Features of Rehabilitation after breast enlargement

The female breast in all times was the basic canons of beauty. With age, he has sagging changes and begins. The development of medical technology, in particular, of plastic surgery opens up new possibilities for the preservation of the beautiful breast from the age. It is mammoplastike. Rehabilitation after mammoplastiki – it is a long process.

Breast augmentation and Rehabilitation

What you need to know about mammoplastike

The fair sex for centuries to come, many of the possibilities of increasing the milk glands — various oils, herbal teas, curative baths, corsets with iron plates.

The plastic of the breast (mammoplastika) — a complicated Operation, in which the shape of the breast adapted in size, shape, areola and nipple.

The biggest Plus of this method is the preservation of the beautiful shape of the breast for the coming years is minus, it is a heavy burden for the body, the surgery can lead to complications and worsen the state of health for a month after mammoplastiki.

So you decide, each woman should understand:

  1. My life and health only surgeon with the name and the corresponding license, which works in a clinic with a good reputation can be trusted. Better work trust of an Institution, to assess the actions of mammoplasty relatives and friends, results.
  2. You have everything you need to know about possible complications mammoplastiki, their prevention and elimination, to discuss with the doctor all the moments up to the signing of the Treaty.
  3. A lot depends on the quality of the implants, the glands are inserted in the breast. In the ideal case, it should be in the chest during the entire life. The selection of the implants is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics.
  4. Not less important, than the surgery itself, the rehabilitation period after mammoplastiki. It strictly follow the doctor's assignments and responsible approach to their health is important.

Put themselves under the knife of the plastic surgeon, the woman is the desire to feel safe driving in order to be successful in a loving relationship, or career build. She often decides it is for the beloved man whose condition meets your chest. Breast implants are also assigned, for medical reasons — after the removal of the breast cancer in oncological pathology, because of the innate asymmetries of the breast, when a breast is a threat for the spine, the under-development of the mammary glands and its strong sagging.

Types of plastic surgery

We list the main types of plastic surgery on mammary glands:

  1. A Breast Enlargement. During the Operation, increased breast inserted implant, the breast of the woman increases, up to the specified size. Mammary glands can Form of the classic.
  2. Breast Lifting (Breast Lift). By the removal of the superfluous areas of the skin to adapt to the shape of the milk gland. Is the sagging (ptosis).
  3. Breast lift with reduction of the size, change the shape of the Areola and nipple. The traumatic variant mammoplastiki, due to the superposition of a plurality of joints, and complex rehabilitation period.

The Operation to mammoplastike lasts over a period of 1-4 hours, depending on the chosen tactics and the condition of the milk glands. Then, the Rehabilitation begins after the plastic of the chest, which lasts, according to the observations of experts, 2-6 months.

Phases of Rehabilitation after breast enlargement

Rehabilitation after breast lift includes the following steps:

  1. The most important first Phase of the Rehabilitation of the first month in which the woman should wear a Regime, any load on the shoulder belt, not the hands above the head, lifting of special compression garment with added Band (day and night buttons).
  2. In the following months, gradually restrictions — you can do gymnastics, running and swimming. Complaints must be fully completed. After the completion of the second period of Rehabilitation, in the absence of complications, the woman wearing the usual bra.

Characteristics the first Phase of the Rehabilitation

As a woman sutures treated in accordance with mammoplastiki and lead the medical recommendations, depends on how simple and straightforward the entire duration of the Rehabilitation, and the desired result of the Operation.

Rehabilitation after breast augmentation takes about 6 months. Immediately after the Operation, the woman is under the supervision of a physician, within 24 hours. In the event of an acute development of complications, will be paid with your rescue service. In this period, the Patient severe pain, the damage due to swelling of the tissues and muscles suffers. Your painkiller medication and antibiotics for the prevention of purulent inflammation of the operated areas.

After waking up from the anesthesia, we recommend an attitude to accept a semi-sitting or lying down, for a few hours and can run in the hospital room.

On the second day, the doctor assesses the state of the chest according to mammoplastiki and in a favorable Situation to stay in the hospital, there is no sense, he writes of a patient on the Home-mode. Now the result of the first Phase of the recovery phase depends only on your self.

Breast Augmentation Follow

Home Mode

In the first two days at home by the end of the Regime adhered to, you should not be tired, to sleep more, so that the home-working family members need to take. On the fifth day after the Operation, a woman comes into a clinic in the control, if necessary, the processing of the seams. Further, he still has a week of conservation-Home mode in the areas of:

  • sleep lying on the belly
  • make sudden movements with the hands
  • load shoulders
  • tilt the housing parallel to the ground
  • lift the hands over the head
  • Do not lift more than 1 kg

After 7 days, the woman is in control go back to the hospital. 10-14 days, take the seams. If all goes well, you can do a light house work, but even without tilting to the front, and carrying heavy loads. To return to the best means of gradually to a normal life — walks in the fresh air.

In the first week after the Operation, with the Installation of implants, it can increase the body temperature. This is as the Norm — the body gets used to aliena body in itself. Temperature, knock used the simple paracetamol can be, in order not to unnecessary load on the liver.

In the rehabilitation phase is important to eat right. Food should be light, but nutritious and varied. A speedy recovery to contribute to, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, lean meat and fish. Quickly toxins to excrete, drink herbal teas, simple non-carbonated water with ginger and lemon.

In the first month after the Operation, forbidden to have Sex — this can lead to a displacement of implants. As already mentioned, in the first rehabilitation phase, you will need to wear compression garments day and night.

Compression clothing

Why is it necessary to wear compression clothing? After surgery, the chest is very vulnerable on the lines of the seams. If you are experiencing in this time, the severity of the chest, so it can't stand and stretch, the chest is soft, in this case, a thin seam in a width of strip that will not go away without proper treatment.

A further argument in silicone implants is not held still traumatized tissues of the breast without fixation can move the nipple in the direction of. Visually, it all efforts mammoplastike would is zero. If the breast is enlarged to 2, and more size, the muscles of the chest and shoulder muscles with the help of the compression, the faster you get used to the new physical activity.

Compression clothing rubs with a certain degree of fixing of the doctor prescribed. The bra is made from soft but hard-wearing spandex, which will ensure the necessary support and at the same time massaging the mammary gland, resulting in the outflow of lymph and the normal microcirculation of the blood. Cup size must ensure that the fixed Position of the breast — it should not slip on slopes and curves. Shoulder straps are particularly wide, in order to relieve the shoulder girdle. Fixture strap at the top and bottom of bra we recommend are chosen in such a way that the chest held in a Position, but not housing across squeezed.

As necessary, the wearing of compression clothing? In all of the different. In the first month of Rehabilitation, it is worn around the clock. Necessarily worn during sports, regardless of the amount of physical stress. Time, if compressive bra can replace the normal, the treating doctor determines. There is a recommendation of what bras are you wearing in the first six months after surgery. Some modern samples of the underwear to cause disease, a congestion of the lymph, and lead to the development of tumor, there are samples that do not provide the expected support. Breast mammoplastiki without the assistance can stretch out and lose the beautiful shape.

Breast enlargement

Care of line to mammoplastiki

The Operation after the correction of the chest always accompanied by the imposing of seams. In the rehabilitation phase is important in order to ensure for you to avoid complications.

In the first days after mammoplastiki breast women firebreak can, in some cases in the joints of a Drainage to drain the excess fluid. In this point, it is not recommended to touch the seams, and self-employment. Usually In 3-5 days after the surgery, the doctor himself takes the bandages and takes drainage.

Up to the time of the removal of the threads with the breast after mammoplastiki patient compression garment. It prohibited irrigation seams, lubricate them with any creams, gels or alcohol-containing liquids. In the shower, on the overlapping seams, sterile adhesive strips. The most important prerequisite of this period of rehabilitation to prevent the inflammation of the joints.

After removal of the threads, the Hygiene until complete healing. In General, this is for 14-20 days. Seams bad to heal, if a woman smokes (nicotine prevents the penetration of oxygen in the tissue) and the hormonal contraceptive means. The risk of poor healing of the seams there are in women, overweight and under-treatment of cancer diseases. During the Installation of implants, long non — healing joints-a sign of rejection of implants, the infectious inflammation threatens. The healing of post applied operational scars, vacuum-closure of wounds.

Therefore, in the rehabilitation phase of care of operating systems, seams there is a regular change of underwear, and you store them clean and dry.

Features of the second Phase of the Rehabilitation

What you need to consider, in the second Phase of the Rehabilitation? After 2 months of Operation always the most difficult and the severity of left. A woman gives a good feeling, subsides swelling, seams radiant and less visible. Until the end of the full period of Rehabilitation — 6 months, the woman's a few rules you should note:

  • to avoid serious physical exertion, which lead to overexertion of muscles
  • don't tan without a bra, it is better not to breast after mammoplastiki exposed to direct sunlight
  • do not use the Solarium
  • you should avoid visiting the Sauna and the Russian Banja, in which the temperature of up to about 100 °C.
  • avoid long contact of the mammary glands with water

Also in this period, Massage of the chest. In some cases, Massage is not required, such as in the Installation of drop-shaped implants. But if the Massage is needed, then the doctor has to say and to show, how to do it properly. Massage can be about 15 days after the Operation.

What the Massage is:

  • increases the blood circulation
  • reduces pain
  • speeds up the healing process
  • prevents the formation of edema

After the end of the second period you can drink alcohol, to drive sleep on your belly, and sports.

In the second Phase of Rehabilitation can not be pregnant, the change in the hormone levels can lead to undesirable consequences. In addition, breast tissue, and not by rivers, nor in the appropriate Form.

Recovery in the second Phase of the Rehabilitation will go faster, if the woman do not be nervous and worry about trifles. You have to enjoy life and your new breast tight!