How to increase the breast at home?

No wonder, the survey of cosmopolitan magazine proved that almost 70% (three-quarters!) Men in the encounter with a woman, the first thing to look at your Breasts, and then pay attention to your face, eyes and hair.

Of course there are girls that mother nature has been a generous gift, the award of the lush and luscious breast. But honestly those women said, not so much. And what everyone else is doing? Place the cotton wool in your bra, how to wear it, our grandmothers did, or loose clothing, under the not very Expressive shape, not too flashy? No, it is not the output! We, the modern women in this way, we do not agree. We live in a time when, pardon the pun, our Tits in our hands!

The enlargement of the breast with the help of plastic surgery

Breast enlargement at home

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the rate of increase in the breast plastic surgery. But here there is a lot of for and against.

Of course, you trust the professionals, you will be in a short time, you will get the perfect shape and size of the breast.

In addition to plastic surgery, there are already more than a decade, and during this time the technologies, materials, and technology to rid us of the probability of a bad one that doesn't fit us the result.

And, above all, any clinic of plastic surgery in several ways, the enlargement of the breast (by inserting the implant under the mammary gland, completely or partially under the muscle), which will allow you to choose the perfect appropriate Option (save the shape of your Breasts, the time for the post-operative Rehabilitation, etc.) can offer you.

However, despite all of the advantages of breast enlargement with the help of plastic surgery, this method has some disadvantages.

Firstly, it is quite a painful Operation, even if successful, to experience a woman more rehabilitation time.

Secondly, implants, even the good, must replace every 5-7 years, which means that they condemn themselves to continuous operation for the whole subsequent life. And the surgical Intervention is never without consequences and side effects.

Thirdly, after the plastic of the breast is a hormonal pills, which lead to an increase in weight and the need to sit on diets, to torture, physically exhausting - even Though the help of modern technologies and of obesity rid of this can with the help of the latest technology of correction of a weight, such as the ultrasonic liposuction.

So, before you decide on plastic surgery, breast augmentation, you should consider whether it is possible to enlarge your Breasts at home? With certainty we can tell you that it is real.

So, like the chest in the home? Consider the possible options.

Creams and gels for breast enlargement

For starters, let's talk about creams and specialized gels, figure, form chest. They really work and, after their proper use, the chest is really tight and increases. But the composition of these creams and gels usually do not only herbal components, types of Ginseng contain, extract, and, unfortunately, and hormones.

There is no scientific evidence, does such a cream a negative impact on the health of the woman or not, although that is actually not checked that after the woman use such a cream, the breast quickly returns to the previous state. In addition, many women have been on this cream for an allergic reaction, possibly to a rather unpleasant cosmetic effects.

Vacuum equipment breast enlargement

Breast enlargement

In addition to creams there are and vacuum devices for breast augmentation. Chest, you are certainly increase a little, but according to many women, can cause pain and after some time after completion of the procedure again and again back to square one.

Exercises and breathing exercises to breast enlargement

The reliable, safe and almost free means of breast enlargement at home exercises, physical exercises and breathing. Am working every day for 30-40 minutes, increase the size of you really in the situation, and tighten up your chest, without risking your health.

We look at some of the common practices that help enlarge your Breasts at home, have practically no contraindications and are suitable for women of any age and physique.

In Yoga there are several types of rain: the most important of them is to breathe in the belly and chest. In our case, we will carry out, to the chest-breathing.

For the beginning, in the Lotus position (or half Lotus), place your hands on the knees, palms up, straighten your spine and relax your abdomen. Now, the exercises start.

The first exercise for breast enlargement is based on slow deep breath from the chest. Don't forget, we breathe only through the nose! On the inhale, try to fill the air to the Maximum, to do this, push the chest forward, how advanced it is and try as much as possible to pull the mandrel. On the exhale, draw the chest in and try to relax the whole body. Perform the exercise at least 25 times. Remember that the breathing should be slow and deep.

The second exercise is the first, is virtually repeated in 2 times faster. Actually, it is quite difficult and you need time to learn to breathe correctly in such a fast pace.

The third exercise is also based on the breath, but lying in the pose on the back. For starters, you lay on the floor, bend the knees, and leaning on the feet, lift the body from the ground over short distances. The hands are on the floor, palms down. Sealing the buttocks, (to pinch it to release the tension on the spinal column) and run 15 - 20 deep chest breaths, as well as in the first exercise. Scroll down to the bottom and relax a little. Repeat the cycle once again. When the power – increase the number of breaths to 30.

The last exercise for the chest enlargement with the help of breathing we will also perform lying on your back. Simply smooth lie down, stretch your arms and legs, relax and begin quickly to breathe through the nose, tense, alternating each breast. Try 30 breaths, relax and repeat the entire cycle.

Such breathing exercises and exercises for breast enlargement at home really give very good results. The main thing is to follow a regular and on an empty stomach, and after a few months, your Breasts look just beautiful.

Good luck to you, dear women!