The main reasons for the enlargement of the breast in women

Women are always interested in the delicate question of why the breast is growing. Some connect the growth of the milk glands with inheritance, with a hormonal background, the third are sure that the cabbage helps. Each representative of the fairer sex have their beliefs and evidence. But the doctors argue, why some of the chest can rise to one or three sizes. And the culprit of such intense growth, not cabbage. To understand this question, you should know how to gland a breast.

The anatomical construction

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In order to better understand what the chest, you should grow to understand in its structure. Mammary gland in its structure does not differ in principle from the sweat glands, because formed sweat gland. Finally, the breast formed to 25 years. The female breast fat layer. The more fat layer, the greater the mammary gland. Therefore, in the case of severe weight loss, and the volume of the breast is reduced.

The glandular tissue of the breast is divided into several shares, through the channels of the milk to form sinuses. Each share is collected in the Form of clusters of alveoli, tortuous canaliculus. According to these tubulis during breastfeeding, the milk flows. Between the shares in the loose tissue (fat and connection).

Basic tissue of the female breast glands. It is in direct connection with the main function of the prostate is the production of milk. The lactation compliance with the glandular tissue, fat and connective tissue is 2:1. Muscle tissue in the composition of the gland not included. The female breast lies on the breast muscle and contains a large number of blood vessels and nerve endings. On the Form, and the sheer size of the female breast have an influence bands, called the Cowper.

The main causes for the increase of the mammary glands

Every woman the causes of breast enlargement individually. Among the factors are the growth of breast cancer and oncological diseases. Therefore, you need to consult urgently a doctor if disturbing symptoms:

  1. sharp atypical swelling of the gland;
  2. Seal;
  3. the-allotment.
The Breasts grow, it is better, proven, safe methods to the restoration of the normal hormonal balance, weight control and diet, exercise.

The influence of hormone levels on the growth of the gland

You have to know, why in this or that period of menstrual cycle is an increase in the female breast. Quick and noticeable changes in the growth are spread on the pubertal period. Breast teenager starts the secretion of milk to prepare on its primary function. The primary mass of tissue, the growth and development of cells and lactocytes to store fat. Until the end of puberty breast girl lives in practically educated state.

Iron developed normally, the body needs the appropriate hormonal balance. To a greater extent control over the growth of the sex hormones. The formation and growth of connective tissue estrogenic controls during the pregnancy — progesterone. Thanks to this hormone, an increase in the number of alveoli, the acceleration of the growth of the glands of the body.

Male hormones also sekretiruûtsâ in the body and affect the enlargement of the mammary gland. During pregnancy and lactation the hormone prolactin on the enlargement of the glands, of the metabolism of the skin. Complex effect of prolactin and progesterone, the growth of the glandular cells in the 17-fold increase. After the period of lactation the gland by fat.

After 40 years, in women it is Vice versa, breast development, and already in the menopause gland tissue is completely fat replaced with fibrotic inclusions.

The influence of food on the enlargement of the mammary gland

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The Breasts grow, you should the right foods. Possible to increase that cabbage and other foods that are rich in nutrients in the location on several large bust, but help to improve his condition. In a natural way to increase milk glands can, if you are in the food products, the plant-based estrogens. As in the body's hormones have a direct influence on the development of the gland, the consumption of foods with a high content of fitoestragenov be able to influence the process to increase.

Among the plant sources of estrogen:

  1. Soy bean;
  2. Dairy products;
  3. Flaxseed, pumpkin, anise, or sunflower;
  4. Cabbage;
  5. Sage;
  6. Ginger;
  7. Spice Clove;
  8. Oregano;
  9. Thyme;
  10. Clover;
  11. Turmeric;
  12. Peas;
  13. Beans;
  14. Chickpeas;
  15. Turkish beans;
  16. Cauliflower;
  17. common rosefinch;
  18. Brussels sprouts;
  19. Broccoli;
  20. Red cabbage;
  21. the blueberry.

In the gastronomy of the herbs for the rejuvenation of the breast tissue. In folk medicine, fenugreek, Wild Yam, Palma vidit palmetto used. In the daily diet must be present, the food, the Omega-fats.

Physical movement and volume of the bust

Products that contain phytoestrogens, including cabbage, to help in the location of the chest will not grow if the woman meets the exercise. Exactly of the condition of the muscles, ligaments, skin, blood circulation and trophism often the beauty of the bust depends. There are a number of exercises, the effects on the Tonus of the pectoral muscles. Complex exercise does not increase the mammary gland and does not accelerate their growth, and only helps make the bust look bigger and bigger.

The most effective exercises are:

  1. Pushups;
  2. Pushups from the wall;
  3. exercises with dumbbells.

To speed up the results, it is recommended, Massage and breathing exercises. Cream or oil components selected, improves the skin's elasticity, the tone of the muscles, accelerate the blood circulation. To achieve the positive effect of all movements during the Massage should vessels towards the lymph.