Breast Enlargement Fat

This is a procedure in plastic surgery received the name of Lipofilling. With its help, you can not only increase the volume, but also the elimination of the various shortcomings in connection with the shape of the breast, including the problems by use of implants: the formation of folds and waves, deformation in accordance with the "two bubbles". Lipofilling is specific to the candidate. In other areas of the body fat should be enough to get him in the chest. And skin bust should be pretty soft and elastic to stretch and accommodate the entered fat. lipofilling

How the operation is carried out

A typical breast augmentation with fat will take about 2.5 hours − it is time necessary, liposuction to collect fat, its treatment and discharge. If a woman is slim, to the gathering of fatty tissues need more time, because it is more difficult to find in the required quantity.

As a result of a routine, Laser and ultrasonic liposuction, Shell be fat destroyed cells, and get Live, the fat cells will not succeed.

Does it hurt?

No, to the feel of a natural breast enlargement of adequate sensitivity within a week or so. The area of liposuction is also painful for a couple of weeks.

How much does a breast enlargement fat cost

The primary method of fat Transplantation costs about the same as the procedure of increase of breast implants (120000 Euro), increase with, on average, your Breasts, only half a size. Because breast implants in General, breast increase one to two sizes, as a rule, the cost of fat Transplantation is higher.

What results to expect

You have to understand that fat Transfer is fundamentally different from implants in the sense that exactly be predicted, as you increase the size of this procedure, the transplant will not be possible.

On average, good technique allows you to increase the volume to approximately 150-200 cm3 (average of 1/2 size for a chest) for a procedure of the Transplantation. To further increase the volume after three months, the procedure can be repeated. In the case when the Patient agrees to the use of the device to the breast enlargement BRAVA before the transplant (which is essentially an external Expander), there is any data to speak of for a process, the volume can be increased to 300 cm3, and more. Today, the results of the patient are achieved after 4-6 months after surgery, within 4 to 6 years. Breast Enlargement Fat

Approximately 50-60% of patients can have a constant survival rate of the fat cells, neatly transplanted into the area under the skin of the breast in the vicinity of muscles. In smokers the percentage of surviving cells is so low that the procedure for Transplantation of fat is not recommended tissue earlier than 2 months after refusal of Smoking. After the Operation, as well as it should on Smoking for at least two months.


80% of bruising and swelling usually takes place at the end of the second week. Before important events like the wedding, the surgery 6 weeks prior to the event.

The practice shows that patients aged 20-30 years, will take on the restoration for about 3 weeks, at the age of 40+ years – 4 weeks, 50+ — 5 weeks, 60+ — 6 weeks and so on.

Risks and complications

As a side effect, the only more restlessness, scars on a mammogram. They are the result of the fact that some survivors do not fat forming fabric dimmable and cause means concern (causing changes of the type similar to cancer of the breast). Other side effects: the risk of infections, death of the fat cells (necrosis), absorption of the fatty tissue, which might further operations on the Transplantation of fat. The healing of transplanted tissues can be partial or incomplete place, and different on each breast, the result can be different breast size (asymmetry).