How is the endoscopic breast augmentation

Breast enlargement

The term "endoscopic increase" refers to the normal Operation of the increase in the volume of the bust, cheeks implants, but implants are introduced with the help of endoscopic devices. This minimizes the risk of complications and side effects, and improve the appearance of the breast.

In the world in several ways, which is imperceptible from those developed for the implementation of the incision at the navel. Even if the scar has not healed is perfectly straight, it will not affect the appearance of the patient by a plastic surgeon.

In Russia, endoscopic surgery augmentation(breast enlargement) cavity only through an incision in the armpit.

The variants of the cuts

The incision in the fold under the skin, mammary gland

Normally, such a cut is not more than 3.5 cm in length. But even with the cheapest variant, when the sutures have healed into a thin scar, he can always still remember, her owner or her husband about the use.

The section in the region of the nipple

In this embodiment, the edge remains. But even worse is the fact that in this section the glandular tissue affected and the bile ducts, so that it is impossible for the subsequent feeding, if a woman wants to become pregnant and a child to have.

One of the complications periareolar access, the loss of sensitivity of the nipple.

The access from the armpit, grips

  1. In the implementation of the Operation, the axillary access to the tissue of the milk remains unaffected gland, it is important to will have in the future for those who plan to have children.
  2. Edge, of the remains at the site of incision, and after (for 4-5 months) is absorbed, because the result is ruin.
  3. Much more convenient to enter the implant under the chest muscle, but requires the use of endoscopic devices to make a cut muscle tissue, but not damage, in this area of the great vessels.
  4. The surgery takes less time (about 40 minutes).
  5. Shortens the Rehabilitation period due to the fact that in the implementation of endoscopic surgery hurts less tissues.


  • Under development of the breast glands;
  • the small volume of the breast;
  • in mastoptosis (sagging breast) after the breast-feeding or a strong decrease of the body weight;
  • the lack of symmetry of the milk glands;
  • Deformation of the chest in consequence of a trauma or a surgery.

Female breast during pregnancy by one of the most significant changes to running. Probably a lot of interesting, to the enlargement of the breast during pregnancy?


Before breast augmentation, you need to ensure that there are no contraindications.

To do this, you have carried out a series of investigations:

  • Breast ultrasound;
  • the General analysis of blood;
  • Determination of blood clotting time;
  • blood on biochemistry, aids, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C.

In addition, you will need to bring a consulting anesthesiologist, the chances of any complications of anesthesia.


  • the presence of a well - or malignant tumors in the mammary glands, such as cysts, mastopathy, breast cancer;
  • the presence of infectious diseases;
  • acute diseases of the internal organs and a part of the chronic;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Diseases of the blood;
  • Disorder of blood clotting;
  • Age up to 18 years of age;
  • in the first year after the completion of the milk secretion;
  • unstable mental state.

How is the

At least a month before the surgery, eat normally should begin when the woman kept a strict diet, such as the lack of protein, vitamins and trace elements ill the speed of healing of the tissue can affect.

Two weeks before surgery, taking of medicines, the ability of blood to clot. This Aspirin and a number of other drugs, the list of must give you, the surgeon or the anesthesiologist consulted. At least three days before the Operation, you need to Smoking without, the smoke promotes the formation of coarse scar at the site of the surgical incision.

The intake of alcohol is not allowed, neither before nor after the Operation, because alcohol, not with drugs for the anesthesia and medications you take in the post-operative Phase.

Breast augmentation is in the classic operation room, where they fulfilled all the rules of Asepsis and Antisepsis (i.e., it supports sterility).

First, the surgeon will insert a special marker, which later helps him implants placed symmetrically. Subsequently, the patient on the operating-table, and an anesthetic is given. Incision of the skin and of the subcutaneous fatty tissue in your armpit. Normally, such a cut is more than 3 cm in length.

From the sectional view in the direction of the installation location of the implant Tunnel. The implant can be set, such as under the breast gland or under the muscle.

Later on, the implant cannot be moved and not rotated, there is a large number of techniques that an experienced surgeon is reluctant to share. But without the endoscope-run small Manipulation of inconvenient access virtually impossible.

After the implants are installed and registered, is the statutory audit of the surgical wound for the presence of bleeding. If the bleeding to stop him. If the answer is no, but the wound in layers tightly sewn.

In General, bleeding is the endoscopic method of surgery, there is not, because in addition to the endoscope coagulation is used. On the Video that will be posted closer to the beginning of the article, this device is shown. He looks like a little pin with the wire. This is essentially the analogue of a scalpel, only coagulation only allows the cutting of tissue, it will not immediately the blood seals blood vessels, so that the Patient lost blood.

After the operative wound is sutured, anaesthetist patients spend starts from the anesthesia. Already in the operating room, the patients wear special compression in order to avoid dislocations dentures and deformation of the chest.

Postoperative Period

  • The first night you spend in a hospital under the supervision of the medical staff.
  • In the first week, pain at the surgical wound, it can interfere with is required, because the intake of painkillers.
  • In the first 7-10 days of possible physical stress should be to reduce, avoid sudden movements with the hands, lifting the arms above shoulder height.
  • 3 months after the surgery, you should not visit a bath, a Sauna, a Solarium, and perform all the procedures in the area of the chest.

The prices for the endoscopic breast augmentation

The cost of the surgery depends on the price of the used implants, but the biggest issue is not post. Especially the difference in the price of the surgery, the experience and Reputation of the surgeon.