Which cream is better for the breast enlargement at home

Women with small Breasts, for an improvement in their sexuality to increase want to glands breast, make it more elastic, give you the appropriate volume. But not everyone can decide on plastic surgery, therefore the cream is suitable for breast enlargement. But, in the composition of cosmetic products, such components as the number of the glandular cells of the bust. need to This function of the hormone oestrogen, eye-catching glands of women. And as long as it's shaped enough in the body, and the breast elasticity.

The structure of the female bust, how to increase you

Structure of the breast in women differs from them identical to men. Ladies breast appearance in the Form of two convex ground balls, pair of ribs at the level of the third-sixth.

Every woman can boast of, inherent only to her, the shape of the breast:

  1. At the breast, in the Form of a disc with a wide base and low height of the bulge.
  2. The shape of the half-ball features the same sizes, height and diameter.
  3. With pear-shape height of the breast much more than the base is.
  4. Omitted iron on the bottom of mastoid shape of the bust.

Bust size depends on the amount of fatty tissue in the mammary gland, of the Form. In nulliparous women bust greater than in girls. Sex hormones affect the appearance of the gland. With age, the number of estrogen drops and the chest drops, as the iron-containing layer of cells thinner.


There are several possibilities, enlarge breast, make you supple, beautiful:

  1. Active sexual relationships lead to better blood circulation in the tissue, penetrating into estrogen.
  2. Increase the volume of the breast Massage, the power of the professional or self-performed.
  3. A positive effect for the breast-vacuum-Massage-sessions. By attaching the plastic shells, with no air to the chest, pumping pressure. As a result of the method, the pressing of the substances zhelezi is, they are swollen. You can increase the bust up to two sizes.
  4. Women use this technique to increase the bust, like contraception drugs, are linked to each other, in two types of hormones – progesterone and estrogen. But the hormones need, the Breasts will only be prescribed by a doctor.
  5. Specially selected complex exercise help to make the bust bigger.
  6. In the diet of women with small Breasts products with phytoestrogens. This includes dishes made from soy beans, fennel. The frequent consumption of bananas increases the amount of hormones in the body. Seeds, Flaxseed oil helps breast glands and more, if you drink compresses tincture of the seeds or the oil.

Lately beauticians you use the cream for breast enlargement.

What is the popularity of creams

For many, the chest cream of increase – that means:

  • Safety for health;
  • easy operation;
  • there is no risk of complications;
  • the possibility of applying for the chest in the home.

Often women are not ashamed of their nakedness, feel free to go to a specialist, and, by the cream for the increase of the bust, will be able to improve independently their appearance.

How to enlarge breast cream

It is clear that the increase in the number of forms of the bust only by a special cream. In its composition, such a lot of phytoestrogens should allow to grow active cells, tissues and muscles of the bust.

Enlarge Breasts with a cream with phytoestrogens, to in him the presence of such components, such as:

  • complex vitamins A, E;
  • essential oils of Jojoba, Rose, pine;
  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • Collagen;
  • Extracts of sea algae, soy, nuts.

The cream enhances the breast really, you have to apply it correctly:

  1. To the cleansed skin of the breast in a circular motion, the required amount of the cream not longer than five minutes. Best massage the area from top to bottom, up to the nipples.
  2. After applying the cream for the increase of the bust, use a scrub, cleaning of the skin.
  3. To strengthen effect, it is necessary, in the medium, increases the volume of the glands, for half a year daily. Then take a break of two to four weeks. This is necessary to hormones remained in the standard.
  4. In the time between the treatments, the breast moisturizing creams lubricating. This ointments, gels with herbal extracts.

Cream for the bust selected in view of the fact that what needs to be done:

  • increase the amount of the tissue glands;
  • Improvement of blood circulation;
  • help the broadening of the fat layer of the breast.

Mammary glands to increase, but keep the volume for a long time is not always possible. In the case of an increase of the layer of the gland components in the medium, the effect of the cream will be longer, and the others give short-term results. Therefore, it is necessary to know what the cream actually leads to the Breasts becoming fuller, more.

Like a cream with your hands

Folk medicine can also bust more beautiful and more on a size. The chest is increased, if you this cream prepare with their own hands:

  1. Take thirty grams of white clay, twenty – talc and alum, mixed with warm water, until the condition of the pulp. Creams décolleté and chest, bypassing the area of the nipple.
  2. From two egg whites and a spoon of lemon juice prepare a mixture by adding a teaspoon of linseed oil. After a thorough the cream on the area of the bust.
  3. Perfectly the breast tissue cream that tightens two to three drops of liquid Vitamin E. made from yogurt, protein,

At the heart of all funds from plant-based ingredients oil that can be mixed is Flaxseed, with grated daikon, chopped herbs – mint, lemon balm, stinging nettle. The effect of the cream, made in-house, can be achieved by it for a long time.


The effect of the cream, contraindications

Probably, many women believe that, after a number of sessions can be increased with a cream, bust immediately, Surround. Lifting effect is achieved with regular application of cosmetics. If you throw a method that the skin on the chest to help loosen. In addition, together with cream, elasticity, elasticity, increase of the bust need to be worked on, use:

  • Massage of the chest muscles;
  • physical Training to strengthen the chest;
  • a nutritious diet, which includes products with phytoestrogens;
  • the additional application in the area of the bust serums, Sprays, nourishing masks Overlay at the neckline.

With the cream for breast growth you have to be careful, who has cancer, because the hormones in the composition of the Fund can lead to Proliferation of malignant tumors. Components some creams are able to trigger allergic reactions. Therefore, before the application of the tools, you the response of the body need to check on it. For the on the bend of the elbow a little substance to wear, if it is allowed to apply redness, itching, means.

In a special category of bans on the cosmetic preparation, the chest, the increases are the elderly. Because the hormones are vitiated also on the skin side effects. It is an allergic reaction, increase in blood pressure. Caution can never hurt, even if you need your bust toned and bulky. Sometimes, the health is more expensive beauty.