Plastic surgery of the breast: how much is a silicone-cost-implant

Plastic surgery of the breast to the present day – perhaps the most popular service in specialised clinics. As you know, a beautiful and large Breasts is a scale for attractiveness, so that more and more women tend to increase the mammary glands be surgically removed.


There are many ways of breast augmentation, but plastic surgery using silicone and other implants is the most popular of them. How much does it cost to enlarge breast, what are the statements and contra-indications to Operation, we describe below.

Features of the plastic surgery of the breast

Primarily, the plastic of the chest uses special implants that can be silicone or another Material, they also differ in shape. Choice of silicone or other implants depends on the following factors:

  • as you want to enlarge your Breasts;
  • I need to change shape.

Implant put to be or under the muscle of the chest, the seams in this can be placed differently, it also depends on the size and shape of the implant:

  • the cut in your armpit;
  • in the vicinity of the nipple;
  • the bottom line the milk glands.

While carrying out the abdominal plastics access for the Installation of the implant through the anterior wall of the abdomen.

After the breast plastic surgery in the clinic, spend at least a day. The Operation after the plastic is hours under General anesthesia about two.

The threads are already after only a week and a week after the surgery, you will be back to the usual pace of life. But in the course of the month special compression have to wear stockings, and it must be carefully adjusted to the figure.

The final results sculptures visible about three months after the Operation. Of course, this is not one day, but the wait is worth it.

Indications for the Breasts

Plastic surgery breast augmentation is performed, if such statements:

  • small Breasts;
  • is too large;
  • the asymmetry of milk glands;
  • Loss of shape and volume of the breast after breastfeeding;
  • age features;
  • congenital malformations;
  • Ptosis.
the result

Depending on the Situation, the most appropriate variant of the Operation and individual program selected. Plastic chest for many women is not only a change in appearance, but also the change in the quality of life.

In addition to the sculptures, the can enlarge breast and other methods without surgery, but they are not as effective as surgery.

You also need to keep an eye on your breast:

  • support the body posture. To keep the head high and back straight, which has a positive effect on the figure in General;
  • take showers, change, the chest must be washed off with cold water separately during water applications;
  • not sunbathe topless, because the strong sun is damaging to the delicate skin of the breast and can lead to serious consequences, in particular breast cancer.

<Contraindications for plastic surgery

Any plastic Operation is preceded by, a number of analyses and tests without the patients to your. There are a number of contraindications for surgery after the plastic of the breast, for the purpose, the refusal of the doctors:

  • the presence of Diabetes mellitus in a patient;
  • oncological diseases;
  • all diseases of the internal organs, severe;
  • the presence of mental health problems;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • during the lactation period.

The choice of the clinic for plastic surgery

Plastic is a quite complicated surgical procedure, however, is a mistake in your course to correct later, it is even more difficult. Therefore, it is very important to find a good professional to run the Operation. The selection of the clinic for plastic and the doctor's approach very carefully. Of course, a lot of hospitals now, but what are the attention in the first line:

  • opening hours of the clinic. If it is open for many years, about your positive Feedback, and employs qualified professionals, state of the art equipment and methods, make the right decisions;
  • the experience and qualifications of the doctor. They report how many years he works directly in the field of plastic surgery, whether he awards, certificates and titles;
  • the key to the profile of the selected clinic, whether you are a private operating system for the implementation of the plastics and their clinic;
  • how much of the plastic of the breast costs. If the price seem suspiciously low, then it says about the poor quality of the provision of the services, or this price includes the cost of anesthesia, implants itself, the hospital, etc. It is not good, if you know all the costs of the proceedings.

How much does a breast augmentation cost?

Price plastics may be different, depending on many factors. Most of the time, the price of the Operation includes the costs for the following services:

  • Examination of the patient before the Operation. It includes ECG, analyses, specialist advice, x-ray fluorogram of the chest, breast ultrasound. In some clinics, this study is not in the total price of the Operation;
  • the price of the surgery depends on the experience of the surgeon, his experience and professionalism;
  • Services nurses, and assistants at surgery;
  • the value of the work of anaesthetists and of the material;
  • the price of the compression of the Laundry;
  • Consumables for Operation;
  • the stay in the hospital before and after surgery, with food or without. As in the case of a preliminary investigation, this article may not price of the Operation to be activated in the total;
  • the price of the implants.

Also on the price of the surgery can affect, and factors such as:

  • the complexity and type of Operation;
  • the materials used;
  • the accommodation of the clinic;
  • the individual peculiarities of the organism of the patient;
  • The visibility of the physician.

As we have said previously, such an Operation is not cheap, and the low prices here are not worth it. An exception is the case when the hospital performs certain actions. However, you should with the head, put themselves under a little-known surgeon in dubious clinic, if you are promised to enlarge your Breasts is very cheap. Consider what quality you can, in this case, the used materials, implants, funds for narcosis, etc., there is no risk and you choose a more expensive but safe option.

Care of the Breasts after the plastics

No matter where you made the plastic surgery, a conventional commercial or the famous expensive surgeon, you should strictly follow all the recommendations that he will prescribe after the surgery.

If you neglect, then it can lead to complications. For example, displacement of the implant clearly no fun any lady. Follow developed all the procedures and not forget to wear special compressive underclothes. Remember that the shape of the breast changes after plastics, and it changes its Position, and these lines can support the faster your muscles adapt to these changes to the breast.

What you need to remember before the surgery

If you stop your choice on one or the other clinic, and experts on a specific, never do it only because of the low cost. To high and to low prices for the services have to cause suspicion.

If you see an offer that the clinic offers big discounts on the implementation of the plastic surgery, but never have heard of it, not at it's best, otherwise the result is very disappointing. And you still need to pay twice, the second time pays a prior medical error. You remember, how many TV shows was shot on the theme of failed plastic surgery, and how much trouble they brought the patient, sometimes even very famous.

And if the low prices offers the well-known hospital with good doctors, means that you want to attract more customers. Here you might think, but you have to remember that all things can stir up"", or surprise, that some of the positions advanced must pay, after their execution.

Uniform opinion about the right choice of clinic and surgeon is not. You can just have an open ear for his friends always recommend, the grip to the help of plastic surgeons and reviews study. And only then, if you make the right choice, you can a great result after plastic surgery. And money is not on your health and attractiveness in any case.