The means for breast enlargement. Overview of the possible and incredible

Every year, thousands of women resort to breast augmentation. Unhappy with the size is easy to find - except that not all of them opt for a surgical Intervention. And how many remedies for breast enlargement sold on a daily basis - it is impossible to count them. So I can zoom in on the chest on how to and how not to damage your health?

The history of the means for breast enlargement

the means for breast enlargement

A means for breast enlargement a myth or reality? Let us understand. In times of the absence of plastic surgery for women nothing left but to drink, wonderful herbal teas or hope on the activity of the endocrine system. To which only the Tricks, not women visited - rumor has it that the mistress of the French kings were even pregnant especially, the Breasts grow, and then abort with a broth of special spices settled spontaneously.

Of course, well known and less barbaric methods. So, still popular the tinctures and oil from the hops. It is known that hops is a phytoestrogen, on the one hand, it can glands, to have a real impact on the growth of the milk, but on the other hand, its effect in the short term and often due to water retention in the breast, and can lead to disorders of the hormonal balance and Menstruation.

Among the natural remedies for breast enlargement, the glory, and shall apply to the present day, particularly popular are cabbage, carrots and buckwheat. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of these products in the growth of the breast is almost impossible - first of all, the size of which is, by inheritance, more, and, secondly, the breast is shaped, as a 21-year-old, and say that there is influence on the growth, hard to come by. Also known such methods are, how the consumption of uncooked dough as a means for breast enlargement!

Probably, it is based on the General increase in fat mass, resulting in chest and wears in height. In China has long been popular, the practice of Massage is with special balls, ki-Gong - a beta most of the points that supposedly affect the growth of the breast: the breast, the hands, and even feet.

Modern breast augmentation

The Internet is full of ads for the sale of a means for breast enlargement magic pills, ointments, and creams, and mechanical training equipment. The way we consider them in more detail. Biological Additives. Most of these preparations are on the Basis of hops, radix Pueraria, and other plants, the phytoestrogen. It comes to herbal substances, analogues of female hormones. The increase in their numbers in the female organism, the growth of the chest can cause. But, unfortunately, this effect is not guaranteed - firstly, phytoestrogen can have an impact, not on the breast, but, for example, on the thighs.

Or to cause menstrual disturbances and hormonal imbalance. Even if you bust your Breasts and increase, the effect will last long and disappear while they dealt with the consequences and side effects of their supposedly grew up in.

Mechanical Action. Not credible and fitness devices, out of the pump and hopper. The chest supposedly. from what place it in the Cup and, with the aid of a pump in the shell of the vacuum Manufacturers claim that such Stimulation stimulates the glands, the growth of the milk. This method is dubious for the simple reason is that such a gross Stimulation of the breast, rather its sagging and deterioration of the mold is, as a significant increase.

The physical exercises are not good in themselves, moreover, there is nothing wrong in Training the chest muscle and back muscles. But you have to understand that these muscles are strengthened, we can just pull the breast to improve your shape, but not the size change. In addition, intense physical exercise a part of fat burning, and reduce your Breasts, on the contrary,.

Creams, serums, ointments, compresses, packs, water - all these methods and means for the breast enlargement play a significant role, but has a positive influence on the elasticity, flexibility, tone of skin, the shape of the breast. Miracle phytoestrogen containing creams for breast enlargement.

Massage. It is believed that the Stimulation of the breast massage increases the blood circulation in the tissues and causes the growth of the cells in the milk glands, causing a rise in the chest. To say how effective the method is - hard, but at least he is simulators more useful than questionable application of creams, or mechanical vacuum.

Plastic breast the only means of breast augmentation, which guarantees a specific result. The quality of these results depends on the skill of the plastic surgeon and the health condition of the woman, decides on the Operation. Today, there are various types of cosmetic surgery breast enlargement.

The most popular and most advanced of its kind, is contour breast implants - a patient makes small incisions under the skin, mammary gland, forming a pocket for the prosthesis between the mammary gland and the chest muscle is introduced and there is a silicone prosthesis. In another technique, the surgery, the prosthesis is injected under the muscle. Breast implants can enlarge your Breasts, without any harm for breast cancer and the possibility of breast-feeding in the future. But we must understand that, in each case, a surgical procedure has a lot of contraindications, long recovery time and possible serious consequences.

the means for breast enlargement decide

One way or the other, and until today there is no means for breast enlargement, which could somehow dramatically change their size, in addition to the surgical Intervention. All the objectives only marginally to the improvement of the shape of the bust, or to gain due to the hormonal tides - which, unfortunately, are a temporary and not always predictable effect. It is time, and so, whether you have a large chest and it is worth an increase in the risks for the health.