But it so happens that the metamorphosis of the experience of the own body falls on its own Initiative, but by the natural disadvantages that prevent a fulfilling and healthy life. To this characteristic and very personal challenges the need to decide how the increase of the nipples.

The consequences of and reasons for small nipples


Of the nipple, reduction, or natural flattening the small size – it is a Symptom of shortened milk ducts. Female or male nipple of this type are not overlooked, almost not harden with pressure, but simply pulled under the skin.

In certain cases, the sensitivity of the small nipple has a minimum value, and he has not responded to any contact or change in the ambient temperature.

A similar physiological function, that you are breast-feeding almost 10% of the female population of the planet, is difficult to classify into the category of anomaly, since it in no way interferes with the. Of course, if the nipple is well, very small, and the newborn simply will not be able to help him with the lips, capture, it is worth considering the necessity of the correction of these parts of the body.

In other cases, the Problem is how to increase the size and sensitivity of the nipple is of a purely psychological nature, and can be solved by the aesthetic, but not the therapeutic medicine.

In addition, the small nipples to provoke certain difficulties with breastfeeding, there are still a few small inconveniences, you have to get used to. For instance, in some men, erection problems and sexual attraction, if their partners have a similar observed the peculiarity of the structure of the breast.

The woman begins, the complex, and by all means tries to please, his hand-picked successor. This helps in numerous methods, such as one fed to Fix the size and shape of the nipple.

Methods and techniques

In the future, and successful mother, you want to raise your child breast milk, the same to make, satisfy your body perfectly, and ready to natural. As the demand increasingly offer creates, one after the other began to the methodology, due to the artificially increased female or the nipple is not far from the small always been a dream.

This direction in medicine is constantly improved and developed, and provides the end users more than efficient and safe methods, we consider and offer more.

Correction surgeon needs under local anesthesia or General anesthesia, the professionalism of doctors and the lengthy recovery period, only to suffer severely alone.

In the course of the procedure, all of the milk ducts, or some of those, pacifiers give the possibility of "free cutting". Although such an Operation, and returns the desired result, but completely the possibility of the lactation period closes.

Increased or decreased nipples in men and women often all-in-one and pleasant Massage. After a few treatments at a specialist-a Medic, you can apply a technique to the home, the classroom, want as much time as he can.

Massage or to do small nipples for a young boy or girl is involved in pubertal age, when the Breasts will respond positively to various manipulations. Even if he doesn't correct much, enlarged nipples in girls or boys,the possibility of the completeness of the entire breast, receptivity to caresses and intelligent forms.

Cap-corrector gives an affirmative answer to the question of whether the nipples to increase without surgery. Because of its novelty, rate, this method would still not receive.

At the Moment there is only the possibility to understand the principle of operation of such devices, and its shape. At first glance, the cap resembles a normal sewing, a thimble, a hole in the middle. Thimble to wear on the nipple, and with the help of a syringe and excess air pump and create a vacuum.

A similar Concealer you will wear for 8 hours a day, with no less than 3-4 months. Despite the apparent rudeness, you need to use the cap, if it provokes pain and discomfort.

the increase in the nipple

To purely cosmetic methods can be used as a permanent make-up, the corrected optically in such a natural defect. Permanent coloration Zone in the vicinity of the nipple is very similar to the correction of the eyebrows, lips or eyelashes, in which colour pigments are used.

This technology has no contraindications, although in the case of a new sexual partner can cause a lot of unnecessary conjectures and questions. But if the Tattoo high, the "forgery" does not realize, no one.

The main thing – is correct, the shade of the pigment and the width of the area of the paint work. You need to prepare that this is a very painful procedure, which can be compared with the perforation of the ear roasting or Piercings.

What provokes an increase of the nipple

It also happens to be that the Problem is in a completely reversed: nipples acquire unnatural great options, swelling and painful will respond to your every touch.

The answer to the question of why she enlarged her nipples can be:

  • Puberty, what is true in regard to girls and boys in their Teens;
  • Obesity, in which fat deposits collect the cloth under the Aureole and pacifier, making their emergence to the growth and elongation of the tip of the breast;
  • The consumption of a particular category of drugs, certain side effects;
  • Care and feeding of the child;
  • Chronic diseases, hormonal disorders caused.

In nursing mothers often face the Problem of how a surgeon to enlarge, or even a hole in the nipple.Immediately, we will make a reservation that it is possible to expand only in exceptional cases, if the newborn is now very hard to produce their own food. First of all, have to live with the fact, why such a procedure is necessary, what it involves and how it happens.

It is likely that with increasing amount of mother's milk and the rising food needs of the child, the Problem disappears by itself.