast at home:

  1. To have a baby and lactation to start. Milk to arrive, breast increase, and with them grows and the chest
  2. Better. It is believed that with each new kilogram of the weight of the breast grows to be 20 grams
at what age the breast is growing

At what age do you start and stop to grow Breasts?

The breast begins to grow at puberty. Every girl's process is individual. But most of the time, the final size of the bust is in 17-18 years. Therefore, breast enlargement is not until the age of 18 years. Minor changes may occur up to the age of 25.

In the course of later life, the condition of the bust changes. It can suddenly increase due to hormonal problems, weight gain, or lactation. In any case, if you grew up in the adult age their Breasts for no apparent reason, you need to mammologu.

Can I speed up my breast growth?

Girls can wait in the 12-13 years to your bust grown-up look "". Methods of breast enlargement in puberty, and proven medicine, not yet. But when my mom makes the cabbage not to give up.

In General, awareness of the belief that vegetables improves the hormones. This contributes to enlargement of the breast. Many try, hydro – massage circular motion of water jet along the contour of the breast cancer.

Do not drink any supplements or hormones for breast growth at this age, absolutely!

Folk remedies for breast enhancement

Traditional medicine offers us several ways to increase the milk glands natural resources. The basic idea is to provide the body with substances such as female hormones. It is known that the breast in women is growing under the influence of estrogen. In some plants, herbal analog of these substances – phytoestrogens.

The folk medicine calls for us to decoctions to drink these herbs, and RUB into the skin, make tinctures. Not all the girls who have tried this method, speak well of him. The biggest drawback – if the mammary glands and increase under the influence of these drugs, then, as soon as you completed the course, the size is always the same.

Breast enlargement of Butter and cocoa, hops, olive oil and soybean oil

The most common recipe for increasing the size of the hops. From this they prepare the Infusion:

1 Tablespoon Of Hop Cones.

a glass of boiling water.

  1. Infused for 8 hours in a thermos. Then drink 2-3 times a day for half a Cup before eating. Optimally, you can combine the drink with the oil of the hops. You can buy it at the pharmacy. After the shower, you can breast do Massage with this oil
  2. Do not wait for the action to quickly. Phytoestrogens should be in the body, and it happens for a long
  3. Olive and soybean oil as well as cocoa butter, natural hormones do not contain. But they are used to the tone of the skin of the breast is not reduced. Effect deflectens bust appears to be just skin due to sagging
  4. To practice however, in America, Massage with cocoa butter. It does not make the Breasts, but: on the forearm, a little below and between the Breasts. It is believed that it helps to increase the size of
helps iodine

Helps iodine enlarge breast?

Another way to enlarge breast – iodine mesh. Supposedly, iodine temperature rise, it improves the blood supply. It makes the bust larger. Efficiency of the method has not been proven, but the damage is obvious.

Overheating triggers the formation of mammary glands tumors. Therefore, the network should not be frequent, lines must not overlap. Not to touch your nipples and the area. The probability of burning multiple times.

Make up for breast enlargement

In cosmetics, the term "Person" does not end at the chin. The face is everything, and what clothes to open. If you put on a dress with a deep neckline, apply makeup on the neck and the open part of the chest.

The volume of the breast optical zoom, you will need:

  • bronzer or powder a few shades darker skin;
  • highlighter.

The first needs to darken the space between the Breasts and accentuate the natural roundness. At the end of a figure should be reminded, Y. Highlighter needs to be brightened projecting parts. Then carefully welded to the border of the colors smear, that there is no sharp transition.

How to choose underwear, the chest was bigger?

Optical properly fitted bra can enlarge. In him sew tabs: foam-padded or Gel-based. He doesn't have size, the increase of her charms more than one. Otherwise, the Laundry is a bad fit to the body, iugum demittere put on and take off.

A few tips:

  1. The bust is larger, choose clothes in bright colors. You expanded the volume
  2. Visual effect you can achieve with a deep neckline
  3. There are Bras without inserts, to increase the volume, lifting the breast
Creams and lotions

Creams and lotions for breast enlargement

Cream for breast enlargement use of the known devices. Some contain phytoestrogens, a natural hormone that impact on the growth of the bust to replace. Other contribute to the development of fatty tissue in this area. Others just improve blood circulation and tighten the skin.

The mechanism is not yet none of the well-known manufacturer promises to increase your volume by more than a size. And if you stop using the cream, the volume out of it.

Diet for breast enlargement

Diet for breast enlargement already contains the us well-known products with phytoestrogens. You are in the spices (fenugreek, fennel), legumes (soy, lentils, chickpeas), grains (brown rice).

Recommend eating more vegetables and fruit. Directly on the size of the breast is not affected, but help maintain the natural Balance of hormones and fight with the aging.

Another way to consume the growth of fat. But not fat and bread with Butter and plant-based unsaturated oils and / or fish. This fat is not want to end up at the waist and the hips, gently, and prices under "where you can".

Breast enlargement Japanese technology. Dry algae for breast enlargement

Japanese scientists insist that those who need to know about the slaughter of her Breasts, regular, dry Laminaria. The world of medicine recognizes that this is a good defender of breast cancer. "Amplification Andi Potentia" effect has not been proven.

The correct posture — the key to a beautiful breast

Do not forget that the stooping of the back is able to "hide" a couple of sizes of the largest breast. Of the faulty posture bust droops and loses its shape. So, before you do exercises, work with posture.

Sports and breast augmentation. What are the exercises for breast enlargement?

Muscles in the chest a little bit, so you turn hard. But also a few exercises of the day can impact on the Form. Muscles give the chest of clay and form a beautiful Relief. Let in the totality of it is not add, but is a great visual effect.

  1. Stand in the door. Remaining with his back to a post, and hands – in another. You make efforts, as if you are trying to push
  2. Keep the palm of the hand in the gesture of prayer. A lot of pressure on each other, then a few seconds of silence
  3. You stand straight. Alternately ad ventilabis a top and then the other arm, in the compressed fist. The movement is as if you want to, hit the ceiling
  4. Well the simple help support and all of the exercises lying with dumbbells or expanders
helps Sex

Helps Sex to enlarge your Breasts?

Women notice that after Sex, the Breasts become larger. This does not mean that with regular sexual intercourse bust will grow to infinity. This is a temporary phenomenon. It is due to the blood flow to the erogenous zones during arousal. Sometimes the Breasts swell when using the anti baby pill. But this is only a side effect.

Breast enlargement with the help of acupressure

Chinese medicine believes that the Shiatsu Massage helps to enlarge the breast. To do this, you must a day a few points to massage on the body.

  1. Under the collarbone
  2. High above the nipple, between the second and third ribs
  3. About the nipple, where the roundness of the breast begins
  4. Between the second and third points
  5. In the armpit
  6. Between the previous point and of the nipple
  7. In the vicinity of the nipple, closer to the outer side of the chest
  8. Below the nipple
  9. Around the nipple, closer to the inner side of the chest
  10. Between the Breasts