WHICH PRODUCTS contribute TO the enlargement of THE BREAST

Each representative of the fairer sex dreams of sexual forms of the hips and the chest. But nature is not, unfortunately, all of the desired sizes of the bust.

In connection with this woman:

  • opt for breast enlargement surgery;
  • someone deals with the would be active movement, is that your more volume and nice shape;
  • someone goes on a special diet.

Hence the question – is there food for breast enlargement?

You need to analyze, and a lot of information on these issues to a competent and precise answer to the asked question.



Currently, it is proved that the size of the breast determines the level of this hormone in the body such as estrogen.

Exactly the attractiveness of the female figure. If the woman has a deficiency of this hormone, then it is flat in all the places where you will be certain rounded shape.

Accordingly, when the body receives the necessary amount of estrogen to increase the female breast in size and scope.

An important point is that the estrogens in the eggs of the female and the awarding of the hormone sticks from the outside – this is only an artificial Substitution of the lack of their own.

You can Supplement the missing amount of estrogen in two ways:

  • the use of hormone replacement therapy (tablets, dietary supplements);
  • Consumption of food, the plant-based estrogens ("phytoestrogens").

The first way leads to a lot of contraindications and side effects, so that these methods are very careful and apply only in special cases, solely on a doctor's prescription.

About, the second is the safest and most useful way, to an increase of the necessary hormone.

Including in the diet of foods that estrogen, you will be able to improve his level in your body, which in the sequence and leads to the attainment of a particular outcome, namely breast augmentation.


A lot of normal food, used almost on a daily basis, similar to the human estrogen phytoestrogens.

The entry into the human body with food, the last are easy to digest, are able to replace and eliminate the deficit of the hormone.

The main groups of food, the phytoestrogens:

  • Legumes – beans, chickpeas, different types of beans, lentils;
  • Food soy – soy, flour, cheese, yogurt, Butter, Tofu, etc.;
  • Vegetables – tomato, pumpkin, eggplant, broccoli, and cauliflower;
  • Fruit and dried fruit – apricots, dates, peaches, red grapes, raspberries, strawberries;
  • certain seeds and grain, linseed, sesame, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, rice, barley, wheat, oats;
  • Spices – Cloves, Oregano, Thyme, Ginger;
  • Herbs – Mint, Clover, Fennel;
  • Products of animal origin – meat, fish, milk, curd, cheese, Butter, lard.

From the list, it is clear that food, the herbal estrogen is quite enough, and many of them we have in principle use every day.

But at the same time, not all the desired size of the breast.

It should be noted that many of the above-mentioned products, which is the source of the additional receipt of phytoestrogen, are not able to influence the change of the size of the breast in a big way.

And the excessive use of some ever can health significant damage to your.


With regard to the yeasts immediately, it should be noted that here it's basically only about the beer yeast, in the manufacture of beer.

It is thanks to the beer, giving the impression that the food in large quantities, many men begin to acquire, the feminine shape of the breast and the thigh must, thus, contribute to the growth of the mammary glands in women and.

But the yeast in this case play no role.

Beer is in the location:

  • Lead to first, an increase in weight, in this context, the additional fat deposits everywhere, including in the Breasts, because the beer is very nutritious product, able to promote metabolism and appetite.
  • secondly, it is really to the change of the shapes of the chest, in the direction of its increase, in this case, the effect of yeast and hops, with a high content of a-and the same phytoestrogen. And yeast is nothing more than ordinary mushrooms, and do to the size of the bust.

WHAT PRODUCTS are in NEED of A breast augmentation

You can't say that many of the products affect directly the growth of the breast.

But you can indirectly influence on the desired operation, namely, the production of your own estrogen in the female body, which, in turn, is crucial in this question.

In addition, many of the foods that are phytoestrogen, useful for the General health, which is also not a little important in achieving the desired shapes of the breast.

The most important thing is not to need to miss some of them, and fit on your diet.

Highlighted are the cheapest food for breast enlargement, which carry the greatest benefits in this question, and their correct use.


The products in many ways, to be more precise, thanks to the large number of contained in them, phytoestrogen, able to influence the growth of the breast.

Add in your diet:

  • Porridge made of peas and lentils;
  • Soups with beans and peas;
  • different kinds of salads where the key ingredients serve legumes, and healthy oils (olive oil, linseed oil).

Also do not forget about soy, which contributes to the lack of hormone.

At best it is consumed in the usual Form and not in-containing products, as they are all currently in GMOs, therefore, does more harm than good.

But do not forget that this category of products, it is very difficult for the digestive system and its calorie content is also at a high level.

Do not abuse daily, legumes, otherwise you can easily choose, the additional quantities of all places, and not only there, is where it is necessary.


Famous for his use of oatmeal, the growth of the breast promotes. You can use it every day for Breakfast as an additional source of energy. It is the harmless and very effective product.

For the milk glands excellent products of cereals such as rice, maize and wheat.

In the case of the daily menu for the week, where the Breakfast is various pulps from these croup are, you:

  • you can secure a good digestion;
  • in the order of your diet;
  • they enrich the body of extra estrogen.

All of this positive influence on the shape of your body as a whole.

An important point in the preparation of the cereals is that cooking is necessary for the preservation of the use, exclusively from grain and not from the soil treated porridges of fast preparation.


This category is always useful for every human organism. Just vegetables and fruit to revive the work of many systems.

You will have a direct impact on the production of female ovaries much-needed estrogen.

Enrich your daily ration of fruit and vegetables, the concentration on some types, you will find sought-after changes in your Breasts.

In the summer, you try to eat more:

  • Peaches;
  • Apricots;
  • Strawberries;
  • Strawberries;
  • Raspberries;
  • Cherries.

Very good, and dried fruits: apricots, dates.

They are good antioxidants, the cleansing and healing of the tissues and of the organism as a whole.

Vegetables – a rich source of dietary fiber. Increase cucumbers to the consumption of fresh tomatoes, carrots,.

An excellent source of phytoestrogen are:

  • Pumpkin;
  • Aubergine;
  • Potatoes;
  • Beet.


Because fat tissue in the mammary glands determines the overall size of the breast, some of the products, the fats are very cheap to increase.

This, in turn, are able to give, and add the desired amount.

A list of foods, healthy fats, enriched:

  1. Fat;
  2. Bananas;
  3. Walnuts,
  4. Honey;
  5. Olive;
  6. Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds;
  7. Fish;
  8. The milk and milk products.

Everything is affordable and easy-the most popular daily in the food.

The main thing, the measure and the servings, in order not to cause unwanted weight gain that is difficult to remove with the belly, thighs, and arms.

It is precisely in these areas of adipose tissue deposited more and faster than in the chest.



Despite the large number of recommendations and tips on what specific foods for breast enlargement you will acquire will help bust a few sizes more, it is a great mistake.

All presented products are able, indirectly, to the breast enhancement, due to a General stimulating effect on certain processes in the female body.

Some very well-known and popular products, even if they contain phytoestrogen, completely not related to the volume and the dimensions of the mammary gland.

These include:

  • Cabbage – the main representative of the myths about the products, the breast enlargement often;
  • still mineral water – it is capable of only the work of the intestine normalize and improve metabolism;
  • easily digestible carbohydrates (bread, pastries, sweets) and fat in the food do more harm than good.


Some of the products are not only completely useless in the growth and the growth of the breast, but still able to carry a significant damage to the health in General.

Some points just have to exclude and to not experiment in any way to yourself, no matter what tips.

Among these we can highlight:

  • Application of various ointments and lotions, on the basis of traditional recipes;
  • Abuse of beer, in the hope of obtaining the desired volume;
  • the consumption of yeasts of various kinds;
  • the consumption of raw dough;
  • excessive consumption of all the phytoestrogens.

Not recommended, the use of natural remedies as a way to the growth of the breast.

Many prepare various dressings, lotions, cream, use the leaves of various plants, etc.

This can be very dangerous – at least allergic reactions and burns, and the development of dangerous diseases, such as mastopathy and cancer.

Beer can be a reason of the development of female alcoholism. It has an adverse effect on the health of your liver, one of the most important Filter of the blood.

With the beer, you'll quickly gain the volume of the waist and hips, if there where you expect it to.

Yeast and uncooked dough – it is a strong effect on the digestive system. You risk becoming a hostage diarrhea, constipation, bloating, dysbiosis.

For your use is a big damage to the intestine and its micro flora, which requires in the future a long-term recovery.

In no case do not eat excessive amounts of certain foods, e.g. legumes – it is a very heavy product.

Any abuse of the on the first view harmless foods, can lead to unpredictable consequences – Allergy, digestive disorders, hormonal failure, violation of the chair, insomnia, etc.

After the analysis of all the points, we can find that the products for breast enlargement have an indirect positive effect.

Above all, they contribute to the normalization and recovery of the process of the production of estrogen, a female organism, the vital hormone gland the growth and development of the milk.

For the enlargement of the breast up to the desired volume, the application of an integrated approach.

You must maintain proper nutrition, with a reasonable gap on each of the above product groups, additional physical exercise, a healthy life style.