Surgery of the chest: 9 facts you need to know in advance

One of the leading clinics in plastic surgery, 9 facts you should be aware of called a those women who want to enlarge and tighten the breast.

No problems – no surgery

If you glands are no serious problems with the milk, you can refuse in plastic surgery. Please answer honestly, whether it is the Problem of long-standing complex, because of which they feel insecure and constantly have problems, or your decision – is it a fad? The answer to a similar question in patients find out that the majority of professional plastic surgeon in the first consultation. If the desire to enlarge or tighten the breast (contour mammoplastika) is the "current mood", be ready that you give up. Professional surgeons will never "hunt" for the patient, all to indulge their whims.

Non-surgical solution

Even the most experienced plastic surgeons with years of experience and thousands of successful operations behind processed but your body with a significant physical and psychological Stress, and this means that certain risks. So you should be 100% sure in his judgment. If the Problem is minor and can be solved, for example, activities in the gym, a cosmetic services or just with the right underwear, be ready to consult such recommendations by plastic surgeons. If you can't solve a Problem-invasive method, and your body Stress, in the table on the op.

Good Rest

Should still get by without surgery, to relax a few days before surgery. Not recommend neither the physical nor the emotional burden. For two or three days before the Operation, you waive all sports, long flights, and even more from the dinner with a glass of wine. These days, it is recommended that you simply relax in the relaxed and cozy atmosphere. If before the Operation, after the increase of mammary glands and Lifting the bust for a considerable excitement, you can take a sedative, but not alcohol.

You will forget about Smoking

Nicotine and tar, the lead from the body during Smoking, a substantially increased risk of negative result after contour mammoplastiki, and can also cause a severe postoperative complications. Therefore, patients should be strongly recommended, on the bus within 14 days before and after the Operation. If this habit is too difficult, try to reduce the dose of nicotine to a Minimum during this time.

Not to decrease you,

To the Operation it is advisable to approach, if you already in the weight that you believe to be optimal. If you are planning to go on a diet, distribute the appropriate diet program on the time before the Operation. The loss of more than 3 kg of weight after plastic bust can breast a very negative effect on the appearance of the "new". As a result, the probability of the Operation is increased according to the correction of the shape of the new breast a lot sooner than it should have.

But the weight gain within limits, on the contrary, not only not bad, but you can also have a positive impact on the appearance of the bust. So, according to the results of numerous studies, the annual weight gain within 100-300 G women between the ages of 45-50 years, a very positive effect on the condition of the skin, so you stay young and healthy.

Breast enlargement

The average price for a breast augmentation is $4 to 7 thousand

Each inventive price under $4 a thousand must be warned: either you call incomplete, the price, or the Operation is a "not very professional" clinic for plastic surgery, with all the resulting risks for health and life. The price difference is within the specified range (from $4 to $7 million), the three most important factors: costs and quality of implants (including the reputation of the manufacturer), experience, and professionalism of the plastic surgeon, the quality and class of the clinic for plastic surgery and, the most important, the attitude to the safety of the patients. In answer to the question: are you willing to money for operations, you can save your security and risk your health?

You make ready for a month of "fall" from the life

Since about three weeks after the surgery of increase and the chest tightening, you need your "holiday" of all the everyday things: no homework, work, Stress. Compliance with these recommendations, it is extremely important for a quick and comfortable recovery of the organism after the Operation.

You might need a few types of operations at the same time

Not always can is a type of the Operation is complete, the existing problems with breast solve. For example, a relatively common event, with the annual plastic surgeons are faced around the world, is a plastic chest after birth, and infant nutrition. In such cases, many patients not only with the Problem of the reduction of the breast, but also by bending (particularly common after the second or third birth). In this case, the best solution is the combined Operation to increase and a simultaneous breast lift. Note that you can determine what kind of Operation need, is in your case not possible. So the best option would be to go through a consultation with a professional plastic surgeon.

The chest must be maintained in a sound condition

The results of even the best plastic surgeons, not forever. Years, aging still takes its toll: the skin and other tissues of the breast, change their properties, and this affects the previously obtained effect of enlargement and tightening of the chest. Re-operations mammoplastiki repeated, which should support a few years later, after the primary, and then save the resulting effect earlier. These operations are usually much easier, instead of only on the problem areas breast and safe for health. For such an Operation, in most cases, you need two times less time than for the main. If the average time of the combined operations is to increase and breast lift 3 hours, then the surgery to correct it is takes an average of 1.5 hours.

According to the statistics of plastic surgeons, 90-95% of the patients, the "new" chest for the preservation of the acquired effect after 10 years, the Operation after the correction of the result. Such are the time limits for a patient at the age of 30-40 years, he takes pride in his appearance and a healthy lifestyle. However, the conditions are to be reduced drastically for a number of reasons, depending on the genetics, as well as from the patient. For example, correctional, breast implants may already after 3-5 years, if after the first Operation, the patient is a serious stress situation experienced gave birth to two or more children, and this led to strong fluctuations in weight, or if.