But, unfortunately, not all of the people curve have rich. Someone glands breast are very small someone medium size. But you always want to have a more rounded shape.


According to statistics, every second woman, the first size, want to increase it. 70 % of these women do not want to resort to surgery.

Today, there are many different methods that you increase a little and even tight chest how to with the help of the Operation, and without it, at home.


Before we glands to the consideration of the various options of breast enhancement without the use of surgery, we consider the structure of the female milk.

You have a heterogeneous structure and consist of the following tissues: connective tissues, fatty tissue and glands.

On average, there are about fifteen. Between these shares, the nerves, glands, blood vessels and milk ducts. Such a structure assigns to every girl, regardless of the size.

The elasticity of the forms at all different, since they are responsible for the Ligament of Cooper and Turgor of the skin. If the weight of women changes regularly (it is all the time to lose weight or better), then these ligaments are less elastic.

They, too, begin to lose their elasticity with age. As a result of the gland decrease. The size of the shapes depends on the amount of fat tissue, the top-thoracic proportion.

Every woman must regularly gropes her breast. And then, if you have noticed, any seals, you need to consult a doctor.

3-INVASIVE METHOD OF breast enlargement

Nowadays, there are several options of breast enlargement. The most important are:

  • Installation of implants. This process can change the shape of any size. It comes to the introduction of implants through incisions in the breast with the help of special equipment;
  • Lipofilling. The procedure is usually done simultaneously with the liposuction. To eliminate the abdomen, thighs or buttocks of the patient, excess fat, and transplanted in the area of the breast by injection;
  • With the help of fillers. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid can you enlarge breast. This process is carried out with the help of injections. In contrast to other methods, its effect is short. Repeat after one or two years.

All of the methods above the breast enlargement suggest incisions on the body, and some of them, and General anesthesia. Since it is very traumatic, not to agree all the women in it, in a similar procedure.


Therefore, the girls are increasingly questions about how to enlarge your Breasts at home without surgery.

To decide which Operation is suitable to this or that patient, can only be a plastic surgeon.


Why women don't want your breast enhance with the help of plastic surgery? Everything is very simple. Every person takes care of their health. And hardly anyone wants to risk, the more body cutting.

Especially the operational procedures include General anesthesia and is not suitable as a General anesthesia and can be dangerous.

According to plastic surgery often complications occur. In addition, some women have a contraindication to such.

Therefore, the only way out for such women is the use of techniques for breast enlargement without surgery.

Undoubtedly, the possibilities of breast enlargement without surgery. You, of course, not so much, but if you follow these tips, you will be able to achieve certain results. So, fundamental to the breast enlargement without surgery:

  • Massage. During the Massage, toned skin, improves blood circulation. Good results can be achieved with the help of vacuum Massage and contrast showers.
  • Sporting Load. Of course, special exercises will not help breast enlargement on a few sizes, but with your help, it is possible to significantly improve the elasticity of the breast. Because we all know that with age you start, and push-UPS and inclines will help the linkage to avoid this.
  • Clothing. With the help of some of the garments can achieve a breast augmentation, but only visually. Bras with the effect of push-up, tight-fitting T-Shirts, corsets to help you visually lift your chest and make it a little more. Just remember to wear that every day such things is not recommended, as the breast is in an unnatural Position, which disturbs the circulation of the blood.
  • Diet. There are a number of products, the impact on the growth of the mammary gland.
  • To Cosmetic Products. There are medications that contain hormones that the breast on the time of use.
  • Salon-Treatments. With views of professionals, you can positive results.
Breast enlargement

As you can see, there are many ways to breast enlargement without surgery. You choose her, and he would help you.

Do not use medicines without the doctor's recommendations. To consult prior to the purchase of such funds with a specialist.

3 of the most effective massage techniques

With the help of Massage, in principle, not possible, the breast enlarge, it is worth understanding. But such Manipulation improves the condition of the skin, making it more resistant, what you pull out and visually increase.

Regularly massing Zone of the bust leads to the fact that there is more supply of oxygen, improvement of blood circulation. The Massage you can do it yourself or trust the professionals.

Before the procedure, you should your own health, as the presence of tumors, it is contraindicated.

Such productive possibilities of the Massage can:

  • The Hydro-Massage. It is recommended that you repeat on a daily basis in the evening hours. First of all, the slight movements RUB, swipe lobes of the breast with a wash, more on you to direct the jet of water (it must not be hot). The movement is worth around the nipples, on the you are not allowed to act. Useful to change the temperature of the water. Such manipulations can last for about 10 minutes.
  • Manual Massage. You can self-Massage to do or trust this professional with your man. It is the breast moisturizing cream is better, first of all. RUB the breast, avoiding the nipples. Perform circular movements in different directions. The further you go from the areolas to the clavicle, ribs, and armpits. At the conclusion of the breast, light touches iron.
  • Vacuum Massage. For this procedure, a special vacuum attachment. First, you moisten the treatment area, set the device and start working. The effect there really is, but he for a short time. In addition, many doctors are against such Manipulation.

A series of exercises for the chest

Without a doubt, enlarge your Breasts at home, help the physical stress. We have a couple of basic exercises, all of which contribute to the elasticity of the muscles in the chest:

  • Prayer. Sit on a chair, straighten the back, connect the palms in front of chest. Press the palms of your hands so that the chest tense muscles. You can count to 10, then slide the palms to 5 cm, and again press down while counting to 10. Repeat this exercise 4 times.
  • Pushups. This exercise will help you strengthen the Tonus of the muscles, a bit of the chest to increase and give it elasticity. Can perform at home and in gyms. Moved away about 15 times in three approaches.
  • Bench press. You lay on the bench, take a dumbbell in the Hand. Lift it carefully about himself and diving. You do three sets of 8 times.
  • Of The Branch. You put your feet in a distance of 10 cm from each other. Take the dumbbells in hands, bend over, thin hands with dumbbells in Hand. Repeat this exercise about 10-15 times in three approaches.

There are a fairly large number of exercises, which will help you to achieve the desired result.

If you do in the gym, ask your Trainer that he painted you a training program based on your individual circumstances and the desired results.

beautiful Breasts

As soon as the exercises, increase the load. You do it gradually.

Visual Aid Clothing

The most important helper of the owners of small Breasts is a bra. Sometimes the right choice for this attribute is the cloakroom, after which the bust appear larger is enough.

Studies show that, in spite of the fact that all the women wear tights is all right the right model. It is recommended to visit the specialty shops where professionals help with this task.

If a woman want to cheat, you can get the advantages of the PUSH-APOM. These increases are special Bras that lift the breast significantly. There is a double Push-Up.

In addition, you can use the usual bra by Venus, and true, but carry a special device to lift the breast.

For summer-dresses, where carrier sets look ugly, can you sticky the silicone bra, as well as special stickers.

Do not wear huge pearls at the neck, the bust visually and directs the eye from him.

Correctly select the clothes. On the breast and bright fabrics. Win are looking for different prints in this area, ruffles, ruffles.

An amazing statistic: roughly 70% of the female gender does not like his chest, almost 30% you want to make more, and about 10% – on the contrary, dreams of reducing the size.

Cosmetic products for the Turgor of the skin

There are a few good cosmetic products, the glands to improve the Turgor of milk.

Today, especially popular creams that help, the rush of blood to the right places, and in consequence the breast increases and swells. The main advantage of this method is the relatively low cost and ease of operation.

But we should also note that these funds have not only advantages, but also disadvantages:

  • The use of creams and gels should regularly, otherwise the chest back to the starting position. But too often, the use of data for cosmetic products is not recommended, because they contain hormones that have a negative impact on the human organism;
  • Swollen Breasts are always sensitive, and therefore, this technique is not suitable for everyone. Moreover, it is not recommended to the professionals, this means for breast enlargement.

As an Alternative to creams, there are special oils that contain phytoestrogens, which the skin of the breast. Therefore, germ, olive, wheat, linseed and almond to help you make your Form more elastic and elastic.

Methods of breast enlargement

With their help, you can't glands only a little increase breast, but also to smooth out some wrinkles in the décolleté.