Breast enlargement in women causes

Every second woman at least once in your life felt discomfort or pain in the mammary gland, and many have also noted that the chest suddenly began to increase. The doctors have almost daily complaints similar to those heard at the front Desk. This Problem has a high relevance in the modern world, what are women looking for answers to your burning questions – why does it hurts and the breast, whether there is in it a certain amount of risk.

General Information


The aesthetic role of the female breast is by far not the most important. Their most important component is developed in the mammary gland to supply power to the born child. It consists of lobes, between which the connecting lines extending partition walls. Those, in turn, are divided into smaller lobules. And the last of the Al ' veolami and water courses flowing through the cooperation, to the milk sinuses, and finally open onto the nipple.

The function of the glands of the body is completely dependant on the hormonal. A key role in the process play three biological substances: estradiol, progesterone, and prolactin. In the chest there are receptors for each of hormones. Estrogens promote the development of the mlechnykh lines and elements in the Stroma, progesterone stimulates the growth and the increasing number of lobules, provoked the delay in the interstitial fluid, and prolactin promotes the sensitivity for the first two and is responsible for the production of a specific secret – the mother's milk. So in those times when hormonal changes in the body, the breast is susceptible to the greatest change.

Causes and mechanisms

Understand what the breast becomes a source of discomfort, under force only to the doctor. A specialist with the necessary qualification and experience, examined the woman and points to the origin of the problem. In most cases, experiences are in vain, because all the physiological changes defined. The most common engorgement and sensitivity of the breast – this is a normal phenomenon in different periods:

  • The onset of puberty in girls.
  • In the second Phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • In the case of pregnancy.
  • After the birth of.

This effect is especially increased progesterone and increasing prolactin. The latter is particularly actively by the pituitary gland in the last Trimester of pregnancy and after the birth of a child. Similar processes are observed and, in the case of the abortion experience, but to a much lesser extent. In addition, pain may occur, due to the individual peculiarities of the organism and increased sensitivity of the nervous system.

Apart from States, can be explained with the positions of the physiology, causes explicit discomfort in the chest pathological processes, – General and local. Most of the endocrine disorders, inflammatory and neoplastic diseases. Therefore, the doctors can suggest:

  • Premenstrual Syndrome.
  • Mastopatiya.
  • Mastitis.
  • Cancer of the breast.

Hormone disorders that often underpin the symptoms that can occur on the background of the impact of unfavorable factors, which include physical exhaustion, poor diet, emotional stress, infections and intoxications, bad habits, gynecological diseases. What can disturb the natural regulatory balance in the female body and cause problems with the chest. But each case requires an individual assessment and differential diagnosis.

Faced with the complaints in the chest, you should immediately consult a doctor, the nature of the changes to find out.


Any condition, including physiological, manifest certain symptoms. And in the revealing of the pathology, the clinical picture is extremely important. At the stage of primary investigation the doctor the complaints, investigates, and evaluates the objective character investigates and describes. In the Situation with the chest pain, the basic parameters of the symptoms must:

  • Expression.
  • Duration.
  • Preferred Localization.
  • The dependence on external factors, menstrual cycle, etc.

Studied and other signs accompanying the most important. Sometimes they also provide important information about the pathology. This nearly complete overview of the events and identified the main reasons to increase why the chest, causing a certain amount of fear.

Premenstrual Syndrome

In the case of the larger half of the women, the approximation of the menstrual vegetative-vascular, emotional and psychosomatic disorders marked complex, led to a concept of the premenstrual syndrome. Originating in the second Phase of the cycle, they will disappear completely with the beginning of the precipitates. One of the manifestations of such conditions pronounced chest believe engorgement, accompanied by a feeling of bloating and even pain. But in addition, other symptoms are:

  • Irritability and anxiety.
  • Headache, cardialgia.
  • Swelling of the soft parts.
  • Pain in the joints.
  • Numbness in the hands.
  • Flatulence.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Diarrhea, or constipation.
  • Heart palpitations.

The severity and number of symptoms vary in different limits, what can you say about the severity of the premenstrual and shapes, for example: Neuro-psychological, edematous, crisis, cephalalic.



Common disease in women of childbearing age is as a mastopexy. In their basis, the benign enlargement of the gland tissue. So those enlarged breast and pain, you should about this possibility. The symptoms of mastopathy:

  • The appearance of the seals (nodules).
  • Pain in the chest, before the arrival of Menstruation.
  • The clear secretions from the nipple.

Depending on the morphological changes in the gland, there are three forms of mastopathy: diffuse, an anchor and a mixed. Sometimes pain sensations appear to be even a slight touch to the chest or off the shoulder, in the neighboring plots of land: the. And although the process has a benign nature, but it can increase the risk of malignant Transformation. So women may not unthinking relationship to Mastitis.

The mastopathy is a very common disease in the modern women. It is benign, but it can in Oncology, a start and a link.


If the chest hurts and increased in scope, then you can not exclude and inflammatory diseases – Mastitis. They occur in the development of infection or symptoms of Stagnation in the gland. The chest reddens and there is a swelling, the skin feels on her hot, from the nipple pus, and Palpation can characterized by severe pain. Suffering and the General condition of women: appears to be unwell, fever. The inflammatory process can lick like a abscess. And well-being more deteriorated.

Cancer of the breast

The biggest danger among the problems with the breast is a malignant process in the glands of the body – cancer. The Tumor is completely asymptomatic and is often only in the case of a preventive examination. And to the clinical symptoms, the development of later, the attention of the following:

  • The emergence of a dense painless nodes, materials, in addition to the other, whose dimensions do not depend on the phases of the menstrual cycle.
  • Skin changes: redness, "a lemon crust", an ulcer.
  • Spotting.
  • Deformation of the chest.
  • An increase in the regional lymph nodes.

Cancer infiltrative swelling Form can acquire, if the breast is coarsened to a certain plot of land with the compression of the tissue. But the pain does not appear immediately, but in a distant period, when the Tumor grows in the adjacent tissue.

Until the chest does not bother almost, and that is the reason for the later treatment of some women.

Additional Diagnostic Functions


Any presumptive diagnosis requires further verification by additional methods. Exactly why increased and painful Breasts, can only test after an extensive investigation, including laboratory and instrumental methods. On the basis of the clinical Situation, the doctor, the woman recommends:

  • General blood and urine tests.
  • Biochemistry of the blood (hormonal spectrum, oncomarkers, indicators of inflammation, antibodies, etc.).
  • The analysis of the secretions from Soska (microscopy, bacteriology, atypical cells).
  • A Mammography.
  • Breast ultrasound.
  • Tomography.
  • Biopsy with histological investigation of the material.

According to the results of the examinations, the doctor makes a final decision and is planning therapeutic measures. And the effect of each therapy is all the more revealed the better, the earlier the disease. Women should consult, therefore, always attentive to his chest, and upon the occurrence of alarming symptoms to a doctor immediately. Even the most dangerous disease to be successfully treated, as long as you have just started to develop.

Increased and painful Breasts: the most important causes, diagnosis, and treatment

The increase in the size and pain in the chest can origin both physiological and pathological. In the first case, the breast is enlarged and hurts to natural causes, in the second – pain witnesses of the development of the in the breast of a pathological process.

The most common breast enlargement and the onset of pain due to an injury to the hormonal exchange.

The reasons for the increase, and pain in the mammary gland

More than 50% of women of child-bearing age to experience discomfort and pain in the breast before Menstruation. The severity of the pain, it depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of every woman.

Why pain glands at the end of the breast before Menstruation? This is due to the fact that in the body increases the production of such hormones as Oxytocin, estrogen and prolactin. An increase in the concentration of these hormones in the blood leads to accumulation of fluid in the tissue of the gland, the feeling of pressure nerve endings. This leads to the fact that the breast is enlarged and hurts.

Mostly it hurt both mammary glands. This is one of the signs that the chest hurts because of the problems with the hormones. After the beginning of the menstrual pain will disappear.

Pain in the chest in the case of pregnant and lactating

One of the first signs of pregnancy is the swelling and increased sensitivity of the breast. Similar symptoms can occur as early as 7-10 days after conception if a pregnancy test can give a negative result.

The breast begins to grow in size, touching the nipples, discomfort and pain cause. All this is very reminiscent of PMS, why many women give these symptoms is of particular importance. The distinguishing feature in the pregnancy to darken her nipples of the mother-to-be small points to be covered, and start. Why is this happening?

The rise and the pain in milk-iron in pregnant women appears to be due to the fact that the body begins hormonal changes, the breast-feeding to preparing for pregnancy and the. After a few weeks of this process ends, and the iron is no longer to increase, and sick. Continue this process begins before birth, when the milk production.

Often, the chest hurts, and in nursing mothers. This usually happens for the first time during the arrival of the milk. Breasts to swell, the woman feels discomfort, burning, and tingling in the chest. In addition, mammary glands in lactating mothers may be sick due to incorrect placing of the child at the breast, because of what may arise, the Stagnation of the milk. Clinically, the fact that in the mammary gland on Palpation, a small seal to detect the size of a pea, and hurts when feeling it. is manifested The skin at the location of the Stagnation edematous.

If not treated early, it is possible that the development of complications in the Form of Mastitis that accompanies the penetration of the infection in the tissue of the gland and the development of inflammation, all the while, what Breasts increases, and a strong pain.

In any case, to find out the exact cause for why pain glands chest, you must seek the advice of a specialist.


The growth of the mammary gland, and their pain may be symptoms of Mastitis. It is a pretty insidious disease, if left untreated, cancer, this to the development of a number of serious diseases, to. In an early stage of the symptoms mastopatii are:

  • Pain in the nipples before and during Menstruation;
  • Deterioration of the General condition, increased anxiety and irritability;
  • a feeling of discomfort and heaviness in the chest;
  • Increasing the size of the breast.

In the case of such symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor, otherwise the disease progresses, and the above-mentioned features of the following symptoms:

  • Pain Bole-intensive and time consuming, they can occur at any time and not dependent on the menstrual cycle;
  • from the nipple (or both nipples, depending on the degree of neglect of the disease), there are pathological secretions;
  • the mammary gland is still more increased, to change its contours;
  • the pain starts in the armpit area;
  • when touched, the chest hurts more and more.

Trauma Of Breast Cancer

Why pain glands breast after a shock or an injury? This is due to the fact that, as a result of mechanical damage to the gland in your internal swelling and bleeding occur, resulting in crushing of the nerves and causes pain. If the pain does not go after the blow within a couple of days, you need to see a doctor.

Tumor of the mammary gland

Cancer is the most dreaded cause of breast pain, and nipple. Unfortunately, in today's time, a dangerous disease is becoming more common and affects not only women but also young girls.

Therefore, suspect seals in the collection in the breast, change in size, pain and discharge from the nipple needs to urgently go to the doctor.