The effects of the breast enlargement

Breast implants, breast lift, and give a new life a female bust, increase self-esteem, and the General attractiveness of the female sexuality, again, the natural Form of deterioration due to certain circumstances, or the increase of the inherently small size. But this procedure, unfortunately, and undesirable consequences. The most important complications after the increase is, above all, stripes and scars. The modern medicine offers a whole set of effective resources for a clarification or obfuscation, but does not deny the fact of their presence.

Also, the increase can result in a number of inconveniences have glands in the first time, unaccustomed to the major milk.

Breast enlargement

Whether the scars after breast augmentation

In this issue an important role in the organism of the patient plays. If there is no tendency to over-grown scar, you heal quickly and are virtually invisible.

In the first time, in the course of 1-3 months, and of course, scars are visible for all, in this time, he is a raspberry tone, white over time.

If you Relief the way of the increase under the breast, a scar will be visible only when you lift the chest and careful examination of the place of a cut, not to be confused as it is easy with skin.

Still a pretty unexpected choice for the position of the seam - axillary. In this case, the seam will not find, because there is simply no. But the disadvantage of this way is that the abundance of the sebaceous and sweat glands in this area prevents the rapid healing.

By circular path 100% stealth scar is also not guaranteed - Pigmentation Areola is insidious mark seam whitish tint.

Camouflage of scars

They had a welcome sight of the breast, I would not want to ruin scar the aesthetics of one's own body and scars. How to hide the negative effects of breast augmentation? In this case, the medicine has hidden several ways:

  • Creams and ointments;
  • cosmetic treatments;
  • Laser Peels;
  • Laser Resurfacing.

First, unfortunately, not sufficient for a complete solution of the problem. To a certain degree, but not more than 5-10% of help.

Cosmetology is effective only if repeated the procedure a few times, reached after the first time rarely have the desired effect.

Laser peeling is a very effective solution due to their quirky applications. The desquamation of the skin by the evaporation of liquids under the influence of the laser beam clear "deletes" the visible boundary between the holistic and the scar on the skin. A couple of days of recovery, review the result and, if necessary, a repetition of the procedure.

Grinding does not reduce the problem in the length or width, but has a positive effect on the alignment of your with the skin according to the height.

All of these procedures are recommended, the producing begin only after the complete Rehabilitation no earlier than one year from the day of surgery. If the whole of the next year, cosmetic procedures to focus on the application of Retinol and fruit acids, you can practically 99% exemption of the visible scar.

The consequences of serious

Unfortunately, non-scarred one can worried patient. Here you will also be able to overtake such side effects after a breast augmentation, such as:

  • Violation of the sensitivity;
  • Infection;
  • Hematoma;
  • purulent wounds;
  • Numbness in the tissues;
  • serom.
Compression clothing

An impressive list of adverse results force seriously their views to rethink about the plastic of the breast, but you should note that a part of them, may occur on the negligence of the staff, the surgery - bad quality of the sterilization of instruments, the creation of excessively large cavity for the prosthesis, ignore the indicators of blood coagulation. The second part - the negative attitude of the patient to the recommendations and requirements for the Rehabilitation: use of steroids or cold therapy, increased to ignore physical stress and compression underwear.

And the third part, in which the de-wormed lone violation of the sensitivity, it is a usual thing in the case of a circular access, but this effect is temporary and, in time, naturally return to normal.

Deterioration of the cosmetic effect

This is also a result of the Operation, should stop and consider you more.

Adopted three problems with the prosthesis:

  • Shift;
  • blows;
  • Gap.

The blame for the shift is almost always based on the surgeon, the Operation: the created the special features of the structure of the thorax of the patient; incorrect placement of the implant ignored; cavity inappropriate volume.

A prerogative of blows only prostheses with a filling of saline solution. The thing the exhaustion of the content by Diffusion of the solution through the shell.

For the gap of responsibility are many: this can be, manufacturing defects, damage to the prosthesis by the surgeon and / or an external factor of influence on the chest of the patient.

You protect yourself from these difficulties: first, choose a good surgeon, does not allow Bias. Secondly - choose the Gel-filling. And thirdly, the gap will help restore the same selection of highly qualified specialists for the surgery and silicone prosthesis.

The choice of the surgeon

On the basis of all the written, to a very correct conclusion: responsibly approach to the choice of the clinic and of the surgeon, you can protect yourself from more than half of the possible complications.

In the age of the Internet, you will find test reports about something or someone is a task for a query in a search engine and a half hour of time for the reading of the received information. Be extremely careful: check multiple sources, the copy on different sides of the issue on the subject of positive or negative comments. A case of a very grateful or extremely disappointed customers, but if ten pages of praise for a surgeon to be in unison, and on other Websites about you never have heard is that there is an obvious hook.

According to the Definition of the executor of the Mission to the enlargement of your Breasts, find his / her personal page. The vast majority of modern surgeons have, collect your Portfolio and testimonials, and follow the advice. Try to make contact with people who ask back to the reviews left for the latest reviews,, the photo before/after the Operation or the communication on the phone - it often helps to determine the veracity of information in the recall and the existence of the source of this review.

Rehabilitation phase

The effects of the breast enlargement

You can protect yourself to from part of the adverse results of the surgery in a good clinic with a professional staff. But he ignored the demands and recommendations on the post-operative period can be even bigger problems after the breast.

The most common gaffe premature failure of compression underwear. It is not only so strictly attributed to monthly wear - do not assume that, if in the second or third week, everything seems good and no pain - you can stop wearing it. No, it is impossible. Month, four and a half weeks, 31 days, and not a day less. No damage will reduce in this time, a warm shower twice a day, at a Minimum, if not zero, a prolonged stay under the sun or in areas with elevated temperature, for example, saunas. Limit physical activity: chest muscles very often used, in which all the movements and lifting heavy objects - including your effort.

Life after the surgery

If you adhered to have been the tips from this article and have to draw the right conclusions, which is already a year after the Operation, you can enjoy your new Breasts and she attracts the attention of the other. The sensitivity is restored to established the final Form of the updated bust this time, and compression clothes far in the back, and front only the increased self-esteem, attractiveness and good mood.