How to enlarge Breasts

Small Breasts – the key for many women a complex. Not surprising, because there, where Babes with beautiful shape, wear a blouse with a neckline a little deeper, the "flat" colleagues will be forced to the wonders of ingenuity, to prove their professionalism and solidity.

Today, the World Wide Web is teeming with different ways of breast enlargement without surgery and Beauty companies raise fabulous sums for the distribution of Tools, the "small Problem" out of the house not going out. But if they are all the same Rational?

Why the chest is not growing

The key to a successful resolution of all the issues, his preliminary diagnosis. The more you collect accurate information about a specific Problem, the faster you find a way to deal with it. And discussed the topic – not the exception. Below are common reasons for the slow growth of the Breasts in the female sex are written.

  • Inheritance. If you are dissatisfied with the size of your own chest, originally should pay attention to the relatives in the ascending line (mother, grandmothers, great-grandmothers). If the majority of them has no large-scale forms, then, because the genetics aborted, you can also set a limit of zero, or the first size.
  • Avitaminosis. It is possible that certain parts of the body for the growth, lack of certain vitamins. Lack of nutrients slows down or stops is critical for the viability of the organism processes, and they are forced to swallow, the ways to increase your bust.
  • Sports. Regular specific load is the source of the uneven development of the chest muscles, which in the future will hinder the growth of the milk glands.
  • Injuries. If your Breasts had already been severely damaged, the growth (depending on the extent of the injury) to slow down or subside.
  • Ecology. It is scientifically proven that a step-wise modification of the environment promotes the development of various pathologies in our body. Some of the cancer is not detected, in the case of other defense mechanisms functioning, and third, "rounding" ends much earlier than planned.
  • Adipose tissue. Women who could not stay or by nature, suffer from excessive thinness, simply nowhere to take.
  • Estrogen. The "female" hormone a direct impact on the condition of the breast. Accordingly, the larger it is, the faster it will be added to see

As you can see, the Problem with a number of conditions. And to accurately identify the cause of the forces only by qualified mammologu, during the self-diagnosis of the same Verne only in 7.3% of cases. Therefore, even if you decide you want your Breasts larger, a comprehensive investigation before, you would be this, is superfluous.

Whether to enlarge breast without surgery

Whether to enlarge breast without surgery

Silicone coating, the feel often in the early zero years, today more and more often. On the Internet there are many true stories, if, after the art appeared, hematomas, and abscesses substances, but also observed the death of tissue. Therefore, it is not surprising that the dissatisfaction with the own figure of a lady in search of ways to increase your Breasts without expensive surgery.

There are such possibilities? Of course. The history knows many examples, when the girls managed to achieve their goals, to go to bed under the surgeon's scalpel. So, let's look at the available and hit you, and at the same time, and those who wait effect of which, is pointless.

Homemade methods to increase breast size

Eager to find out ways to increase your breast size at home, girls often go to the tomb. After I have to rush to the new recipe, you immediately, try it for yourself, without thinking what the consequences might be in such a hurry. You don't believe? Then test yourself on the knowledge of the following options:

Creams and gels

These products are on the market of cosmetics is always in excess. Not surprising, because all of the customers – RUB you the solutions into the skin and waiting for the result, Yes, and advertising slogans promise almost the sixth in size after an incomplete first. Here is the only whether or not a miracle? Of course not. And the reasons are several:

  1. You should be able to the course to finish, as the effect will disappear in a few days. Under the influence of the active ingredients of micro-swelling happens bust plumping and increases it to a couple of inches.
  2. In the composition of most of these drugs is a hormonal elements and allergens can. And thus their reception (and even wrong) can cause serious problems for the entire organism.
  3. Increased sensitivity of the breast. Do costs a little cream or Gel on the skin, as you make only a half-hour each contact at the bust, only you are crazy. And it's not just about people but also about the clothes, wear the it will be problematic.

Therefore, Breasts girl enlarged in this way is only useful if it is ready, do not buy all new tubes and crucible the Rest of your life. And this is already a pretty complete dependence, which, as we know by the example of the cultivation of tobacco, on the good will of exactly.

Hormone preparations

Some of the ladies indiscriminately consume various medicines and dietary supplements, if your name is the adjective present in "hormonal". The result is that more than 2/3 of them, since the do not pay attention to the composition of the selected medium. Help only 2 types of hormones (and not always):

  1. Estrogens. Really effective is this hormone that the ovaries, only when taking in adolescence. In this time, the organism only developed mammary glands respond to the slightest hormonal effect. In people over the age of growth bust after the adoption of the estrogenic characteristic explains, for hormonal preparations type of delay in the body of water and sodium. Its effect fizzles out pretty quickly, while an overdose of a whole range of diseases: weight gain of provoked up to hyperplasia or endometrial;
  2. Phytoestrogens. This group of plant-derived compounds to induce estrogenic effects in people over the age. They are much weaker than human hormones, but with the number of overlaps of the quality. Moderate consumption of phytoestrogens not only leads to the correction of hormonal imbalance, but also reduces the number of harmful bacteria in the body and reduces the risk of developing tumors. Overdose of the same is fraught with the development of cancer.

When a call comes over the increase of breast at home by the food, the most common answer – cabbage. But as the statement "eat cabbage, and then the chest to grow" on the margins. This vegetable is quite high content of phytoestrogens, one of which is above, and, thus, a reasonable consumer is the result of not to mention certainly just so obvious and not immediately.

The only other fruits and some foods of these plant materials not less. Therefore, they can be safely diluted to your diet:

  1. Legumes (Peas, Beans, Lentils). You can use for both the first and second courses. But do not forget, you are right-learning rich in calories and heavy, so it is necessary, not more than 2 days per week;
  2. Nuts. They are tasty and useful in itself, but if you want maximum effect to achieve, mix the nuts with the honey and lemon juice, then eat a couple of spoons before and after the main meals;
  3. Herbaceous crops, cereals and milk. The simplest combination of these products – porridge. But the consumption of benefits, you must cook it yourself, but do not brew a "quick Breakfast", the nutrients in the there is no a-Priori. Especially useful for the growth of breast corn, wheat, oats, and rice;
  4. Fruits (pomegranates, dates) and vegetables (carrots, garlic). They are not tissue only help, "the accumulation of volumes", but also have a positive effect on the binding, increasing the speed decreases the bending of the breast and the risks of the appearance of your stretch marks.

Show good results and those who try to enlarge breast with the help of exercises. However, a large role in the type of tasks. The emphasis is not on those groups of muscles, you can completely stop the already slow growth of the bust, while the right courses to bring the first fruits already after a month. But what exercises are considered to be loyal? The acting on the muscle of the chest, below the Breasts, as well as Cooper's ligaments, the elegance and firmness of the bust.

  1. On the wall. Huddled with his back against one of the posts of the door opening, the hands, the butt in the opposite Rack and press for 1 Minute. Then a deep inclination to the ground the following, and repeated the pressure in the course of minutes. It is an approach, in a session, you run need three.
  2. Pushups. For obtaining a approach outcome must be at least 30 pushups. When to meet at the same time for the transfer is hard, initially, they can support a larger number of approaches for employment with less deck: an approach to 30 pushups and two of 15, three 10.
  3. Push up from the chair. Sitting on the chair, with your hands to compress to sit on the sides of the body and the feet to the front. Then slowly lift the casing and place on the floor, without hands and without bending your legs. More Hand straightened the body upwards lifted and back bent, let him down: 8-10 times in 3 passes.
  4. Skier. For the starting position and take a dumbbell with a weight of not more than 1.5 – 2 kg. a bit Further you bend the elbows and move them forward/backward, mimicking the Ski run for a Minute. You repeat three times.
  5. Prayer. The palms of the hands are in a prayer gesture, the elbow rises to the level of the bust. Next, you must strong hands and hold the pressure for at least 10 seconds. Then you can relax your muscles and repeat. This is true even for the professional to meet, this is a 10 in 2 approaches. Optimal: 10 times as a warmup, 10).
Fitness equipment

The simulators on the market your sport equipment, you will find a huge amount. Some are only for the chest muscles, others will give a comprehensive exposure to the whole body, but in contrast to the "dull" creams and pills, the effect is guaranteed. Really striking, it is only when you get to the Training to responsibly. And to do this, select your Form class:

  1. Fitness equipment in the gym, offer you all the possibilities of what a modern Sport;
  2. Home gyms are more than limited in the functionality and the possibilities, but do you can at any time convenient for you, and absolutely free;
  3. Sports equipment in the hall of a private Trainer – this is the Golden middle. Here you will have to pay and to be moderate, and not to be afraid, hurt or do any exercise incorrectly.

This procedure is not only copes with fatigue accumulated Person, per day, but also helps protect the tissue of the bust of the reduction of the Tonus and partial deformation. For optimal effect must meet professional Masseur, but when extra money for visiting the Salons of the they can not handle on its own. To do this, you need to lie on your back on a flat horizontal surface, and your Partner live in the head part, and alternately the following Tricks:

  1. Slide the hand back to the midline of the chest to the belly and then on again, but after Boca. The skin should not slip.
  2. Without pressure in the wrists of the clavicle patients and fingers trace the path of the center line up in the armpit area. The stabilization of the lymph nodes is ensured.
  3. Ask the patient to place the Hand under the head, then the muscles from armpits to work tweaks easily and caress.
  4. Spend strokes a pair of circular end (in the way then down, then up spiral) in the region of the stomach.

If confidence in these intimate procedure does not have outside the intention of helping a classic self-massage, which is done thus:

  1. Press the center of the palm to the nipple and make 3-4 circular movement to the inside. Then take a deep breath, Hand clasped on the breast, and keep the rotary Screen with 5 minutes.
  2. Glide your palms over the skin: all the way down to the clavicles and back, and then replace the pats on the movements of the saw.
  3. Attach the chest, clutching it with one Hand and lifting. With the fingers of the second you start typing, with the skin downwards. If at the end of the Massage, you don't sleep intend, then put a supportive bra.

Do not forget to keep up Hygiene and use a cream or special oils for the relief of sliding. To massage refuge regularly, and your bust to retain their elasticity for many years.