Breast enlargement without surgery - myths and truth

I can make your Boobs bigger without surgery? This query on the Internet is in the Top 10 of the most popular questions about health. The World Wide Web offers many possibilities and tips. We decided to have a few of them and to test their effectiveness in practice.

Breast enlargement

WHETHER HAND-held massage device BREAST Enlarge

How it works: Through the Stimulation of the zones in the vicinity of the nipple, reinforced estrogens produced. Exactly the reason for the increase in the volume of the chest, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Result: After the application of the massage device on the chest of our participants of the experiment increased by three inches. However, the result was only of short duration. The effect of this procedure lasts only a few hours, but damage a lot more harm.


How it works: if you believe the statement, these creams promote the blood circulation to the mammary glands, and muscles in the chest, which is a swelling and a significant increase in the size.

Result: our second Participant of the experiment, put a Gel twice a day for several weeks. But in the end, the real volume of breast cancer is not increased. Yes, it turns out that estrogen, a component of many creams, even dangerous for the female breast.


How it works: this method try to focus on those who are familiar with national methods. Calefactionem cunctam of the properties of mustard plaster known to all. It stimulates the blood circulation in the area of the chest and promotes active growth.

The result: our third Participant had mustard on the chest two times a day, but the girl was forced the Experiment to suspend. On the delicate skin, there was some confusion. In addition, it turned out that the heating of the breast also cause tumor diseases.

Pure, non-surgical methods of breast enlargement. Not for the Tricks of fraudsters in the Internet, pay attention to your Breasts!


Many ladies are interested in whether the enlargement of the breast through exercises. Unfortunately, it is not possible. The fact that the mammary gland consists of two types of tissue: fatty tissue and glands. Your pump is not working. But the output is still there. You tighten the muscles, the gland under the breast, and thus visually lifting the chest. And here are a few of the exercises are.

Exercise with a towel. Roll a towel is customary in the cable tree, and grab hold with both hands at the different ends. You make circular movements with the hands behind the head and in front of him, not unclenching the fabric. Repeat the movement 20 to 30 times. This exercise helps stretch the chest and the shoulder joint will develop.

The exercise with the bottles. Take two Liter bottles with water. You lay back on the chairs and lift the container over the chest. Slowly, arms out to the side on the breath, on the exhale lift back up to the top. Repeat 15 times. This method will help the shoulder girdle, and the chest is in stricta Position.

Exercise "Boat". Lie stomach-down on the floor. Clasp your hands behind in the area of the steißbeines, pinching, tighten the blade and your abdominal muscles. In this Position, must be slightly raised body and you can feel the tension in the upper back. Repeat the exercise up to 15 times. The fact that the shoulder blade and back muscles in a good tone, the breast is held in the correct Position.


For young women, Vitamin a is very useful Get it from carrots. The orange vegetable is rich in Beta-carotene. Once in the body, this enzyme is straight and transforms into Vitamin A. In addition, carrots inhibits the sagging of the skin, therefore magic cooking offer a Dessert this product.

For this you need to:

  • Carrots;
  • Bulb;
  • Cottage cheese (200 gr);
  • Sugar;
  • Nuts.

How to cook:

Cut the carrots and the pear in small pieces. Add low-fat cottage cheese. Easy to insert in the bowl, mix the sugar or honey. Sprinkle top with your favorite nuts and seasonal Dessert freshly squeezed carrot juice. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients. A very useful and delicious Dessert is ready!