The cost for the enlargement of the breast: how much costs a magnificent bust

The most radical and most efficient way of breast enlargement plastic surgery. How much this surgery will cost depends on several factors.

To appreciate apart from the medical indications and contraindications, before agreeing to such a serious step, and your material possibilities.

Promotional materials of clinics often explain about the cost of such procedures, only taking into account the work of a specialist, however, the costs for the surgery are can be ultimately much higher.

A major role in the design of the cost of the operations after the increase of the bust plays the location of the clinic. If it is the capital or largest city in the middle of the country, then the cost is significantly higher than in the clinic on the periphery.

Plays a major role in the location of the clinic!

Yes and medical centers in town offer the same Service at very different prices. If this clinic with the name, authority and reputation, then all of the services are much more expensive, than in the newly opened or not yet promoted.

Breast augmentation is more expensive:

  • in Moscow,
  • in St. Petersburg,
  • in the prestigious clinic.

For those who need to know, a lot of useful and current information.

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For what to pay

The patient, before you choose a clinic or a doctor, you must also inquire, what is included in the price breast enlargement. So you avoid unnecessary surprises.

How to level city breast

For example, promotional materials costs, for example in a clinic 100 000 rubles, and in the next 80 000. However, in the second case, the value shows only the procedure itself, i.e. the services of the surgeon.

If we add to this, the implants, the anesthesia and the stay in the hospital, is the result of an Operation in the second hospital significantly more expensive.

The cost mammoplastiki depends not only on the Image of the clinic, but also of the equipment. This factor is very important, since it is the results and the safety of the customers hang out in many ways.

Equipment this equipment, the tools, the professionalism, not only surgeons but also anesthesiologists and nurses.

Attention! Some of the clinics to attract new customers to set lower prices due to the fact that the price does not include the price of implants.

So, before you seduce a tempting offer, to clarify it is what is included in the price of the service.

The value of the work of a plastic surgeon

From half to two-thirds of the cost of the breast augmentation take the services of the surgeon.

Price self the professional or an Institution in which he works may assign.

The numbers strongly solved.

The approximate minimum value of the work of the plastic surgeon may vary from 30 000 to 200 000 rubles. The more the trappings, experience and positive feedback to the doctor, the higher he shall appoint the price for your Operation.

The presence of the financial statements of a reason for that, appreciate your work higher. Surgeon with an impeccable reputation and lots of experience are always in demand in patients, despite the high prices.

Budding specialists can not afford, explain the high cost of services, as you need to attract customers. So the sum for the services of plastic surgery, can be a kind of indicator of the quality of these services.

There is still a limit to how much the chest costs increase cancer. The same doctor can operate in various clinics, and the value of his work can also be different, as there is always a certain percentage of the clinic.

For example, the Operation with the same doctor in Yekaterinburg a cost of 30 000 and 70 000 in Moscow for rubles.

How much is the Operation to increase the bust costs may also depend on the complexity of the operation. The main difficulty lies in the access that is done through the Installation of the implant.

The simplest and frequently used method for performing the breast augmentation through the fold under the breast. A little more complicated and therefore more expensive way, when the cut is made at the border of areola.

Axillary access the most difficult, so operations, the cavity through an incision in the armpit, higher and higher in cost. The main advantage of this method, no visible scars.

On the note! After the breast augmentation, the result is lasting. But to consider, in turn, is necessary to the further pregnancy and weight fluctuations and the natural aging. For a number of reasons in the course of time, the aesthetic result of the Operation according to the increase of the breast may change.

What is in the service of the surgeon

  • Preliminary Advice,
  • The sequence planning of the Operation,
  • The execution of the Operation itself,
  • Advice during the recovery phase,
  • Bandaging,
  • Checkups.

To clarify what potential added costs included in the price the services of plastic surgeons.

Dental implants and their costs

Dental implants and their costs

Costs for implants, during the Operation, range from 10% up to half of all costs.

The average price for dental implants without additional functions 20 000 — 45 000 rubles.

What determines the cost of the implants

  • Of the technical data,
  • The manufacturer and the brand,
  • From the clinic of fraud.

Selling price of the manufacturer and for the guests of the implant in the clinic, can vary considerably. Produces many models of such products.

The technical characteristics include a variety of options. Various materials are used, wherein in a possibly gels of different density, which makes the product more expensive.

The shape also affects the cost, so round is always cheaper, ceteris paribus, as the breast prosthesis is shaped anatomically.

Whether it's worth it to overpay for the brand? This question everyone decides for himself. However, you have to know that the price of the product is the sum of the expenditure not only on its production, but also on advertising, Marketing activities on the structure of distribution in a particular Region.

Read the warranty from the manufacturer!

Therefore, products of well-known brands costs higher and higher. If the manufacturer of breast prostheses has the European certification, is the difference in the quality of the products of similar technical data will be very small. For this reason, on the brand, if it is a certified product, it is possible to save money.

Before you decide, you should get acquainted with the guarantees of the manufacturer. If funds permit, a product purchase with a lifetime warranty. To make such prostheses for the breast, for example, the company's Natrelle and Mentor.

Round implants, on average, costs 45 000, anatomically moulded product 60 000 Euro. The warranty on the products, the manufacturers give. Lifetime warranty is a special mark of quality of the goods and the rest of the patient.

The selection of the implants must be discussed at the consultation with a plastic surgeon. Absolutely, he needs to explain what exactly and why it offers the patient.

You need the right Version for you in quality and price, in the future, the woman felt well, but at the same time want to avoid unnecessary spending

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous doctors that do not care about the health of the patients, but only about their own benefit. They offer inferior prostheses or services significantly erh? hen prices.

Signs of unfair relationship

  • Price of the clinic on the implant is very different from the average values (both in big, and in the smaller side).
  • The surgeon decides about the brand and the shape of the endoprosthesis without any discussion with the patient.
  • The representative of the hospital categorically it insists only for a specific implant without the proper reasoning.
  • Dental implants offered in the clinic, have the European certificate for quality.

The preparation for the Operation

The Operation to increase the bust is done in a hospital under General anesthesia.

The preparation for the Operation

Prior to such manipulation, you need to a number of investigations, possible contraindications, or spend the necessary pre-treatment.

Basically it is the analysis, in the ordinary course of the district hospital of the place of residence or in any health centre.

Set of Standard analyses, and it is hardly worth it, in the handling of these expensive medical facilities. In some cases, they are already placed in the price of the Operation.


On average, the duration of the Operation is 1-2 hours, depending on the specifics of the case.

The anesthesia services, anesthesiologist, performed the surgery, need from 5 000 to 10 000 rubles.

Hospital stay and postoperative costs

After the execution of the Operation, the woman should day in a hospital under the supervision of the medical staff at least one.

Further, the daily advice, examination and bandaging. This time is 3-4 days. Depending on the shovnih of the materials may pull the strings, this is usually on the seventh day after the Operation.

Every day stay in the hospital for 3 000-6 costs 000 rubles, depending on the clinic and the comfort of the chamber.

Post-operative costs include consultation, screening, and bandaging. They are available for an additional fee, and can immediately be included in the cost mammoplastiki.

About 5 000 euros a compression cost of clothing. Without him it is impossible, because it ensures the correct position of the milk glands, supports, prevents the displacement of the implants, excessive swelling.


So, in the price of breast enlargement a couple of positions. If you put them all together, then the approximate cost for such a procedure in Moscow is 150 000 Euro. The upper limit is 300 000, and even more.

Be careful with offered at a price under 150 thousand. P!

Of course the price alone is no guarantee of quality, but hardly worth it to focus on the clinics that offer prices far below the average.

Best to apply in such institutions, to discuss where the guests open to all aspects of the Operation and calculate all the possible costs.