Beautiful bust – a gift of fate or the result of the plastic Operation on the chest

Vergrssernd mammoplastika can solve the Problem of the asymmetry of milk-glands, and not only of their modest size. Interested? Then the intricacies of breast enlargement let's all understand!

Would not say that the Fans of natural beauty, but the statistics are a stubborn thing – only 9% of the men are crazy about small Breasts, 79% are of the opinion the ideal size to 3 "female charms", and 12% not at all dream of a lady with 4 and more size. But what of the girl, to whom nature does not forgive beautiful female Breasts, but gifted with a desire to conquer the heart of a strong half of mankind? do Output for you can plastic surgery of the breast, in recent times, the skills of the surgeon in this matter reached a certain height.

To do or not

Breast enlargement

Since this process is not part of the medical and aesthetic surgery, no statement on the part of the patient is not to this Manipulation. The only indication to increase the desire of the girls and they fit the shape of the breast.

Plastic breast enlargement is able to help, in the case of:

  • The presence of strong asymmetries of the breast;
  • micromastia – a small breast size;
  • sagging and loss of volume, the shape of the breast in the upper pole of the breast;
  • if you are missing one or both of the mammary gland as a result of the treatment of cancer pathology or as a consequence of inflammatory processes or injuries;
  • if a woman says the size of your breast is not enough.

In any case, only the woman herself can decide whether your breast or plastic, and their current Situation are completely satisfied.

Contra-indications to surgery

Any medical Manipulation has a number of contraindications, and the Operation for breast augmentation is no exception. Whatever the lady wanted to send about the Breasts, but the procedure does not perform, if the following diseases:

  • All diseases of the internal organs in periods of exacerbation.
  • Diseases of the circulatory System in the decompensated Form.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Disorder of blood clotting.

Temporary contraindication can be used as the period of menstrual bleeding.

For exceptions, if there are any contraindications prior to the breast augmentation a woman should be to have a full medical examination, are mandatory steps:

Contra-indications to surgery
  • the General analysis of blood and biochemical research;
  • the implementation of the analysis for the presence of Hepatitis and HIV;
  • the General analysis of urine;
  • koagulogramma of the blood;
  • the recording of the ECG;
  • Breast ultrasound.

Also, every Patient should know, what for a better healing of postoperative seams need to smoke within 10 days before the procedure and during the time of Rehabilitation to completely give up. 2 weeks prior to surgery is important to exclude that the inclusion of hormonal contraceptives, and medicines, the salicylates.

Types of access

Plastic surgery of the breast after augmentation with various types of additions to the field of Intervention, with different types of implants, and the place of their arrangement may vary.

The plastic surgery is on the breast three types of access:

  1. Submammary. Means a section below the mammary gland in the natural crease. The length is about 4 cm. This type of access is a classic that allows for a reduction in the duration of the implementation of the mammoplastiki, provides the direct way to the introduction of implants. But besides the advantages, deficiencies, and significant – the presence of the scar, the fold is often visible as a result of the displacement of the skin after surgery.
  2. Periareolar. The incision around the nipple – to the border of the breast skin and pigmented areola. This access is particularly advantageous from an aesthetic point of view, the scar will be visible minimally. But the surgeon is in this case much more difficult to appropriate cavity for accommodation of the implant. Dissection of the tissue is carried out only in the subcutaneous layer, or directly through the gland itself. Under these conditions, the risk of the formation of salt deposits, cysts, and inflammatory processes. In addition, there is the likelihood of the trauma 4 branches of the nerve between the ribs, what is the cause for loss of sensitivity of the tissue and the skin of the breast.
  3. Axillary. The main advantage of this type – the ability to move the scar with the tissues of the breast in the armpit area wells. But this access, the surgeon sometimes endoscopic technique of execution of the Operation, because the form of the cavity of the implant with, this perspective is quite difficult. Frequent complication in this section, the asymmetric chest, as well as damage to the nerves.
It is interesting that in the US a breast enlargement produce even access through the navel. In this case, implants use fillable, i.e. misleading under the gland to empty pockets, which then serves the correct amount of solution

If the doctor and the Patient for the first type of access, which is usually the duration of surgery about half an hour. The second and third type of access usually requires more time – about an hour. But in the case when the enlargement of the chest is complemented and has a tightening (and this can only procedure one), the plastic surgeon can spend 2-3 hours more, than at normal magnification).

Options for the placement of the implant

Depending on the individual structure of the body of the woman, as well as from the initial state of the breast, the physician may suggest that a woman the different options of the place of location of the implant. A total of 4:

  1. In the space under the chest muscle in a full muscular pocket (i.e. myšcoj).
  2. The upper edge under the chest muscle and the lower (large) – under the tissue of the gland (complementary).
  3. Under the sheath of the pectoralis major muscle (i.e. cloth under the chest muscle).
  4. Under the tissue of the gland (i.e. directly under the breast gland).

In order to realize the right choice doctor must take into account the following factors:

  • the congenital position of the milk glands on the chest (high, medium, low);
  • the presence or the acquired Ptosis of the breast are missing, if there is grade on a scale of Regnault;
  • the state and the individual characteristics of the subcutaneous tissue and the skin. (Strength, consistency, the absence or the presence of stretch marks, and other);
  • Properties and characteristics of the large chest muscles (elasticity, surface area, thickness);
  • Features of the structure of the chest (the presence or the absence of their deformations).

The assessment and taking into account all the conditions that plastic surgeon should.with the choice, the voice of his patient and agreed with her, and explains all of the advantages and disadvantages of this variant

Types of implants

At the Moment there are 5 generations of implants. With each year, they are more than perfect. Changed to their thick outer shell, its texture (in this time the best Option – irregular, reduced by the roughness of the danger of the formation of the capsule fibrous around an implant). There are one-and two-chamber prostheses, of which a Gel is filled, and the second is directly during the Operation, saline solution.

They differ in the Form – Teardrop shape, round, conical. It is through such diversity possible, as accurately as possible chest to admit the dreams of the customers.

The enlargement of the chest can be set dental with different content:

  • Silicone fluid, in the appropriate viscosity of vegetable oil;
  • Silicone-Gel, the consistency close to the jelly;
  • elastic silicone-Gel, viscosity similar to jam;
  • "Soft touch"Gel, the consistency is similar to jelly;
  • fizrastvorom or solution of salt in water;
  • Soy-oil.

Each of these fillers has its pros and cons. They all differ in the approximate life span, level of naturalness and reliability.

Selection of implants

Earlier implants, the patient chose only on the basis of a visual and tactile inspection, which means they were options, and women, the assessment of the shape, size and consistency, were on one of them. Nowadays, the increase of the milk glands is preceded by a Simulation prior to the Installation of implants.

Selection of implants

For this method of Simulation a special computer program. In the basic measurements and preferences of the patient (height, weight), if you measurements. On the basis of this data, the program suggests an optimal variant of dentures, which not only provides, but also modeled the outer replicas of the breast (a "Simulation" of a possible breast – final results). Data impersonators will wear in a bra and woman, then it can check in Detail, whether it's this shape, the size and the consistency of the bust fits.


Plastic surgery breast augmentation is usually performed in General anesthesia. Possible as an intravenous Alternative for the implementation of the air tube.

Much more rarely enlargement of the breast is done under local anesthesia, is mandatory in this case, an additional intravenous sedation. Is used, the analgesia most commonly, if the Patient has serious contraindications to General anesthesia.

Breast augmentation under local anesthesia is not very popular, because most women are terrified of the op process. Also very difficult to find a plastic surgeon who agree with me, a correction of the breast can be performed under local anesthesia, because to focus even the specialists easier, if he is not sure that his actions will alert the patient and not cause him mental suffering.

The expiry of the Operation

How is the surgery performed to the breast augmentation, depends on the type of access, type of implant, the choice of location and the initial data of the patient.

The General phases of the Operation of breast augmentation are:

  • Anesthesia;
  • the marking of the surgical field (Dr. signed section lines, the boundaries of the Intervention, makes mark for themselves);
  • Execution of cuts;
  • the formation of the prosthetic bed;
  • The Introduction Of The Endoprosthesis;
  • closure of the wound;
  • the rearing from the anesthesia.

But sometimes plastic surgery breast augmentation produced and without the overlay of classic seams. So, Dr. Sergey Sviridov, developed and patented a unique method of seamless plastics. In this case, the incision is made at the lower edge of the Areola, do not cut all of the fabric, separated with a blunt method, and after completion of the whole Operation, the wound edges are glued with a special fibrin glue. The local inflammatory reaction in the implementation of this method is much less pronounced, healing loser come to you much faster and pain. While the smaller the Chance of formation of scar tissue helps to the large number of women with ease, a breast augmentation and soon enjoy the result.

Expander Dermot Sion

There are also some special features, if the desired size of the implant to the breast enlargement surgery in this case, because the skin is elastic, but not limitlessly.

In this case, first, the reserves of the skin increase as a result of the temporary introduction of the expander, usually 1.5 – 2 months is enough. But if the size of the implant and the native tissue and the stocks are small to large, that is, the time interval may be larger. After the necessary supply is created, the Operation of breast augmentation by the standard method.


Surgical intervention is the rehabilitation phase implies. Is adjusting the time interval for the complete body and adapt to new circumstances. Therefore, the result of mammoplastiki estimate 2-3 months after the Intervention. So much time must swelling, and the chest rise a little and wins its final – a natural Form.


If the rehab time – teur has passed, and the shape of the breast or uneven does not fit a little patient-you to the consultation to your Opera and discuss with him all your questions.

Of course, the restoration will go a long way not so easy: pain and discomfort in the first days after the Operation, the need to wear a special compression bodice, physical exertion, the joy of Rob visits of steam baths, saunas, Pools. But the dream of a beautiful chest, the admiring glances of men and envious looks from friends are the most women to help deal with this Problem.

Beautiful bust – the ultimate dream of many women. Unfortunately, nature is not all has such a "treasure", but fortunately, modern plastic surgery can help to fix this. Everything you have the desire, determination and a positive attitude required. Stay healthy and beautiful!