Pros and cons of breast augmentation breast implants

A growing number of women faced: whether breast enlargement or to make do with his natural size and shape. In many cases, the idea of the new breast occurs under the influence of the sexual Partner. Statistics show that every third man suggests just lush breast. The same statistics show that women who have a breast augmentation, more happiness in career and in relationships with men.

What mammoplastika, their types

Depending on the result, we distinguish four types of correction operations:

Breast enlargement
  1. Breast Lift – Breast Lift.
  2. The decrease in reduction of the breast.
  3. Increasing the size of the breast with the help of implants.
  4. Plastic correction of the nipple (Areola).

Who breast augmentation shown

Not always breast implants whim of the women, in some cases, this surgery is necessary for medical reasons. For example, a breast, or both, were deleted because of cancer of the breast. In this case, the woman's breast implants helps restore a normal.

The presence of any cause of the following list – be a reason to the surgeon:

  • a Trauma to the chest suffered, the need for the restoration of its shape;
  • the loss of elasticity, and the beautiful shape of the breast due to the long lactation the mother's milk;
  • asymmetric chest (left, right);
  • age-related changes: mottled breast, loss of volume and shape;
  • large sizes of areola (area around the nipple);
  • overly enlarged nipple.

What you need to know about implants

In modern hospitals uses two types of prostheses (implants):

  • filled with Helium;
  • with a filler in the Form of a physiological saline solution – 9 % salt solution.

Material outer jacket in both cases silicone. The structure of the silicone shell is structured of two types: smooth,. A disadvantage of the smooth prostheses – high probability of displacement. In the case of implants of a different type displacement probability is low, but a high percentage of their internal Fouling of connective tissue.

How is the

Due to the increase in the connective tissue unsightly wrinkles appear on the skin.

Less harm for health brings to the implant, the gap in the Saline. Plus, these models offer a relatively low price, minus − while driving ambient noise. Prostheses filled with Helium over elastic, you don't lose your Form when you break the shell, can in the course of time, sagging chest cause.

Dental implants can change the shape. The clinics offer round and anatomical implants. Round guarantee the symmetry and the constant Form, the anatomical (teardrop shape) to ensure a natural appearance of the breast.

Women with small Breasts anatomic variant is usually recommended, those who have large Breasts and sagging, the implants have a round shape.

In any case, a specialist, the clinic analyzed the anatomical structure of the client and provides the best Option.

Importance of the size, the larger is, the higher the weight of the implant. The dependence between the size and the weight. You can calculate the size of the implant, volume of the filler. The first size is equal to increase the volume of 150 ml, the second, respectively, 300 ml All of the following dimensions and weight. The surgeon can make adjustments to the customer's wishes, on the basis of the peculiarities of their character

  • The width of the Thorax;
  • the structure of the skin, its density;
  • the proportions of all parts of the body.

Planning and preparation for the Operation

Breast implants, like any other surgery, is possible only after a full investigation:

  1. The blood picture (in General, the presence of anticoagulants, HIV, Hepatitis).
  2. Required the analysis of urine.
  3. Make ECG.
  4. Uzi.
The prohibition of Smoking

The woman, the breast, surveys in respect of Oncology and other diseases of a chronic nature.

How is the

The cut can cave in the area of the armpit, directly under the breast in the fold of the skin, in the circumferential direction of the areola, in the navel area of the abdomen. The choice depends on the anatomical structure of women and the forms of their Breasts. The implant is in an improvised bag, and the resulting cut.

The time of Operation of 1 - 1.5 hours. Prior to the surgery with your deal, you are preparing her for the anesthesia and during the entire Operation to monitor your condition anaesthetists.

The result of the Operation, the consequences of which

Breast augmentation has its drawbacks: there is the likelihood of complications, the long recovery phase, the non-conformity of the desired result with the result. Complications – the most serious minus. Adjustment of the breast size or shape – it's a serious intervention in the human body. Exclude the likelihood of complications is not necessary. Planning of the Operation, you have to be ready to unpleasant moments:

  • unexpected bleeding, the divergence of seams;
  • Hematoma, not the aesthetic appearance of the scars;
  • Capsule-Contracture;
  • Violation of the integrity of the implant;
  • Displacement of the implant.

Disadvantages mammoplastiki are not limited to the possible negative consequences for health and appearance. Longer postoperative recovery − a tough test for many of our customers. Not to forget the pain of the Operation. You spend always under the supervision of the BRIGADE anesthesiologist under General anesthesia. Possible unpleasant consequences of anesthesia: persistent nausea, pain.


Away from anesthesia differently, some of it is of no consequence, the other in the course of the month. In any case, the woman should be ready, pain in the first time after the Operation. A possible consequence of postoperative gastric problems pain by taking painkillers.

During the recovery phase, which lasts at least a month, in the case of the woman there are a number of limitations:

  • it is not permitted on the abdomen;
  • are prohibited all sports activities;
  • no Smoking, alcohol, prohibited;
  • do not go to the Solarium, at the beach;
  • it is forbidden to have children within 6 months;
  • under the strict ban, a steam room, and Sauna.

It is interesting to note that even a successful breast augmentation can make a woman to have serious mental issues, severe Depression and the emergence of new phobias.

Even with a successful surgery, the implant, the whole life. Doctors recommend the implementation of the after 15 years of re-Operation.

Pros and cons of plastic surgery are obvious. Not a quick decision for or against should. Really good clinic, if it is the desire and the ability to enlarge your Breasts. Helps to make the right decisions, the consultation of the expert.