Breast augmentation with own fat without implants, contraindications

Breast enlargement besides implants, with the help of own fat. Such a procedure is called lipofilling. In the course of the implementation of the fat of the patient (thigh, abdomen, buttocks) is with the procedure of liposuction and is just glands in this area of the milk where you need it.


Indications for the implementation of the Operation.

The breast is an important Parameter of female beauty, and the epitome of femininity. Not everyone of us has a perfect shape of the breast and the amount of of nature that have not the least influence certain diseases and developmental disorders. An illustrative example of the Operation hypoplasia is when the milk developed glands in relation to the morphology of the patient. Hypoplasia can be physiologically, and it is in the puberty or as a result of a pregnancy or significant weight loss Other indication for surgery is a syndrome Поланда (genetic disorder is the partial or complete absence of the chest muscles), tuberous breast (congenital Deformation, characterized by the excessive distance between the milk glands, extensive nipple-areolar complex, in particularly severe cases, the chest hanging laterally opposite sides with a pronounced asymmetry of the fold).

To solve such problems long implants or breast prosthetic devices, the gland behind the breast or behind the pectoralis major muscle. Today, or again, the volume of the chest glands, lipofilling of the breast can improve.

The essence of breast augmentation fat (lipofilling).

The technique of execution of the procedure, the chest fat is similar to the introduction of gels and fillers (not in the Form of capsules) in the contouring. Only in this case, no allergic reactions or rejection by the body tissue fat appearance. The procedure is absolutely safe. Everything looks, of course, is the natural "Material", but not the implants, which for many is not the last value.

Breast enlargement only the adipose tissue is not always possible. This is for very slim girls, finally, you take the fat out of nothing. Therefore, this method is relevant for fat girls, the Breasts in 1-2 sizes already exist. Then increase it to a full size with the help of effective redistribution of adipose tissue with the thighs and belly is very Real.

lipofilling for the correction of defects after breast implants (a small asymmetry of the breast, the contour of the implants – if in case of insufficient fatty tissue in the breast implant begins most prominent under the skin).

The method does not require large incisions, microscopic punctures cause damage to blood vessels and nerve fibers, thus it is completely safe.

The advantages of breast enlargement with fat.

  • In the organism of foreign bodies introduced.
  • Absolute compatibility "donor" fat with substances in the field of Transplantation, reducing the risk of rejection (as in the case of the Installation of implants) or of allergic reactions.
  • Minimal discomfort for the body.
  • Allows the simultaneous removal of fat deposits in the problem zones.
  • In the chest, to be administered a different amount of adipose tissue, what is currently in asymmetries of the breast.
  • The result after the treatment is immediately visible, both visually and to the touch.
  • The lack of a long period of Rehabilitation on the background of low invasiveness.
  • No scars after the Operation.
  • The possibility, at the same time the problem areas to correct and increase the volume in the desired area.
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Disadvantages of breast enlargement with fat.

  • Not suitable for very skinny girl.
  • By one and a half-two years, the transplanted tissue absorbed, making the breast loses its volume. To maintain the effect, repeat the process.
  • In the case of significant loss of weight after the Operation, the volume of the breast can be reduced, and, conversely, if the mass of the body to increase, and to increase the volume of the breast. So, the Patient is obliged to stabilize your weight.
  • Increase the volume of the breast with autologous fat in a single procedure only to a full size can. Since the Material is not encapsulated, so large amounts do not allow it in a particular Zone.
  • You have to remember that fat, in spite of the variety of its editing, is still the ability to migrate, what is risky is the formation of dense "tumors".

Prerequisites for the implementation of the Operation.

  • The Patient should be young and healthy.
  • It is a fat deposits in abdomen, thighs, buttocks or on the side.
  • Must know about all the disadvantages and side effects of surgery.
  • Before and after surgery for several days at a the drugs anticoagulants prohibited, including Aspirin.

The implementation of the method.

Before the Operation, a medical examination requires the presence of contraindications. The procedure itself lasts three hours and involves several steps:

  • General Analgesia.
  • Fence fat tissue through Mini-incisions of a problem zones (buttocks, abdomen, thigh) with special cannulas.
  • The resulting substance is clots within a few minutes in a special centrifuge, this is done with the goal of cleaning blood, the anesthetic substances and the like, as well as to increase the vitality of the fat cells.
  • The purified fat with the help of injections distributed in the desired area of the milk glands.
  • After the completion of the procedure, the incisions sutured.
  • After a week, when the swelling come, you can evaluate the preliminary results.
  • In the hospital the patient one to two days after surgery.

Contraindications for the Operation.

  • The presence of Diabetes mellitus.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases.
  • Types of cancer and the risk of their development.
  • Allergic to the anesthesia.

Compatibility with other procedures.

  • The Operation can be combined with a liposuction, lifting, correction of the body for aesthetic purposes, the improvement of the facial contours, the modeling of the figures.

Recovery phase after surgery and side effects.

As a result of liposuction and a transplant of fat in the chest, after about a day, you experience redness, swelling, bruising, and hematomas. Fear is not worth it, have to do everything yourself. in about two weeks - a month without additional treatment The severity of this unpleasant phenomena is directly dependent on the volume of the tissue and, accordingly, the Zone from which you climbed. After two-three months, you can see the final result. Repeat the procedure lipofilling can in a few months. During the Operation, the risk of infection.

lipofilling and breast cancer.

Still not revealed any evidence that the procedure of increase in the breast fat and provokes the development of cancer tumors, breast cancer. A few days before the Operation, the patient, the examination, in the investigation of breast involved on the risk of developing cancer. After the surgery, she is obliged, once a year, breast examination diagnostic.