HOW IS THE breast enlargement HYALURONIC acid

But this Option is not acceptable to all, and because of the need to throw that cause your body the surgery under General anesthesia, and because of the potential problems with implants, the Hiking, the formation of fibrous capsules. The biggest Problem with silicone inserts is external artificiality, when the own tissue not the implant so much, and touch much a poet of genuine cancer of the breast.


The method of breast augmentation hyaluronic acid can you just bust your dreams without traumatic surgery and all the risks with him.


In the application of this substance is still relatively new, but it is already very well proved to be excellent tool for rejuvenation, and for the creation of the volumes. Naturally, a polysaccharide contained in the skin, connective tissues, and joints.

The basic purpose – to keep moisture. In the skin, it contributes to the maintenance of the high tone, the elasticity and of the large speed of metabolic processes with participation of water.

In the joints, hyaluronic acid plays the role of the lubrication, protects cartilage from destruction. As you can see,it is very necessary for the substance of the human body, it is absolutely unnatural and safe.

Hyaluronic acid molecules are very large, and each such molecule can be molecules hold a large number of water, because the solution is always the consistency of a very thick Gel.

Such a Gel has long been used for the production of fillers for lip augmentation and the facial contours. Now gels of hyaluronic acid used, and for the increase of the bust.


  • Detectives breast augmentation have a special composition, which, in contrast to Silicone is absolutely identical with the natural hyaluronic acid, which is produced in the human body;
  • Filler is injected with a syringe, because there are no incisions, no anesthesia;
  • with the help of fillers new, any shape of the breast can, as the drug is easily distributed in the tissues, because a bust will look very natural;
  • Filler in the consistency is no different from the breast tissue, because it is detectable;
  • immediately after the procedure, it is clear, what is the shape and size of the breast because of the swelling after the introduction of fillers is much less pronounced than after the Operation, and not to wait until the implant firmly;
  • the recovery period after the procedure, the introduction of fillers takes only a few days;
  • The procedure can be a result of always introducing an additional amount of filler to correct, if it is required.


Breast enlargement

The lack of fillers is that you can keep freely distributed in the tissues of the breast, and in a bad shape. The consistency of the gel of hyaluronic acid is not good to distinguish that you feel good from the real breast cancer. But he kept the shape, necessary to the skin of the breast was firm and supple.

To whom the application of fillers is not shown:

  • Women tissue prolapse of the mammary gland under the influence of gravity;
  • Women with large Breasts, as this causes a stretching of the tissue;
  • those who enlarge their Breasts for more than one size.

Double Introduction Of Fillers Is Indicated:

  • when planning a pregnancy, during pregnancy and lactation;
  • in the presence of Oncology: benign and malignant neoplasms, breast cancer, mastopathy;
  • in the case of a car available to immune disease.

Possible problems fillers in the future:

  • The accumulation of filler on the sonography of the mammary gland and not from the cysts and begin the growth of the node breast cancer;
  • the presence of fillers, x-ray examination of the Thorax difficult;
  • Lump of the drug to hinder the man tactile examination and Skills Training mammary glands for the purpose of detecting the formation;
  • may migrate;
  • can be infected, that the use of antibiotics require, and sometimes the removal of Gel and inflamed tissue surgically.

The formation of capsule contraction is also one of the problems with Filler in the future, but this Problem can be avoided. As we talk about them a little more.

To remedy that have already occurred tubercle initiation enzyme Hyaluronidase use, the fibrosis lesions. For prevention, regular Massage of the breast helps by the tubules, the capsule remains thin, brittle and does not cause discomfort.


Despite the fact that the fillers for the Person already well known to the experts, the professional filler does not enter into the Breasts so much. Therefore, it is better to see your doctor according to the reviews and recommendations compare the prices and the costs for treatments in various hospitals.

The procedure is not usually carried out under local anesthesia because of the unpleasant sensations introduction hyaluronic acid Gel caused.

At the Moment developed several ways of administration of the gel. Filler gland be introduced under the pectoralis major muscle and under the breast. In some cases, the surgeon can handle the creation of specific cavities or pockets for fillers. Which of the methods is used, depends on the original shape of the breast of the patient and the desired result.


The maximum volume of the gel, which can be used to an introduction to the mammary gland – 320 ml. since the procedure does not use General anesthesia, then the customer can watch the work of surgeons in the mirror and Express their wishes.

Immediately after the treatment, redness and burning in the injection site can be skin. Within 2-3 days after the procedure, the observed curvature of pain in the chest.


  • within the first 4-6 weeks of physical exertion, especially on the hands and the upper half of the trunk is recommended;
  • heat treatments (Sauna, Solarium) and the influence of a cold on the chest during the rehabilitation phase;
  • not prohibited strong pressure on the chest during the Massage, even during the night (sleeping on the chest), because it can lead to displacement of the gel;
  • within one month after the procedure, a special compression garment.


The effect of the introduction of the drug lasts up to a year. The first correction usually takes place after 12-15 months after the procedure. Only 40% is injected into the rule from the original volume of the gel. After a further 6 months, 15% of the volume of fillers used will be introduced during the first injection.